Chapter 301 – Back to Original Appearance

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1184 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After lightly finishing my date with Finia, I erased my presence and snuck into Maxwell’s house. I had been going in and out for so long already that I was fully aware of all the traps around it.

He had gone to get Gadius, so I erased my presence just in case. There was a chance that Gadius had stayed behind for whatever reason.

I looked for human presence while standing in front of his office, and after ascertaining that there was only one person inside, I opened the door.

“I’m back, Maxwell.”
“Ah, welcome. It seems that everything has gone well.”
“Yeah. Cortina’s mood is back to normal now. It should last for a while.”
“For a while?”
“I might have to show my face every month or two.”
“That… Would put some burden on Sir Aste.”

At present, I couldn’t use Polymorph on my own. If I tried to visit her every month, it would put the burden on Aste who made the scroll version of it.

The item itself can be made in about five hours, but requesting something so highly valued every month would need careful consideration. Also, I really didn’t want to experience that pain even once a month.

“I told her it might take about two months due to my circumstances.”
“Any longer than that would be too pitiful for her. Oh dear, pleasing maidens in love is quite a difficult task.”
“Well, I’m paying for my own mistakes here. I have to give Aste his fair share of rewards. He turned Den into his plaything too, so I can strike some bargain considering that.”

While I was talking about Aste, my heartbeat suddenly increased, and my joints were assaulted with pain.

“What is the matter!?”
“Looks like the time is up…”

I dropped to my knees so I wouldn’t fall over. I feared hitting my head if I collapsed as is.

I grit my teeth and endured the pain attacking in waves. I would have to experience this pain once every month or two from now on, after all.

Like I experienced half a day ago, the sharp pain of my body being torn apart assaulted me. It was definitely not something you could endure, so I easily lost consciousness, my vision turning dark.

After a while, Maxwell had to forcibly wake me up with the Awaken spell.

Checking myself, I seem to have woken up looking quite improper under the coat that was now too large for me.

“Are you awake?”

Tying my coat, I stood before the mirror installed in the office. It was something he set up there to fix his appearance when meeting with guests. Since it was used by someone as tall as Maxwell, it was quite a big mirror.

Based on the inspection, I now looked identical to my original appearance. I seem to have reverted without any irregularities.

By irregularity, I meant that in case the spell failed to accurately record the original appearance, there was a possibility that you could fail to revert and end up with a grotesque form. Aste warned me of that.

Naturally, I didn’t think a spell devised by him would have such an error, but the anxiety was still there.

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“Looks like everything went smoothly.”
“I have brought your clothes here. However, please at least stop having a man carry your underwear.”
“Don’t give me that. If I carried little girl panties with me, Cortina would’ve thrown me into jail!”
“That goes for me too, though…?”

I recalled today’s events.

The emotional reunion with Cortina. During the scene where I was courting her, the first woman in my life, if the panties fell from my pocket… I feel like I would’ve faced my next reincarnation.

Actually, Maria would probably not even cast Reincarnation on me anymore.

I shuddered, imagining the worst possible outcome while getting dressed.

“Mh, what is it, Reid? Do you feel unwell?”
“No, I just imagined something scary, don’t worry about it.”
“Is that so? It was a spell you are not used to, so there is a possibility that your body is strained. Be very mindful of your condition. If you feel unwell, call Maria or me at once.”
“Okay, I’ll do that… But wouldn’t it be bad if Maria knows about this?”
“Oh, you can simply tell her that you used a ritual spell and ruined your condition.”

Now that he mentioned it, I did use that pretext for spending the night away this time. Still, they might have suspected something for not returning until the evening of the next day.

Maxwell had already informed Finia that I would return by then, though. If I was too late, they might raise questions about the delay.

“They’ll start suspecting something if I don’t return soon, so I’m going back.”
“Wait, wait. You are shivering, I cannot let you go alone. And if I did, I would get yelled at by Cortina.”
“I mean… Well, alright then.”

It was indeed dangerous to send a child home alone when it was already darkening. I could resolve most dangers given my power, but there was no need to try my luck.

If Maxwell follows me, most situations could be resolved quietly.

Fortunately, we arrived at Cortina’s home without running into any trouble. While acting nonchalantly, I vigorously opened the door. I was acting like a kid who had cheerfully returned home.

“Hey, I’m back, Cortina?”
“W-Welcome back Lady Nicole. And thank you for escorting her, Lord Maxwell.”
“Of course. Well then, I shall excuse myself.”
“Eh, ah, um… I have a little favor to ask…”
“Finia, is anything the matter?”
“Yes, Lady Cortina has—”

There was apparently something up with Cortina. It was our first time for both of us, so maybe she was feeling unwell after the experience?

I headed to Cortina’s room while feeling a little worried. Seeing the situation, Maxwell followed after me.

“Cortina, I’m coming in, okay?”

This was Cortina’s room that I usually didn’t visit.

It was my second time visiting it today, but she wasn’t feeling bad during the previous visit. If something had happened, it could only have happened after we parted.

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Getting worried, I opened the door without waiting for a reply.

And then, I saw Cortina, rolled in her blanket with a really disturbing grin on her face.

“Um, when I returned, she was already like this. She doesn’t even hear me, so I was lost on what to do.”

So it was basically that. She had been grinning like this ever since we parted. Seeing her state, even Maxwell felt exasperated.

“I cannot handle this anymore. Just do something on your own.”
“Hey, are you planning to ditch us here!?”
“I have no desire to get involved in other’s romantic affairs.”

With those words, he quickly made his escape. I wanted to follow after him, but I couldn’t really leave Cortina in this state.

In the end, I could do nothing but stand and stare as she made merry on the bed.


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