Chapter 24: The Princess and The Maid [2]

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2056 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 975 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

–––Sepia’s viewpoint

I’m Sepia, the princess’ exclusive maid since fifteen years ago. The princess has always been a tomboy since she was small, rather than being interested in flowers or cute animals, she would be more interested in swinging a wooden sword around. She was always a bit strange, never getting along with the other noble daughters who received strict education to become proper ladies, so she never got any close friends either. As a result, she would be more drawn into swords and magic as the days went by.

It did not take long for her interest to go from a simple game to training with her personal guards, and then for her to sneak between the knights and actually train with them. She appeared to have an innate talent, as opposed to his brother, Prince Stied, who hated exercise but excelled at studying. Everyone around her would be stunned by how diligently she would pursue any knowledge or training about arms or magic.

But one day I noticed the princess looked worried and I had a rough idea of what was going through her mind. She had built a decent reputation after her countless sparring matches with the strong men of the castle, but her improvements had diminished. Common sense dictated that continuous training would better one’s skills, not only with the sword, but common sense also said that there was a type of experience that could not be gained through mere training.

That’s where Lady Lapis came in. I was with the princess when she fought, but I could not believe my eyes. She twisted the arms of the strongest men in our country as if dealing with babies, and after defeating them all she still looked perfectly composed. The princess standing beside me had eyes ablaze with enthusiasm as if she was looking at a god. When we returned to her room, she announced with a loud voice.

“Sepia! I’ll become that girl’s pupil!”
“Princess…what has gotten into you?”

I shook my head, fully aware of what she was attempting to do, but she paid no attention to me, just continuing to talk passionately about her plans. This was not the first time the princess would start talking about ridiculous stories. Ever since she was small she would make crazy requests from me, like telling me to go buy a monster’s body from an adventurer because she wanted to dissect it, or nearly drowning herself saying she wanted to try magic to breathe underwater. And now she wanted to be the pupil of someone who was as far away from a human as one could be? There was no way His Majesty would allow that.

I thought he would never allow her dear daughter to leave and undergo such a dangerous lifestyle, but my expectation could not have been further from reality. The princess always ignored political meetings, but she decided to join the one after the mock battle, and on top of that managed to obtain her father’s permission to be Lapis’ pupil.

“And that’s that, so I’ll be moving to live in Count Grom’s city. Help me pack my things.”
“I would never refuse your wishes, but…Princess. Who will be accompanying you there?”
“I’m going to train there, so of course I’ll be going alone. I don’t feel like bringing anyone with me.”

My view blacked out and I had to support myself on a table to avoid falling down. A girl, a princess on top of it, was going to such a far place alone to train? Letting a princess who knew nothing of the world leave the castle was the same as placing a robust small child in front of a starving monster. I would never allow myself to let such a thing happen!

“What is it? Why are you shouting so suddenly…”

Startled by my sudden outburst, she began trotting back, but I quickly grasped her hands and stopped her from retreating.

“Please, at the very least let me take care of your personal needs. It’s too dangerous to let a princess out of the castle alone!”
“But…like I told you. I’m going to train exactly because I want to take care of myself without problems…”
“Even then! I know you will be training, but it’s not like you’ll instantly be able to do anything, right? So let me go with you to support you at least until you become strong enough! Please, let me work for you! I beg you!”

She was the princess I had watched over ever since she was small. Saying this would not be allowed of someone of my class, but I thought of the princess as a little sister or even as my daughter. It was impossible for me to just watch as someone so important dived head first into danger. As I deeply lowered my head to her and refused to move, she finally heaved a deep sigh and gave in, allowing me to go with her.

“…Alright, you can come with me. What you said is true, as I am right now I still don’t know much about the world and am helpless to an extent. I’ll feel more confident with you, and I’ll explain this to my master myself.”
“Thank you, Princess!”
“And…well. To be honest, I’d feel lonely if I was separated from you, so I’m glad you insisted on coming.”

I was used to the princess’ strange whims, but hearing her say something that stirred my feelings like that was wholly unexpected. I felt my heart warming up feeling her kindness. Lady Luvias, my princess, I might be lacking in skills, but I offer my whole body and soul to you until the day I see you become a hero.


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