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Chapter 5: Job Hunt [2]

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2736 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1440 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

…In the end, she came out with something really unbelievable. I could only keep thinking how truly amazing she is, but what’s up with being able to use magic of all attributes? I only ever heard of magicians like that in the old legends of the Hero’s Party. I also heard there were magic knights, but details on those were always really muddy. But then this girl comes out and says all that…

“In that case…do you want to be an adventurer together with us? You can net quite a decent lump of money simply slaying monsters and selling items. Considering your strength, you’d do really well at that.”

I truly thought that was the most suitable job for her. With her skills, she probably would find a lot of success in the military as well, but since she was unaware of the state of the world, I was worried she might end up involved in some weird factional dispute, she could easily be taken advantage of. So that meant being an adventurer was the best option…or so I thought, I only could wait for Lapis to give her opinion herself.

“Adventurer… huh. Well, are there other jobs I can take at a guild? Being a receptionist or something maybe.”

She just said another strange thing. She was that strong already, but she wanted to be a receptionist… It is true that being able to settle and work in one set location might seem enjoyable, but that job was harsher than it would seem. Adventurers were hot-blooded by nature, and receiving ridiculous complaints by them were a dime a dozen every day…

Though once I thought that far, I realized they would never be able to do anything to her even if they grouped together to attack her. There was probably a reason why she was so dead set on hiding her true abilities, in which case it was better to let her do what she wanted.

“Are you sure about it? Working there isn’t just about sitting on an information desk, you know? You’ll also have to do a lot of paperwork on the side, though if you’re okay with it then I can introduce you.”
“I don’t mind, and thanks for offering your help, you’re a savior.”
“Then it’s decided. Let’s go to the guild right now.”

It was better to continue while her idea was still fresh. Having left the inn, we headed towards a building along the main road. That building being the adventurer’s guild. The guild built by one of the magicians of the Hero’s Party, Sorciere, had branched out and spread throughout the entire continent.

Thanks to the existence of the guilds, the many hot-blooded people who only knew how to fight were able to earn their daily income, and since they would hunt down monsters, the regions would become drastically safer as well. I could only be profoundly thankful to Sorciere.

“Oh, is that you Ciel? I haven’t seen you around lately, did you go somewhere?”
“Something like that. But more importantly, is the guild’s master available?”

When Lapis entered the guild, everyone’s eyes there also turned instantly to look at her. Everyone, from the adventurers looking for a new quest, to the ones coming to collect their earnings, or those who wanted to sell materials they had collected, they all stopped what they were doing and looked at Lapis.

While that happened, we moved forward towards the reception desk, and greeted the woman sitting there. She was one of the veteran receptionists there, she was going to turn forty soon, and her name was Camille.

She used to be an adventurer herself, but when she got married she retired from that job and instead started working as staff for the guild, a job that should allow her the time to raise her children as well. The guild had a tendency to favor past adventurers, so she earned her current spot without problems, but whether or not it would go as smoothly for Lapis was still to be seen.

“The master? He is here but…is it that girl there who has business with him?”
“More or less. I’m sorry, but could you go get him?”
“Got it, wait just a bit.”

Camille vanished somewhere inside the building, so while we waited I decided to start talking with Lapis —who kept turning her head around to survey the surrounding— about the guild.

“There’s a lot of different people here.”
“Yeah, their ages and races are really varied, but everyone is still treated the same here. If you’re strong and get your name out there, you can also earn more, and maybe even get a high rank in the military.”
“Hehh…that’s kinda…how do I say it…nice.”

I was not sure which part had piqued her interest like that, but her spirits were lifted. She checked the bulletin board to see what kind of quests were there or glanced at the adventurers trading materials in, she was obviously not bored while waiting. After some minutes, Camille returned and beckoned us to follow her.

“The master said he’ll meet you. Come inside.”
“Thank you. Let’s go, Lapis.”

She was quite ballsy, not showing any sort of nervousness knowing she was going to meet the person at the top of the entire guild, even though it was a branch.

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“Master, Ciel is here.”
“Welcome, come on in.”
“Excuse us.”

A deep voice called out from the room after we knocked, when we entered, a familiar man was inside, sitting behind an office desk and engrossed in some sort of paperwork.

He was the master of the guild, his name, Krieck. He was already in his fifties, and just like the receptionist Camille, he had apparently been an adventurer when he was younger. His hair had already started turning white, and his complexion was austere, but had quite gentle manners. Many female adventurers admired him secretly.

“Ciel, it’s rare for you to come request something, and even Karin is with you now. Hmm… Is that pretty lady connected with this?”
“Yes. In truth, there was something we wanted to discuss with you…”
“I’ll listen, but sit down first.”

He signaled to some chairs with his hand, so the three of us sat down. Karin was really nervous, while Lapis looked composed, silently observing the course matters would take. I was the one who would be in charge of negotiating everything, so I had to steel my resolve as well.

“The thing is–––”

I began telling him how we first met Lapis, and how after some turns of events we brought her to the city, and that now we were there to find her a job. As I explained all those things to him, he sometimes looked surprised, others seemed impressed, and calmly listened until the end of my story.

“I see, I get the situation now. We actually are a bit short handed at the moment, so if you wish to help us, I could employ you straight away.”

As I exclaimed in joy, he raised his hand to stop me.

“One thing though, it would be dishonorable for the guild to hire someone who was not an adventurer previously and without any form of test. An adventurer’s guild is, like its name suggests, an organization built by and for adventurers. Lapis here should be subject to a test of either practical or written skills, only then I will hire her.”

A test… As far as her abilities go, she should have no problems, though when it came to common sense or holding back she had a bit of a warped view on things, so that was a bit worrisome. I turned to look at her, asking only with my eyes to see what she thought, and she nodded eagerly.

“I’ll take it.”
“Alright then. Choose which of the tests you want to take. The tests will entail…let’s see, the written test will include the history of the guild since its construction, knowledge about monsters, and other common knowledge. The practical test will be a match against me. Though I say a match, there’s no need for either of us to fall, you will pass as long as I deem you able to defend yourself even if surrounded by bad tempered adventurers.”
“I’ll…go with the practical test then.”
“Hohh. You’re quite confident then, I hope Ciel wasn’t exaggerating about you in her story.”

A daring smile sprung on Krieck’s lips. If she passes, her workplace would be secured! Do your best, Lapis!


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