Chapter 400 – Growth After Three Years

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1001 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Three years had passed since we arrived in Stollar. Both our power and fame rose favorably and we were fourth rank now, same as Leon was at one point. However the person in question had taken one step further and was fifth rank now, taking on the title of the strongest Adventurer in this region. His party had gained two more members and they were spending their Adventurer life smoothly.

And now, we were facing a certain problem.

“Finia, how many this week?”
“Seven. Michelle?”
“Six for me. And you, Nicole?”
“…………Twenty one.”
“A-As expected.”

Those numbers weren’t the commissions we finished. Yes… They were the number of confessions. Some from women too.

It has been three years since. I had grown even taller and was about 150 cm tall now. As for my body figure, while it didn’t approach Maria’s, it had still turned feminine enough that I could hold my head high anywhere I went.

As a result, my figure and beauty made people fall for me at first sight one after another. I ended up having to deal with at least three cases a day. Finia hadn’t really changed appearance-wise, but she still became a bit plumper and started to exhibit womanly charms. However, she was being confessed to just as much ever since we came to this city, so nothing had changed for her in that regard.

As for Michelle, her body had developed to the point she could be called mini Maria, and coupled with her simplistic nature, she had even gained some maniac fans. I was even starting to worry whether she would get deceived or kidnapped someday.

“We really have to solve this somehow.”
“Yes, it’s troublesome to get called out day after day.”
“My life rhythm hasn’t changed much, though?”

We gave gloomy sighs at Gadius’ inn, “Greatshield’s Protection.”

Given that love was involved, we couldn’t get violent over it, so we were having a tough time rejecting them every day. And there was one dumbass who joined in on our convo with a carefree expression.

“Hear me out too. I got confessed twice this week.”
“Oh come on!”
“Why not just go get married and retire?”
“No way, I wanna adventure more.”

Needless to say, it was Cloud.

Michelle and I had turned 15, while Cloud 17.

He had fair skin and a slender body that was a characteristic of half-demons, and he had gained a sculpture-like figure with forged muscles. He was tall too, of about 180 centimeters, making him stand out even from afar. He was certainly not on the taller side as far as Adventurers went, but his body balance was perfect. It was even fanning my jealousy. I used to be shorter than him in my previous life, and didn’t have as much muscle.

“Handsome guys should die. They get no mercy.”
“Whyy?! Michelle, say something, will you?”
“Cloud you perv.”
“So meeeean!”

Michelle looked charming even from the same-sex perspective as she puffed her cheeks in displeasure while sprawled on the table at Cloud’s appeal. Her body that was in imbalance with her pure expression was giving off even more seducing charm.

“Still, it’s really hard to move freely when we’re in the center of attention like this.”
“It feels like we are being observed wherever we go.”
“And their gazes are constantly on my chest.”
“Well, that can’t be helped.”

The way ‘that’ swayed as she walked was a brutal weapon that attracted the eyes of men regardless of their will. I could understand the feelings of men at least in this aspect. I was still a guy on the inside… so far.

“It’s good that we have gotten adapted to the city, but standing out this much is a problem too.”
“That it is.”
“Should we just go back to Raum already?”

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It has been three years since we left Raum. The ‘residual heat’ that Maxwell mentioned should have died down by now. The problem was that we didn’t know what was going on there.

I showed my face once a month at Cortina’s house, so I had a certain grasp on the situation. Lichtenberg, who was the ringleader of the corrupt nobles was silenced by me, but that didn’t mean that his entire faction fell with him. There was even a war among nobles spurred by lust for power to succeed him. Maxwell moved about to bring that strife to a close, but the results weren’t very favorable.

“Maybe it’ll take a bit longer.”

This concerned Michelle’s safety. No, not just her. Even her family was at risk. We had to act carefully or next time I may not make it in time to save them. As I was thinking so conservatively, Michelle responded in dejection.

“So it’s not good, huh…”

Thinking about it, I was showing my face there once a month, but Michelle had only been exchanging letters. It was natural that she would yearn for her family after three whole years of separation.

“Hmm, well I have to ask Maxwell for the details first… Why not just call your parents over instead?”
“Well, I guess that’s possible…”

She responded unusually evasively. Her family had already moved from the north to Raum. Changing houses over and over wasn’t only problematic financially but mentally too. She was worried about making them move houses again after settling in Raum for eight years.

“I don’t feel good about making them move due to my own circumstances.”
“I see. At any rate, I’ll check how things are the next time I go there.”
“Please do.”
“Also check how the orphanage is doing please.”
“I wouldn’t hear your request normally, but I’m also worried about the orphanage so I will.”
“You’re never honest.”

Cloud’s attitude rubbed me wrong so I went and rubbed his temples with firsts. I knew this kind of familiar behaviour was becoming the source of people misunderstanding our relationship, but I just couldn’t stop.


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