Chapter 251 – You’re Gonna Be a Big Sister!

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1036 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Maria was pregnant. That news had me so dumbfounded I lost my words. No, it was not just me. Finia, Cortina, and even Lyell were in the same state.

“Your daddy worked hard for it lately. You will finally have a younger sister or a brother.”
“Wait, is… is that really true?”
“Lyell, why are you acting so doubtful?”
“I mean…”
“You’re going to say that you have no recollection of it, are you?”
“No, I mean, I have more than enough of them… Ever since my physical condition improved so much, I…”

Lyell’s words caused Maria to blush. Based on that reaction, he had a very good idea. Let me just put it out there first: go explode!

“Isn’t it great, Nicole? You are going to be a big sister!”
“Wait, huh… Huh? Huuuh?”

As the realization settled in, I raised an astonishing voice. Finia and Cortina also started to regain their sanity.

“Congrats, Maria! You really had us waiting on the second one!”
“Congratulations, Lady Maria, Lord Lyell, and Lady Nicole! You have to be a good sister.”
“Huh, oh. Thanks?”

Finia expressed her wishes towards me as well, but it didn’t feel real to me just yet. I was gonna be a sister…?

“W-W-What should I do, Finia! I’m gonna be a big sister!?”

As someone aiming to revert to a man, being a big brother was the ideal. I was an orphan in my previous life, so my family growth itself made me honestly happy. However, presently I was far from that ideal.

Finia gently received me in her arms while I was in a state of confusion.

“It will be okay. I am sure you will become a wonderful big sister, Lady Nicole!”
“No, that’s not what I meant!
“I can already picture it. A lovely scene of a beautiful, grown-up Nicole and her little sister!”
“Wait, it could be a brother.”
“No, it is definitely a sister! Oh, how happy I will be to serve two beautiful sisters!”
“Finia, calm down. You are definitely shaken now.”

I ended up interjecting, seeing Finia pumping her firsts and being unusually insistent. Maria observed us with a calm expression. Hey, stop watching and cast Sanity on her or something, will you?

“Finia, you have to love him even if it’s a boy, okay?”
“Of course! Lady Nicole’s little brother would be the same as my own. No, that would be too presumptuous for me… But I shall serve them with all my heart. I will use my all in upbringing them in every possible way!”
“You don’t have to do that much. But since you look so reliable I will do just that and rely on you.”
“Maria’s second kid, huh… This calls for a celebration.”
“It took ten years with Nicole… And well, it’s been ten years since then too, but it was fast if we count from the moment of drinking that medicine.”
“You don’t know when to give up, Lyell. Just shut up and take responsibility.”
“What more responsibility is there for me to take?”

Still… I’m going to gain a brother or a sister, huh… But given my situation, the kid might get whether I am a big sister or a brother. When I learn Polymorph and change into a man every day, that would definitely confuse them.

“Still… A sibling, huh…”

Currently, I had Michelle, Letina, and Cloud who were like troublesome younger siblings to me. The problem, however, was that they also thought of me as a younger sister. I wouldn’t deny being a troublesome one, but I was reluctant about being treated as younger by ten-year-old kids.

I had to keep my sisterly act together and improve my standing.

“Yeah, I have to keep it together.”
“Oh my, already in the sister mode, are we?”

Maria poked fun at me after hearing my mutter. Still, I always caused her nothing but worry, so I wanted to let her be at ease at least now. By the time my to-be-born sibling would grow up, I would have to leave the house.

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If I left without dispelling that unease, it would keep worrying Maria and the rest.

For that reason, I had to play—or I guess play is not the right word—a dependable big sister, and instill that impression.

“Of course. I won’t make anyone worry about me!”
“In that case, would you stop Adventuring? I keep worrying every day that you might die somewhere.”
“W-Well, let’s just say this and that are different…”

Being Maxwell’s disciple was part of it, but gaining direct experience was also important. That experience also helped with my growth in the magic department. It was indispensable training on my way to mastering Polymorph.

“I will go let Maxwell know.”
“It’s late already. Maybe tomorrow?”

The sun was already set and the streets were dark.

The kidnappers have already been exterminated and Klein’s matter was also done, but that didn’t mean that common scoundrels disappeared too.

Maria advised me to stop because of such uneasiness. However, people who could give me trouble wouldn’t be found so easily.

“Okay, I’ll take Michelle with me then.”
“Mh, well, alright then… I suppose.”
“Isn’t it fine? That girl’s skill with the bow is extraordinary.”

Since Cortina, the local person, gave her permission, Maria also consented to it. In truth, I wanted to report about my parents to Maxwell, and also talk about the timing to take out the tax certificate, but it should be easy even if Michelle followed me.

I could just trick her to remain outside of the room and finish the discussion in the meantime. Maria’s pregnancy was involved, so she shouldn’t suspect anything.

“Well then, I’m going!”
“Take care. Good grief, she is such a lively one.”
“Seeing her like that, you realize that she is really still a cute child.”
“What are you talking about, Nicole is always super cute! She’s my angel!”
“Dear, shut up please.”

Hearing the conversation behind me, I thought confidently: a member of the Six Heros or not, men could never win against women.

Author’s note: We will have a half-year time skip from the next chapter.


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