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Chapter 368 – The Second Departure

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 990 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

A week had passed since the graduation ceremony of the elementary grade of the Magic Academy.

In the end, Kufar had not tried anything. Thanks to that, I managed to spend a good time with Cortina.

Problem was that I couldn’t do it with Reid’s form.

Because I used Polymorph scroll last time, it was on a cooldown. Cortina was quite displeased about it, but spending time with her friend’s daughter was fun in its own way too.

Thus, the day to head to the Stolla domain had finally arrived.

Cortina, Maxwell, and Letina stood at the city gates. Even Matisse and the orphanage kids came to see us off.

“Never thought it would turn into such a big farewell.”
“It’s even bigger compared to the time we left the village.”
“I even told them they didn’t need to come to see me off…”

Seeing the orphanage kids come to see him off, Cloud’s eyes seemed to turn a little wet. He had experiences of being thoroughly bullied there, but he had been accepted as one of them during these past few years.

That didn’t mean the internal discord had gone away. He was probably impressed that they still suppressed all those emotions and came to see him off.

“You’re no longer one of the orphanage people, but this place is still your hometown.”
“Come back if anything happens, I’ll at least get you some servant work. I’ll make you work like a horse.”
“Like hell I’ll come back.”

The sister watched warmly over the children that threw curses around. She knew that their abuses did not come from their hearts, but simply embarrassment.

“Nicole, Adventuring is dangerous work. Remember to prioritize your life no matter the situation, okay?”
“Yeah, stay safe too, Cortina. You’re the easiest to aim for among the Six Heroes.”
“I will be careful of course. But if they do target me, I’ll turn the tables on them.”

Cortina pumped her fist in determination. The problem was that her thin arms did not seem very strong. That said, it was a cute gesture so who cares. She was always stiff, so acting like a little girl created quite a cute gap in her personality.

“You be careful too, Michelle. And be sure to protect Lady Nicole, you hear?”
“Yeah, leave it to me.”
“You two definitely have to return okay? I will be waiting for you.”
“Of course. Letina is our friend. We’ll definitely come back.”

Then, Letina turned towards me and took out a handkerchief from her pocket. It was that same handkerchief that I had handed over the other day and became all snotty.

“Here, I washed it.”
“Thanks. It wasn’t expensive so you didn’t have to.”
“A Marquis’ daughter cannot possibly receive something and not return it.”

Her standoffish attitude did not last very long. She seemed to have reached her limit and tears burst out from her eyes.

“Ahh, here, wipe them off.”
“I… just… returned it… sob
“You can just return it when I come back. That aside, getting your eyes swollen like that would ruin your pretty face.”
“Hearing you say that makes me extremely irritated!”

She snatched the handkerchief, wiped her tears and blew her nose. There was not a fragment of lady left in her. Then, Lyell and Maria arrived too.

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“This is the second time seeing you off like this.”
“Yeah, first was the village.”
“Nicole, some suspicious people are snooping around Daddy. If you get involved with someone suspicious, show them no mercy, you hear?”
“I know. No mercy to enemies, right?”
“Yeah. You’re cute, so no mercy to men that approach you even if they aren’t suspicious.”
“That sounds quite problematic. But yeah, I won’t.”

Besides, being approached by men would just make me disgusted. Even Cloud grosses me out every now and then.

“Also… You can contact us anytime if you need help. You can do it through Gadius or the Adventurers Guild. They will all contact me.”
“…Are you sure?”

Lyell making a move wouldn’t be like a normal father making a move. It could lead to political problems.

That’s why I wanted to avoid relying on his power as much as I could. Thus, I asked back.

“Yeah. Saving her daughter is the father’s duty. Who is to blame me for it? Rather, you are too reserved, Nicole.”
“Okay, got it.”

I was a little moved by Lyell’s parental love. I wondered if I would be able to become as reliable as him had I married Cortina and had a kid in my previous life.

“Nicole, you have to say goodbye to Kabby too.”

Maria said and held Kabby out to me who she held at her chest. Kabby ended up as an official resident of Lyell’s mansion, both as Fina’s caretaker and pet.

This was because Lyell had discovered some data that suggested having a pet was good for cultivating aesthetic sensibility in children.

Not to mention, Fina was the biggest weak point for both Lyell and Maria. If Kabby was taking over their protection, it would be most reassuring.

It was sad to part with it, but it wasn’t like we were parting for eternity, so it ended lightly.

Before long, one carriage arrived at the gate. The one riding it was the merchant Temuru. The same merchant who took us to this city.

And just as before, Leon and Ellen were in charge of escorting it.

They would be protecting us until we reached the Stolla domain. This was how Adventurers’ work usually went.

I waved my hand, acting as cheerfully as I could.

Maria was overcome with emotions and started crying. Lyell’s condition was needless to even describe.

Letina was also waving back so violently her hand could tear off, loathing to part with us.

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Raum, the capital of the Forest Kingdom of Raum. This place was, without a doubt, my second home.


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