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Chapter 348 – The Path to Take After Graduation

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1166 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The day after Maxwell had distributed the Elixir fragments, I was called to his mansion.

No, it wasn’t just me alone. Lyell, Maria, and Cortina, of course, Michelle and Letina, with their parents, and even Cloud with the orphanage sister were called.

Maxwell’s wide mansion was chosen because of this great number of people.

“Now, let us discuss the reason I had you gather here.”

Since Maxwell offered the place for discussion, he was the first to start the conversation. Gathering in the usual living room would be too narrow with this many people, so this time, we were using the dining hall that had a wide table.

This place was made with receiving many people in mind, so there were no problems with space even with our current numbers.

“Truth is, a strange man had appeared recently…”

He quickly returned to his manner of speech. This was probably in consideration to Michelle and Cloud who weren’t used to this situation.

Their guardians were just as nervous, however. They looked as if their heart would pop out of their mouths any time now. They were actually freaking me out a bit.

“Strange? How do you mean?”

Letina’s father, Marquis Yowi, who seemed to be used to this kind of situation, asked him.

As expected, he was going to tell them about Kufar. We managed to find a way to identify ourselves, but it wasn’t only us whom Kufar could disguise himself as.

Rather, we should be more vigilant when it came to the defenseless people around us.

For that reason, there was a need to let them know of the method of distinction that we came up with. Maxwell gathered them for that.

“Yes, well, someone who is pretending to be us has shown up and is planning something.”
“What did you say!?”

People pretending to be Six Heroes did frequently appear right after we had slain the Evil Dragon. Our faces weren’t well-known then, so they could get special benefits just by using our names.

I remember lots of minor scoundrels appearing with that goal in mind.

Still, they couldn’t imitate our abilities, so they eventually got found out and were arrested for a felony.

At this point, there were no longer any of those bunch remaining.

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“That is… quite disrespectful. Scheming towards the people who have saved the world…”

The sister who was Cloud’s guardian said while joining her hands towards god. Her gesture was quite refined and even seemed to give off a sense of holiness.

“Well, at any rate, to tell us apart, we have decided to carry these scent bags with us to distinguish ourselves. If you see a Six Hero that does not have one of these, you may consider them to be a fake.”
“It is quite a strong smell… Yet it does not bring discomfort. It feels as if I am in a forest.”
“The nature of this smell is a trade secret. If the source gets leaked they may find a way to imitate it.”

Or so Maxwell said, but actually, it was such a rare item that he simply couldn’t disclose it.

If the World Tree believers heard that we had the Elixir fragments on us, they might confiscate them as relics. I was quite rash to pick fights, but even I wouldn’t wanna pick one against the World Tree believers without a good reason.

“Mhm, I have understood the situation. I would have certainly lowered my guard if someone approached me with your appearance, Lord Maxwell.”

Marquis Yowi accepted the explanation with a hint of humor. His conduct made Michelle’s parents and sister let go of their tension a little.

The Marquis wasn’t only a good person, but also knew how to read the mood.

“There is also one more reason why I have called you here.”
“There is something else? Or rather, it appears that this is the real reason. For it to be something even more serious than the faker situation, I think I am getting cold feet here.”
“Well, I suppose that is the case considering it has a direct relation to you.”

Then, Maxwell started talking about Michelle’s situation. That it would be better for her to leave this city once she graduated from the academy. And that his protection for her was reaching its limit.

“As expected… The big feat you achieved last time proved to be too big. People that I cannot fully suppress started to appear already.”
“That you cannot suppress…?”
“He means the nobles. They want to pull you under their command.”
“Does that mean that they want to take me to wars?”
“There certainly is such possibility.”
“I don’t want that!”

Hearing Cortina’s explanation, Michelle stood up and objected. Her voice wasn’t something an ordinary person should normally direct towards a Six Hero.

Her parents held her shoulders with pale faces, but they did not manage to stop her words.

“Back then, I was worried about Nicole and just desperately kept firing. And I also borrowed the Goddess’ power.”
“Even so, there are still people who refuse to understand that. Particularly the Lichtenberg household.”
“Even you cannot hold them back, Lord Maxwell?”
“Our households are not so different in status. I am a former royalty who had abandoned his nobility. They are the descendants of the royal prince, but they were demoted to Marquis rank due to a past mistake.”
“What was that mistake?”
“Even I am not aware of it. I was but a youngster back then.”

Maxwell shrugged in response to Cortina’s question. Still, if he was a youngster back then, that means it happened hundreds of years ago…

“At any rate, we are equal in terms of standing. I am retired, but considering I am a Six Hero, it comes out even. But then, the other party is an active Marquis. And their lineage…”
“Although we are both Marquis, they are higher than our Yowi household.”
“Frankly, this situation pains me a great deal too. I do not mean forever, but I would like you to leave this city for a few years until the heat dies down.”
“A few years… How many exactly?”
“Four or five.”
“That long—!”
“Wait, I have a compromise plan for that too.”

Then Maxwell raised his finger. He returned to his usual proud behavior and explained his opinion.

“First, I shall have little Michelle take stronghold at the Adventurer’s inn of my friend. It would be outside of Raum’s sphere of influence.”
“Your friend?”
“Yes. Garius mentioned that he wanted to open the second inn. I will have him open it in the castle town used for raising noble children.”
“Still, it would feel lonely there alone…”
“Don’t worry. I’ll be coming with you.”
“Huh, N-Nicole…?”
“We’re best friends. This time I’ll accompany you. The problem is…”

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I directed my eyes towards our other friends, towards Letina and Cloud. I still did not know what decision they would make.


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