Chapter 338 – Gathering Fever Medicine

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1155 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

It had been three days since we returned to Raum. And yet neither Michelle nor Letina’s fever showed any signs of dropping.

Not just that the infection rate was only growing worse throughout the town. The new patients kept showing up while the recovering ones hardly did.

The Adventurer’s Guild naturally viewed this as a problem and issued urgent commissions to gather Millud leaves that could reduce fever, but even that wasn’t able to catch up to the rate.

Actually, I suppose it’s better to say they simply had a shortage of hands as even Adventurers started to suffer from the illness.

But for some reason, Cloud and I were able to move normally.

“Well, I guess I should think of this as good luck.”
“At any rate, we’ll be needing fever medicine.”

Today, as usual, we headed into the forest to search for Millud leaves. There were also trees along the highway to consider, but they were already picked clean.

Since they weren’t enough, newbies started getting injured for heading into the forest for them.

The two of us were used to walking in the forest so there was no such danger, but we were troubled with the amount we could collect. Since my physical strength was quite low, I couldn’t take too much with me.

“Maybe I should have put a bag on Kabby and have it act as a transport already?”

After growing so much, it could no longer stay on my head. As such, it was loitering near my feet now.

But the moment I raised the subject of having it carry luggage, it started shaking its head in a really reluctant manner.

You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, do you plan to just keep growing fatter?

“If you do that… The receptionist wouldn’t let it go.”
“What does she have to do with this?”
“That person wants to hug everything that looks cute.”

That reminds me, I got seized by her a few times too. The Guild Master intervened when she tried to take me home, but a new door might have opened for me if she was allowed to do it.

“Still, our problem of the amount is still a fact.”
“Can’t you do it with enchant?”
“It’s time-limited so…”

Generally, magic-based strengthening didn’t last very long. After all, these spells weren’t made with long-lasting conditions like the Cargo spell that Maxwell used.

And there was the burden on the body to consider too. In proportion to how much power beyond yourself you gained, there was an appropriate compensation to pay.

I learned a good lesson after I ruined myself when I didn’t know any of that.

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“We can’t really bring a card in a forest… Ah, found one.”

Cloud discovered a Millud tree and promptly started plucking off the leaves that he could reach, cramming them into his bag.

I followed after him, but there were hardly any places someone as short as me could reach. In the end, I ended up having to climb the tree due to my agility.

“Listen now, Cloud. If you look up, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to leave any descendants.”
“Master, aren’t you a bit too cruel to me sometimes!?”

Since it was just the two of us today, Cloud switched to calling me master. I didn’t feel bad being called that, so I couldn’t deny that I was getting carried away a bit.

As I nimbly climbed up, I noticed Cloud stealing glances from below as I expected, so I broke a branch and threw it at him. Climbing with a skirt on wasn’t a good idea just as I thought.

Be that as it may, I continued gathering the leaves but left enough so they won’t get depleted and then checked the surroundings.

Overlooking from a high place was the basics of scouting. After climbing up as high as I could and overlooking the surroundings again, I saw that there were still Millud trees in the vicinity.

Other than that, I also saw the river that flowed from the north, and it reminded me of lunch.

“Ah, right, it’s lunchtime soon. Cloud, there’s a river over there, so let’s have lunch there.”
“Okay, got it.”
“Also, I’m coming down so don’t peek.”
“I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it.”
“I’ll kill you.”

With that, I ended up giving Cloud some burns just before lunch.

Even if we called it lunch, we couldn’t make anything that elaborate. We were near the city too, so we could always return during meals too.

However, we wanted to secure as much of the fever medicine as possible, so we just brought bread, cheese, and tomatoes. If I heated up this bread and put cheese and tomatoes in it, it’d serve as a good enough lunch.

Also, since we were lighting a fire, we needed water to extinguish it too.

“Cloud, make a stove and light it up.”
“On it.”

I made preliminary arrangements by slicing bread and tomatoes. The tomatoes were fully ripe so they had turned extremely soft. They were so soft that running the knife on them was enough to crush them.

“…Praise the God of Destruction.”

I tool out my oscillating dagger and spoke the keyword. The dagger that was fixed to my hand with threads was able to bisect the soft tomato without trouble.

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“Good, you say… The one who made that dagger is probably crying now, you know?”
“It’s okay, they were probably using it for similar things.”
“There’s no one who’d use a magic tool like that as a kitchen knife replacement.”
“No, there is. I’m sure of it.”

If it’s that Whitey, she’d easily do something like that. However, Cloud, who had never met her, wouldn’t know.

We warmed up the bread on the stove, then put cheese and tomatoes in it and a simple sandwich was ready.

“Ahh, I wanna eat meat.”
“Bringing meat would be extra luggage so I didn’t bring it. We’ll be back by evening anyway.”
“Meat is like, the source of power.”
“Now you sound like Michelle. Good grief—Fuh!”

I threw my dagger towards the nearby grass. There was a small animal called a dormouse that was probably attracted by the smell of the heated bread.

It was a large mouse the size of a cat, and it was edible.

“There, you can cook and eat that if you want.”
“Ohh, as expected of you Master! Your survival skills are on another level.”

Cloud grabbed the dormouse in high spirits and took it to the riverside to butcher it. While gazing at his back with a sigh, I bit into the warm sandwich.

It’d take him a while to butcher it, so maybe I should lie down and rest for a bit. Just as I was considering that, Cloud returned while holding something.

“Master, what’s this?”

In his hand was a small soaked bag.


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