Chapter 45: A small help [2]

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2451 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1196 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

I had heard the maids I saw employed at the governor’s earn quite a high salary. But to work there the maids have to be ready to accept any order from the governor at all times, even anticipating what he might need and have it all ready for him. They also had to be thorough cleaners without leaving a single speck of dust visible, while also being able to maintain a correct conversation with their masters. Compared to them, I could see how Maria would struggle.

“But at least you do know how to clean and cook, right?”
“Eh? Of course. I have to look after her after all, so I’m used to doing that every day.”

That was exactly what I wanted to hear. I proposed my suggestion to Maria.

“Then, do you want to work at my house then?”
“Huh?! At…your house?”

She looked a bit puzzled, I did not look like a very wealthy person myself, so it was probably hard to believe I had enough money to hire someone to help in the house. I tried to smile as friendly as I could to ease her worries.

“I actually earn more than you might think looking at me. You probably heard that there’s a hero’s party being formed in this country, right?”
“I heard that…wait…”
“Yeah, I’m one of the members, so I actually get a commission from the government. But that also means that I’m often busy, so I don’t have enough time to cook or clean myself. I was wondering if you’d want to help with that.”

That was only a half-truth. The commission we got from the government only included our equipment, there were no bonuses or a regular wage. That was a bit bothersome sometimes, but it did not matter too much for now.

Other than that everything I told her was the truth, I really was too busy to clean and cook for myself. Karin and Ciel were only at home from time to time, depending on their work, and Luvias was staying in the castle so she had no reason to help at home. I was the only one coming home every day, but my job as receptionist and instructor left me so beat that I had barely any strength left to take care of those things.

Cooking for myself was getting so tiresome that lately I either bought something from food stalls in the street to eat at home, or just went to a restaurant instead. My salary had also increased considerably, but I was starting to feel like I had no free time to really do anything with it, so it felt a bit pointless at times… Though that was not to say that I was getting fed up with my life or anything like that.

“By the way, how much did you earn before you stopped working?”
“Well…that’s a bit embarrassing, but I was paid around two copper coins every day.”

That was even less than I expected. It was hard to believe she had been able to maintain a child with that, but it definitely sounded like a hard life.

“Apparently the men were paid twice that, but since I was so weak that was as much as I could earn…”

Maria looked pained as she told me that, and Rina cuddled up to her. I could tell how hard it was for her as she stroked her daughter’s hair as if telling her everything was going to be alright.

“Well, I’ll pay you eight copper coins every day if you work at my house. How does that sound?”
“Eight coins?! That’s…if you really mean it I would be incredibly grateful, but are you sure it’s okay?”
“Well, it’s not the easiest job if I’m being honest. You’ll be coming to my house in the morning and afternoon to do some cleaning and wash the dishes, as well as go shopping for food and daily necessities. I’ll cover the expenses for that, of course. You’ll work six days a week, though it can be less if you need more rest. How does that sound?”

Maria was lost for words, this was like a blessing that fell from the sky in front of her. It was probably too soon for her to really agree to the terms having only heard them, so I decided to show her my home as well. Since she had been healed by magic, she was much more lively even though she had just recovered, her steps firm as we walked through the city. Rina walked next to her, firmly holding her hand while smiling brightly, being able to take a walk with her mother again.

“This is it.”

We stopped in front of a detached house in the suburbs. That was my house, large enough that it could be even called a mansion with a large garden, which left Maria speechless.

“This is your home? Sorry if I’m prying too much, but are you part of the nobility perhaps?”
“Not at all. I mentioned it before, but I’m just part of the hero’s party, so I have a considerable income and could afford to buy this house. Do you want to see inside?”
“Yes, please.”

I led her inside and walked her through the rooms she would clean and the kitchen she would cook in. Usually, I like to keep everything tidy and clean, but as luck would have it, I had been a little lazy today and there was a lot of piled-up stuff to wash and clean. Once the tour was over, I gave her a chair to sit in and served us some tea. Rina was also in a good mood with the candy she had gotten.

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“Well, what do you think? It’s probably a lot for a single person to take care of, but I’ll pay accordingly.”
“Well, I really would love to work for you, but are you sure I’m the best candidate? I wouldn’t say my food is the best, and I’m not strong enough for physical stuff…”
“Don’t worry about those things. I’m not looking for anything special, so just work as you’d do at home. Also…”

I turned to look at Rina. Maria also followed my gaze, which made me smile.

“If you work here, you won’t need to force yourself with those low-paying jobs, and Rina will get to eat as much as she wants. I can’t do much more for you, but I can’t abandon you without helping now that I’ve gotten acquainted with you two.”

She noticed I had taken a more relaxed, although masculine tone now, so she seemed a bit confused, but she quickly snapped out of it and nodded deeply to me.

“Thank you very much! I know I can’t do much, but please hire me. I’ll do everything that you ask from me.”
“Nice! That’s settled then. Can you start working tomorrow?”
“Yes, I’ll come tomorrow morning then.”

There was no written contract between us, I just extended my right hand, which she shook with a very broad and bright smile.


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