Chapter 19: Revenge [1]

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3372 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1625 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

I felt bored during the joint workshop in the capital. When we first entered the capital I was surprised by how colorful everything is, the people walking around and merchants also had interesting things, but even then, only two days later and I am completely bored. I would see the same types of food in the streets every time we were out, so they quickly lost their charm, and I never held any interest in places like pubs or casinos so I did not visit them. Outside of going to buy interesting items I could take as souvenirs from bookstores and general stores, I never left the room prepared by the guild.

This joint workshop I was taking part in is something the guild organizes a couple of times every year. All new staff members are obligated to take part in it, regardless of sex or age, so I too was dragged away from my hometown to the capital far away.

Most of the workshop’s contents were theory lessons and all the movement we got was a light exercise all members did at the same time. Sitting in a chair without moving and listening to other people talk turned out to be harder to endure than I expected, and for someone who never experienced anything like this before the whole experience felt like torture. One single day got me completely fed up, but as it took three days even my appetite was gone near the end.

I thought of sleeping in and skipping everything, but there is a written exam on the last day, so I could not afford that either. As a result, I spent three days with eyes like a dead fish staring at the blackboard, moving my hand pretending to be a golem, and writing down the lessons on the paper in front of me.

Thanks to that, I was able to pass the exam without fault and the joint workshop officially came to an end. As a way to release all my pent up stress, I went around all the stores I could find to buy many souvenirs, then used Flight Magic to quickly return to my city. Coming here took a long time since we came in carriages while making rounds greeting a bunch of people, but flying I should be back really quickly. Normally traveling this distance would take a whole week, but in half a day I already had the city in sight.

“I really hope they like these presents.”

I bought clothes that were popular in the capital as well as other accessories for Karin and Ciel. For Miranda and Camille I bought other accessories they could use daily. And for everyone in the guild, I also bought some really good cakes that stayed fresh for long, enough for everyone there. I wanted to fly straight into my house, but I figured it was better if I registered at the city entrance first, so I landed nearby and approached the gate while holding all my luggage. The people around looked at me surprised, but that was the only reaction they showed. Flight Magic was still really rare, but Ciel also used it daily, so people started getting used to seeing it.

“Hm? Ah, gatekeeper, it’s been a while.”

Someone called my name, when I turned around, I saw the gatekeeper I sometimes talk to when I go and come from the city. I recognized his face but never asked for his name…that was the weird relationship we had. As soon as he saw me he came running to me and whispered into my ear.

“I heard Karin got badly hurt. I don’t know the details but she should be in the infirmary of the training school. You should go see her quickly.”

Karing got…hurt?! Did she take on some crazy request or something? But the way she is now, I find it hard to believe any monster that spawns nearby would be able to touch her. But then what happened? I better not waste more time here, if she’s hurt, I should hurry to treat her!

I thanked the gatekeeper and activated my Flight Magic to go to the training school. As soon as I got there, I impatiently carried my luggage on my back as I ran to the infirmary. I slammed the door open, almost unhinging it, and saw Karin sleeping on a bed and Ciel nursing her to the side.

“I heard Karin got hurt… How’s she doing?”
“A healer took care of the biggest wounds, but he didn’t have enough mana so he’ll continue with that tomorrow. At least he said her life isn’t in danger.”
“…I see, I’m glad.”

Filled with relief, my legs gave in and I sat down on the floor. At the same time, my luggage made a crashing noise, which finally reminded me that I was carrying a lot of things.

“But what happened…for Karin to get hurt like this?”

The wrinkles on her brow were marked, and she sometimes knit them as she slept. I hurried to put my hands on her and heal her body. My healing powers were not as good as the priest that used to accompany me, but as long as she was not dead I would be able to fully heal any wounds. It was enough to even restore broken bones or missing body parts. Her wounds slowly closed until they vanished leaving no trace. As we looked at her healing, Ciel told me the details of what happened.

§ § §

“-And so, she got those wounds from the hero of Leble. I was out for a request so I arrived a bit too late to see them, but there were more than enough witnesses.”

…Someone who dared call himself a hero attacked her from behind during a one-on-one duel? And then when Karin was completely defenseless he trampled on her leaving her half-dead? If the people around had not joined together to stop him, she would be dead by now, but that’s really not the point. If he felt like it, he would have killed her for sure.

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My blood was boiling. It has been centuries since the last time I felt so much anger towards another person. Even though I had never seen him, I was already picturing Leble’s hero in my mind and tearing up his body. I silently placed my luggage on the floor before stepping forward and taking Karin’s beloved sword that was reclined against her bed.

“Lapis, what are you trying to do?”

Ciel asked me with a low voice, which sounded completely mechanical like she had killed off her human emotions.

“It’s obvious. I’ll beat up those b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲. I’ll make them feel a thousand times more pain than what they did to Karin.”

My view was warping out of anger, so I turned around unable to look at her eyes to reply. My current face was probably the most hideous one they could ever see. I did not care if someone else saw me, but it was not something I wanted my precious friends to see.

“If you’re feeling that way, then they’re pretty much done for. But I can’t let you do that alone.”
“It’s also getting to my head. I’ll never forgive whoever did this to Karin. Don’t think you’re the only one who’s angry.”

I felt a wave of strong anger concealed behind her low voice. It was obvious enough. Ciel was together with Karin for much longer than I have. They went on adventures as a party, they even saved each other’s lives, and fought back-against-back relying entirely on each other many times. A close friend and comrade in arms like that was almost killed without being able to resist, by a coward. Something like that would obviously drive her to the edge.

“…Then let’s go together. He called himself Leble’s hero, so he’ll eventually return to Leble. If we make a mess there he’ll hear about it.”
“Sounds perfect. I’m sure he’ll fly back if we set the royal palace on fire or something like that.”
“I like that, let’s give him a nice scare.”

We knew no fear as we laughed ominously. And we were serious about setting the castle on fire. We would do anything to lure those people out, nothing would satisfy us until they receive their well-earned reward. Having decided on it, we prepared ourselves however we could before leaving the room, but a low voice stopped us.

“…You shouldn’t. I’m glad you feel this way…but you can’t do anything irrational.”
“Are you alright?!”

Karin weakly extended her hand, which I caught with mine. Even though her wounds were healed, she was still recovering mentally. She tried to pull herself up with a wobbly head, so Ciel and I hurried to her sides to support her.

“…You…You two are getting too excited… I could feel your bloodlust so much I woke up.”
“I’m sorry.”

She was still trying to joke, but she was truly desperate to stop us. Her smile was nowhere near convincing, and her complexion was also bad. But that paleness could also be because she heard we were planning on raiding another country’s capital. Once I realized that, I started feeling bad for her.

“…Phew, seriously. If I woke up just a little later you two would’ve caused a really big mess.”
“…I’m sorry about that. But Karin, we can’t let those b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ be after what they did.”
“I think so too. They beat you up, and that means they started a fight with the three of us. After all, we’re like family living in the same house, right?”


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