Chapter 34: Regret

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1886 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 820 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

–––Freya’s viewpoint

The next day after those troublesome events, I was blessed with the chance to fulfill my promise with Lapis to have tea together. There were not many places where one could enjoy good tea in this country, so Lapis and I went early in the morning to a restaurant that served light food. When we ordered two cups of tea, they served us almost instantly. I could only think that was due to a lack of clients, and showed how bored the staff had to be. I looked at Lapis again, who was sitting in front of me, thinking she truly was a cute person. If she stood there still without saying a thing, the sight of her alone would attract many men, and when I heard her voice I felt strangely calm.

Still, she seemed to be feeling down now that I looked at her. Ever since I calmed her down with my magic yesterday she was like that.

“Is everything alright? You can talk to me if you want.”

When I said that, she looked a bit conflicted before speaking.

“Well… I’m just starting to hate my short temper. No matter how badly my friends were treated, it’s weird to act so brutally in a public place like that. If I kept letting my feelings take over and finished Barbaros off, it wouldn’t make me any better than him…”

Lapis hung her head, as if she was confessing her sins. Her figure overlapped with that of a devotee seeking salvation in the temple, so I prayed without thinking. So I could set her heart straight.

“Do you really think so? But you did that only because you wanted to help Lady Luvias, right? I don’t think you should feel ashamed for that, instead I think it’s really commendable.”
“But…back when…I mean, I’ve always been like this. I pretend to be calm and composed, but then I end up solving everything by force. And when I come to, I realize I used more strength than I needed to. Maybe my nature is to be a violent person…”

I sipped a bit of the fragrant tea before I replied.

“Tell me, what were your motives every time you acted like that? Was it all for selfish and indulgent reasons? If you use force to get your way with everything you want, then you’re correct, you’re just a violent person. But aren’t you doing all that to help someone, or to punish someone’s bad actions?”
“If you use your force to help people, or to defend your rights, I don’t think that qualifies as violence. I think this applies to anyone, no matter their rank or religion. If not, then this world would be nothing but hell where anyone does as they please.”

I was an orphan, so I understand better than anyone just how unjust this world can be. People who are born without talent or power are used by others before being thrown aside. It’s impossible to reason with twisted people who use others and take from them. The only way to fight against violence is with violence. That’s also the main reason why I kept working to become stronger.

“So I don’t blame you for using your power. Justice without strength is useless. Rather than pointing fingers and blaming someone for their acts, one should be strong enough to stand by their words.”

Lapis looked surprised hearing what I had to say as the hero of Lumielle. If a cleric that only ever read scripture and stayed inside heard me, they would probably condemn me. They firmly believed that by preaching the name of god and advocating for good deeds, people would convert.

“You are no violent person. After all, the person you fought was overtaken by evil. Not only that, but Lumiere also warned me about that skill Barbaros used, so I’m sure your acts are forgiven.”
“…If a god chimed in then that’s reassuring.”
“I know, right? It’s at times like this that I’m glad I became a priest.”

I said that in a joking manner, and Lapis laughed a bit. I was glad to see that she was slowly regaining the bright attitude she used to have. Also, it always feels best when a cute girl smiles all the time.

“Now then, if your troubles are resolved, shall we enjoy our tea? We finally have this opportunity.”
“You’re right…I’ll order some candy to make it better then. There are things I want to ask you as well after all.”
“Same for me. I’ve been curious to ask you directly about the secret behind your power.”

The restaurant had very few clients as Lapis and I spoke in a corner. My report to the king would have to wait until the tea time with my newly found friend ended. This was more important than anything else.


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