Chapter 334 – Grapple at the Bath

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 948 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

As I headed to the bath with Finia; Maria and Fina were already submerged in the water. I quickly poured water on myself and headed to their side.

Maria was enjoying herself in the water while holding Fina, but Fina couldn’t hide her curiosity at the vast bath she was staying in for the first time.

“Auu, dauu!”

She was flailing her legs around and laughing while splashing the water. Looks like she was quite a gutsy girl. And yet she was still quite shy, so I couldn’t wrap my head around this.

Her legs seemed to have gotten tired and this time she switched to splish-splashing with her hands.

“Aauh! Wauuh!”

The splashes hit me as I approached near, and she seemed to find my attempts to block it fun and started splashing more relentlessly.

“Agh, Fina you’re such a wild kid!”
“Are you in any position to say that, Nicole?”
“I was more docile you know?”
“Rather than docile, you just slept all day.”
“Don’t say that.”

As I caught Fina’s hands, she started splashing with her feet next. You little! You sure are quick-witted despite being a baby.


I snatched her from Maria’s hands and hugged her tight. Yeah, I might get addicted to this squishy feeling. But Fina wasn’t one to obediently get hugged. She was Lyell’s daughter too after all.

Now that her movements were sealed, she started sucking on my breasts with her mouth. Unlike that time at the training area, this was a direct hit. The stimulation was too much now.

“Ouch, wait Fina, it hurts when you do it directly. It hurts!”
“It looks like she prefers your breasts over mine.”
“I’m happy about that but this is too much.”

I have been making some progress in my self-education lately. This attack was a bit too stimulating for me.

Then Finia suddenly came and called out to me.

“Lady Nicole, I’ll give you a thorough massage this time!”
“Come to think of it, we gave you one before, huh?”
“Yes, I have to have my revenge—I mean, I have to show my thanks for that time.”
“You just said revenge, didn’t you?”
“No, you misheard it.”

That said, I took quite a bit of damage in that fight with the Goblin Lord. Even though I warded off its ridiculous power, I still took them on, so they put a load on various parts of my body.

As I headed to the bench in the corner of the washing place, Finia and for some reason, Maria, followed me.

“Huh, you want one too mom?”
“No, I’m going to give you a massage too this time. Fina too, of course.”

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Huh, Fina? I felt confused but once I lied down, I felt a tiny sensation on my lower back. That sensation started to slowly tap me.

“Ah, this…”
“It’s Fina’s first massage to you.”

Looking behind, I saw that Maria had placed Fina on my back and she started flapping her legs. This barely counted as a massage, but this warmed me up inside in its own way.

At the same time, Finia started stretching my shoulders and arms.

“Huh, Lady Nicole… Aren’t you a bit too stiff?”
“My chest has grown heavy lately.”
“Surely you jest. That isn’t enough to make you stiff. You have to at least be as big as Finia.”
“Khh, so this is the weight of the words coming from an experienced person?”

Needless to say, Maria had a bountiful chest. That means that she had experienced the shoulder stiffness caused by that stuff. She should even be familiar with how big they should be until they start making you stiff.

I’m a man so I wasn’t frustrated or anything… I definitely wasn’t.

While I was thinking that, Finia moved on from my shoulders to my waist area. Her breasts that periodically made contact with me felt pretty good. But then I felt goosebump-inducing chills.

“What is the matter?”

Finia questioned me as I reflexively rose up, but I decided to ignore it. My perspective ability told me that I was in imminent danger.

I quickly probed around for anything that could serve as a weapon and picked up a bucket from nearby, then faced towards the bath partition and threw it.

Just as someone was about to show their face from there, the bucket made an impact and dropped them down.


I heard a shriek along with the sound of something breaking. That voice was familiar to the point of being sick of it.

“Oh dear. Was that Lyell?”
“So it really was dad.”
“Huh, I never thought Lord Lyell would do something like that…”
“He has been a naughty boy since the old days.”

Maria answered while smiling sweetly. However, she couldn’t fully hide the bloodlust coming from her. Rather than peeking on us, she was angry that he just destroyed Finia’s image of him.

“As you can see, every guy is a wolf, so you should be careful, Finia.”
“I never thought I would hear that from you, Lady Nicole.”
“I am not that defenseless! Rather, I’m more vigilant than an average person!”
“I think your vigilance is only directed at threats to life, Nicole.”
“Mom, now even you’re being mean!?”

That aside, Lyell’s safety was more worrisome. Maria was a specialist of healing a human body, but she was also a specialist of destroying it. What awaited him after this was definitely healing that felt so painful he’d want to die.

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As I prayed with my hands together, Fina’s voice strangely coincided with mine, so I was a bit happy.


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