Chapter 299 – Yet Another Reunion

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 975 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

That day, for the first time in my two lives, I gained an important someone.

You might wonder what I was going on about this early in the morning, but simply put, I ultimately failed to down the violent emotions that returned along with my old form.

However, Cortina was not the only person with whom I had to patch things up. There was one more. And Cortina was aware of that as well.

She was the one to mention it first.

“Actually, have you met with Finia already?”

As she lay sprawled in the bed, Cortina mentioned that other person. She, who had seen my death with her own eyes, was feeling responsible for it, was someone with whom I had to patch things up just like Cortina.

Cortina was lying face-down, not meeting my gaze for some reason. I gently stroked her head while enjoying the lingering memory of what had occurred a short moment ago.

“I have to indeed meet her too, but after what we just did… It feels, y’know?”
“You have to meet her, okay? While her state did improve lately, she still feels some sense of responsibility. The reason she is so excessively loyal to Nicole is probably due to that as well.”
“And, well, if it’s her, I will allow you to cheat a little.”
“Oh, so you’re not gonna stop me from cheating?”
“Hey, don’t put it like that.”

She raised her head and threw a pillow at my joke. The sweet air started drifting around.

Thanks to that, my tension also went away.

Still, I could not forget that I was on restricted time here. I only had a few hours left. What she said was on point.

“Well, since I got your permission, guess I don’t need to hold back anymore.”
“I’ll say it just in case, but I only allow it with Finia, okay!”
“Got it, got it.”
“You didn’t notice this, but there were a lot of girls aiming for you, you know.”
“Well, I started to notice that lately.”

She didn’t seem willing to part with me, but there was Finia too, so she was holding back. That was just how dear she thought of Finia.

While realizing her emotions, I started to put on my equipment. When I put on my coat and took up my gauntlets, Cortina raised a surprised voice as if she noticed something.

“Huh, those gauntlets… Did they always look like that?”

While we were engaged physically, I had my gauntlets removed. As the magic power supply was cut, the illusion spell got removed and revealed their true design.

I quickly hid my gauntlets behind.

“I-It must be due to light, surely.”
“Really now… In any case, you’ll come again after two months, right?”
“Yeah, I could manage in one month if I try, but that thing’s really tough to do.”
“I’m fine as long as I know you are safe and sound. But I wish you’d write me letters at least.”
“I’m a poor writer… But I’ll try what I can.”
“Whenever you say that, you always meet my expectations.”
“No, well, this is one thing I can’t help, okay?”

Writing her would be really problematic for me.

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Cortina was my homeroom teacher ever since I enrolled in the Magic Academy. In other words, she knew all about my writing style. Since my hands differed in size from my previous life, she didn’t recognize it, but this time, she’d expect my handwriting to look like Reid’s. It could get me exposed.

“A-Anyway, I have no time now, so I’ll go to Finia’s side.”
“Be gentle with her, you clumsy brute.”
“Wait what!?”

She sent me out with those words probably to relieve me of my stress.

I headed to Maxwell’s mansion, looking forward to meeting Finia. Maxwell knew I was at Cortina’s, so he should have kept Finia at his mansion.

As I arrived there, I received a Telepath communication from Maxwell. This spell sent messages to the designated individual at long range, allowing communication. Apparently, the Telepathic spell that the Adventurer’s Guild used was developed from this spell too.

“You finally came, Reid. Did everything go well?”
“Maxwell? That was a quick reaction.”
“I was using Life Search. I set it to notice the nearby presences.”
“What about Finia?”
“She has finished cleaning and is taking a rest now.”
“That’s great. I was thinking of saying hi to her.”
“My role was to hold her here. Rest is up to you.”

Based on his words, Finia would soon leave the house. Instead of meeting her inside the mansion, it was better to do it outside. There would be fewer distractions too.

After judging so and waiting outside for a while, Finia opened the door and walked out while bowing her head. She was probably thanking Maxwell after getting paid for her work.

After putting the money pouch in her shoulder bag, she started walking with an unusually cheery expression.

Her bag seemed quite swollen. It should have been quite heavy considering how dainty she was.

I erased my presence, snuck behind her, and spoke to give her a scare.

“Your luggage looks heavy, young lady. May I carry it for you?”

She let out a silly voice and turned around in a hurry.

Then, seeing me, her eyes went wide. Her reaction was much like Cortina’s.

I gave her an affected, respectful bow. This was something I learned at the academy.

Given that nobles also attended it, etiquette classes were also included in the curriculum.

“I-It can’t be… Lord… Reid?”
“It has been a while. You’ve grown so big I hardly recognized you.”

I gently brushed her head as she stood stiffened. After about twenty years, I stood before her as Reid for the first time.

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