Chapter 421 – Berith

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1083 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

There was small trouble, but we managed to enter Berith in the end. The sun was almost set now, so we had to quickly find an inn. Temuru, being our client, addressed us.

“Good work. I will be staying at the inn before the gate. I plan to stay for five days and then go back to Stollar. Please gather here after five days.”
“Understood. But are we restrained in activity within that period?”
“Restrained how?”
“For example, can we take on short commissions?”

Since we were staying for five days, we could accept some work. I had to confirm that part.

“I see. I don’t plan to restrict you like that, so you can act freely as long as you aren’t late.”
“Okay, thank you very much.”

Guarding him during the entirety of the round trip was our responsibility, so I was really thankful that we could do this during this interval. Temuru gave a bow and headed towards the inn before the gate. Mark’s group also waved at us and followed Temuru. This was because they had no leeway in money so they just headed to the cheap inn at the gate that was in the same direction.

“Now, what should we do?”

I turned around and asked my comrades in as lively a voice as I could. There, I saw Michelle, still pointing and not even hiding her displeasure, as well as Finia who had veins bulging on her temples, something quite unlike her.

Finia hadn’t intervened back then, but she seemed to have found the gate guard just as unpleasant. And there was also Cloud, who was trembling with a tightly clenched fist.

He was accepted as an Adventurer in Raum. Even in Stollar, he hadn’t really been ostracized. But it was different here. No, it was better to say that Raum and Stollar were the different ones. This world was harsh towards half-demons.

“Sigh. I guess there’s no helping it.” As he stood there without saying anything, I went and grabbed his arm with my whole body and took him towards the street.

We were planning to go for a slightly expensive inn. This was because Cloud being a half-demon meant there would be a good chance that he’d get rolled up into trouble at a cheap inn.

“Wh-, what’re you doing! Don’t cling to me, they are touching!”

Grabbing his arm with my entire body meant I was clinging to it. Naturally, my chest was pressing against his elbow. But just this time around, I did this intentionally.

“It’s fine sometimes, think of it as a freebie.”
“No it’s not!”
“You did well enduring it.”

He had lowered his head as I pulled his arm, which I gently patted. I expected Cloud to snap there and get arrested. But he managed to endure it until the end. It should be fine to praise him for that.

He stopped struggling and started trembling without saying a word.

“I didn’t say you could cry though.”

Seeing Cloud tremble silently, Michelle also came to cling to him.

“Hey, hogging him like that is sly of you Nicole!”
“Actually, Michelle, I didn’t think you’d get so angry there.”
“I mean, that guy was just the worst!”

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She answered with puffed cheeks, but that was the first time I saw her get so angry. Her cold bloodlust made even me get cold sweat. I really have to warn her about it later. More importantly, seeing Cloud’s arm sink into Michelle’s valley, I felt the difference in our breast level.

She’s not gonna grow any bigger, right? Otherwise, I’d have to call God Hastur again to adjust the size of her armor. Her breastplate was made from the materials of the Demonic Dragon Fafnir, so I couldn’t just bring it to some random blacksmith for adjustment. But well, it was for her safety, so I had no choice but to shut my eyes.

Having the two of us clinging to each of his arms, Cloud stiffened without saying anything. His pure heart reminded me of his childhood days, making him appear kinda adorable.

Seeing a half-demon sandwiched between two beauties, the onlookers were directing curious glances at him. Both of us had conspicuous looks on top of Cloud being a half-demon, so we stood out like a sore thumb.

I decided to end the reward here, but something suddenly dripped on the ground.

“Oh come on… I told you not to cry—wait, what?”

At first, I thought Cloud couldn’t endure and started crying and his tears fell to the ground. But the water droplet that hit the ground was red. And it came from his nose.

“Uwah, Cloud, you have a nosebleed!?”
“Ish noht my fauht!”
“Don’t turn your face here! Your blood’s gonna scatter everywhere!”

I quickly let go of his hand and separated from him. Looking on the other side, Michelle had already jumped away and was hiding behind Finia. Damn, that was fast.

“Nicole, Heawe me.”
“No. Just why do I have to heal a pervert’s nosebleed?”

Even if I started this, using a healing spell to heal the nosebleed of an aroused man would be the most pathetic use of the spell ever. He chased me around Finia, and she also started giggling. As it appears, Cloud was a comedy material by very nature.

“Hey, we have to hurry up or the inns will close. Have we decided on the place?”
“Yeah, I asked Cortina and Temuru. They said we could stay there without the half-demon discrimination.”
“Sorry about having to go through that because of me.”
“Don’t worry, I had us come here so you could experience this situation in the first place.”
“You sure endured it well, Nicole. I couldn’t do it even if I knew beforehand.”
“And I’ve never seen you get that angry before, Michelle. That was scary as hell. I have to make sure not to anger you from now on.”
“Hey, that’s a mean way of putting it!”

Michelle’s behavior still had some childishness left in it. As I teased her, the mood around us changed. Seeing that, Cortina clapped her hands and urged us to move on.

“Hey now, let’s go already. At this rate, we’d be left without food, not just rooms.”
“Huh, that would be awful!”

Color left Michelle’s face at Cortina’s words. As expected, being so expressive about one meal fitted her more instead of anger. Looking at her, I was fully convinced of that.


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