Chapter 49: Dragon Slayers [2]

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2126 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 997 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

–––Ciel’s viewpoint

My grand entrance to the guild, on a well-circulated street and in the middle of the day, caused the story of how three girls had slain a dragon to spread throughout the entire city. As workers poured out of the guild to help, including some merchants who would sell the items, the street became very busy and crowded. Amidst that, Lapis, who usually worked as a receptionist, walked out and gently held my hand.

“Good job. I’ll help you with the rest, so take me there. I’m sure I can carry everything else in one go.”
“…Are you sure?”

Things could not get any easier if Lapis helped us. My Flight Magic was nothing compared to hers.

“Of course. Seeing how crowded this place is getting, the guild wants to get this done as soon as possible, which means I have to help you.”

In that case, I had no reason to refuse. With Lapis pulling on me, we arrived at Nodo village in the blink of an eye. Lapis’ wind-blocking and anti-gravity magic made everything easier. It had taken me an entire day to make the trip, but Lapis made it in only one hour. Karin and Diaria were surprised to see me back so soon, as they had expected me to take at least two days, but they were more shocked when they saw Lapis with me.

“Ciel! And Lapis too!”
“I heard what happened. I’ll take care of transporting everything back. Also…”

A broad smile overtook her lips as she looked at each of us.

“Look how much you’ve grown! This is incredible, you’ve gotten so strong! You should have no shame in fighting alongside me now!”

Hearing that, I felt something warm in my heart, which was very unlike my usual self. Since we had met Lapis, she had always been someone we looked up to, someone immeasurably strong. We had worked hard and trained in an attempt to get closer to her power, and after so long, she was no longer just a master to us, but truly a companion. Of course, we were still nowhere near as strong as her, but hearing her say that… made me even happier than having slain a dragon.

“Wait, Karin, why’re you crying?!”
“But I’m just so happy…”

Diaria grimaced slightly seeing Karin cry with happiness. If I had a more straightforward personality like her I would be crying as well… but lamentably I was more reserved.

Lapis had no issues whatsoever carrying the remaining dragon parts. Diaria offered to help with her spirit magic and I could also aid in carrying some stuff, but in only two hours we were back at the guild. As soon as we arrived, the crowd of workers that were eagerly waiting for our return got to work immediately. They would catalog everything, and in a few days, the combined price for all would be relayed to us. Unlike smaller monsters, it was impossible to sell all of it the same day. The three of us walked into the guild to finish our paperwork, and as soon as we stepped inside all the adventurers there welcomed us with cheers.

“Y’all are so cool!”
“Good job Ciel! Karin as well! And the elf chick too!”
“Let’s get a drink sometime!”
“We finally have a Dragon Slayer of our own in the guild!”
“I can see why the hero chose you now!”

Slaying a dragon is an item on any adventurer’s bucket list. We had accomplished that, so we were like celebrities in their eyes. The adventurers we were acquainted with all commended us for it, until Lapis and the guild master Krieck came holding unfamiliar plates.

“Lapis told me what happened. Since a dragon got in the way of accomplishing your request, we won’t penalize it as a failure, but sadly you won’t get the reward either. I’m sorry.”

I had expected as much, but it was still a bit sad to hear it. Though it made sense. All the bodies had been eaten, so there was no way to prove we had gotten rid of all Fire Lizards. Then again, hearing that it would not get penalized was the best outcome, realistically speaking. I nodded understandingly, seeing how apologetic Krieck looked. Then he took a deep breath, as if regaining his spirits, then he spoke with a clearer voice.

“On the other hand, you three have been successfully elected to go up the ranks. And as is custom, the Dragon Slayer title is also granted to you. From today on, you three are Gold-rank adventurers, congratulations!”

The plate Lapis handed me was clearly different from the silver one I had gotten used to. It felt light but resilient, though more than anything it looked beautiful.

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“So… these are Gold plates. And our title…”

It was filled with the usual information about me, but in the notes to the side, Dragon Slayer was added. I held that shiny golden plate against my chest, slowly processing how much I progressed. I started as a nobody in the world of adventurers, but now I was part of the hero’s party as a Dragon Slayer… life does have its turns and surprises. No one knows what the future holds, but I knew I would be able to push through anything. I had proof of that much now.

“…though I really want to rest for a while.”

I accidentally voiced my thoughts, which made Lapis tilt her head with a smile.

“It’s nothing. Anyways, Lapis! Wanna come with us to celebrate?”
“Of course! I would never miss out on that.”
“We should invite Maria and Rina as well!”
“Let’s make a reservation in the Golden Wheat Pavilion then!”
“I’ll go call Luvias!”

Karin and Diaria left in a hurry. I could not let those two do all the work, so it was time for me to go make some preparations as well.


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