Chapter 423 – A Fishy Store

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 787 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

At the dead of the night, once Cortina and Michelle both fell asleep, I snuck out of the inn. I didn’t leave because I had some special reason. I just wanted to check the surroundings of where we were staying in this new city.

Not as Adventurer Nicole, but as Assassin Reid. I used my Stealth Gift and climbed on the inn’s roof. The lights were mostly gone in the downtown, and the city was wrapped in darkne—


In the dark city, there was only one house with lights on. It was in the back alley not too far from the inn. From above, it looked like a plain house with no notable making. However, I could see some kind of signboard from the light leaking from the windows.

“What kind of store would be open at a time like this…?”

It was already late at night. The day had rolled over some time back, so there should be no stores operating now. I felt some doubts that some store was operating at this hour.

“Plus, it’s a little unsettling that it’s near our inn.”

In this city of Berith, half-demons had as many privileges as stray dogs. It would be safe as long as we stayed inside the inn, but I wanted to avoid getting involved with a dubious bunch once we left the inn.

And I especially couldn’t overlook a fishy store like this that operated so late.

“I guess I’ll go check what it is.”

Perhaps I was becoming a bit too oversensitive due to Cloud’s matter. That said, it would be careless to overlook this for such a reason, so I decided to check just in case.

Using the threads I jumped down from the roof and sprinted like a wind through the deserted alley. I passed the main street and jumped into the back alleys, heading towards the store’s location that I had memorized. Turning a few corners, I found it located in a blindspot from the main street.

The signboard illuminated by the window light had a design that showed it was a tool shop. However, its structure was abnormal. The roof was covered with the roots of the World Tree, as if it was built in the gap between the roots and the ground.

“A tool shop… In a place like this and a time like this?”

The windows weren’t dropdown types like most houses, but high quality, glassed ones. For a store in a back alley like this, it was far too unnatural. But I was thankful for that now. I couldn’t hope for a better window to peek inside.

Slowly peeking in, I found a normal tool shop illuminated by the light. No, I suppose calling it normal wasn’t fitting. The items lined up on the shelf were all things I had never seen. Of course, there were also items you’d find in a typical tool store.

Also, it wasn’t just selling goods. The light inside wasn’t a typical stone cast with a Light spell, but something white made of glass.

“What is that?”

There didn’t seem to be anyone inside as far as I could see. This was already making me extremely anxious. Still, seeing what was inside, I sighed in relief.

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“For the time being, this doesn’t seem like a fishy store. No actually, it is but…”

At any rate, all those unfamiliar tools were tickling my curiosity. The fact that it was operating at this hour also added to it. I nervously opened the door in silence and poked my head inside. But then, I heard a high-pitched voice that sounded so young you’d mistake it for a child.

“Welcoooome, are you a customer? Oh dear, it’s been three weeks. I welcome you with open arms!”

A girl with a similar silver hair to mine appeared from behind the store. Both that manner of talking and that voice, and even that appearance were all things I was familiar with.


The girl with an apron—It was the God of Destruction Yuuri.

“What are you doing here!?”
“Well, I mean… This is my store?”

Whitey answered my question with tilted head. Her statement made my vision go blank.

A god is running a…store?

“Look, the oscillating dagger your comrade is using was actually something bought here that eventually reached you, you know?”
“Oh, I do remember you mentioning that before.”

I think it was back when we went on a hot spring trip? Back then, she did tell me she was running an item shop, and that the items including the dagger had reached me from there.

But still, why was she operating at this hour was… a mystery.


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