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Chapter 285 – As We Returned…

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 947 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The next day, we returned to Maxwell’s islet. The Northern Alliance was a somewhat cold kingdom, and we even climbed up the mountain range there, so the difference in temperature was quite drastic. Given my meager stamina, that difference hit me pretty hard.

“I feel like I’m suffering just by being alive.”
“Oh no, are you gonna die!?”
“I was just speaking metaphorically. You sure love overreacting, Michelle.”
“Nicole, did you forget how much you worried us until now?”

Oh well, it was true that I made them worry over me this time. But it was due to my physical changes, not something I could help.

Since procuring the threads for swimsuits got crammed in our tasks, our training camp schedule had turned quite tight.

Today’s task was to shave the Fang Wolf’s fangs in talisman shapes and carve magic circles on them. We had to finish doing this within two days. However, I had already made the magic circle layouts, so the only thing left was molding the fangs and carving the magic circles by referencing what I had already drawn.

“L-Leaving that aside, we have to process the materials today, you know? That’s one of the jobs of Adventurers.”
“Ugh, I am not good at detailed work.”
“I will do what I can to assist you.”
“Oh, don’t worry, even if you fail, these fangs are big enough to allow for some mistakes.”

Maxwell, who had already sent Mateus’ group back to Raum, assured us. I didn’t really care about the exact size for our share of the talismans, but I had to carefully consider it for the baby’s share.

There was a risk of it getting swallowed if it was made too small, but making it too big would also make it inconvenient to carry around. After calculating its size, we ended up making it from one of the fangs, a bit on the bigger side.

In terms of thickness, it was a 3 cm cylinder, and the length was somewhere between 5-10 cm.

“That is quite a big one, Lord Maxwell.”
“We could make it smaller, but this looks like the right size to hang on the neck. And making it too small would endanger the baby.”
“It could get swallowed.”
“After the baby gets used to it, we could remake it in a smaller shape. But that is something you can consider after having the ability to do so, however.”
“Ugh, I will do my best.”

After we returned to the cottage, I went to explain the manufacturing process to Michelle and Finia, while Letina was busy digging her own grave.

Since Letina attended the Academy, she had the fundamental knowledge, but these two didn’t. I had to explain it to them in detail. And to Cloud as well as a bonus.

And thus, we spent the entire day shaving the fangs, and then came my night work of carving the magic circles on them. We just had to pour magic into them like with Magic Crystals and they would be finished.

While the magic power remained inside them, they would continue to protect the wearers. It really only was on the level of a leather armor, but it still made a huge difference in baby’s safety.

If the magic power ran out, I could just recharge it again.

Like this, my “Gift” finally took on a proper form.

Thus, we finished our training camp schedule favorably, and decided to use the last day that we had as a reserve to play at the sea.

And finally, we returned to Raum while getting quite an unfitting tan considering the season.

We split and shared the spoils at Maxwell’s house. That was the same plain old thing we did.

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After that Letina and Cloud went to their respective homes. I also followed the familiar path home along with Michelle and Finia.

What was different from usual, was what happened after we reached Cortina’s home.

“Hey, is this really alright!?”

From inside came Cortina’s voice, appearing unimaginably shaken. It made us reflexively exchange gazes.

“W-What’s going on?”
“I don’t know. But normal Cortina would never sound so confused.”
“True. She is always composed, so this is unusual.”

She was by nature a calm person. Conversely, she tended to keep everything bottled inside, but her calm nature was also one of her weapons during battles.

Someone like that had presently lost all her composite and raised strange voices.

“W-Why are you asking that to me… Hey, Gadius, what do you think?”
“As if I would know!”

Following it came Lyell and Gadius’ voices. These two were fearless fighters too. It was really rare to hear such shaken voices from them.

That seemed to have been some kind of hint for Finia, she suddenly clapped her hands in joy.

“Ah, could it be…”
“Finia, did you think of something?”
“Yes. It could be that Lady Maria started giving birth!”

There should have been close to a month until her childbirth. Wasn’t it a little too early?

“Wasn’t she expecting it next month?”
“She might be giving birth a little early. It happens quite often.”
“I-Isn’t that quite a big deal!?”
“Yes. So I will go help them right away!”

Finia opened the door uncharacteristically violently and threw the luggage at the entrance. It was a strange act from someone who treated belongings with care.

“I-I also… Have to help somehow!”
“Nicole, calm down! Err, Uhh… I’ll go call my mom!”

As Finia headed into the house, Michelle rushed towards her own. Seeing that, I just stood still and flapped around weirdly, unable to come up with what to do.


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