Chapter 248 – A Bad Morning

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1019 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

I had Maxwell secretly return me to my room using Flight. Teleport would have been better, but he hadn’t been to my room before. He sneaked in there this time, so Teleport should be usable from now on.

After pulling Kabby, who had been impersonating me, out of the bed and sliding there myself, my eyelids quickly started to close. It seemed that I was even more tired than I thought.


Kabby peeked worriedly at my face after seeing me so tired, but I had no energy to pay it any mind. As I was about to sink into the sea of dreams, Kabby suddenly jumped on my chest.

“Kabby, it’s too hot.”

A fluffy Carbuncle in this early summer was far too hot. I used it as a heater during the winter, but it was too much now.

Also, its fallen hair angered Finia who dealt with the laundry. She didn’t openly show her anger, but seeing all the hair made her frown and ruin her mood, so it was quite obvious that she was angry.

Though I wanted her to close her eyes in exchange for this fluffiness and warmth.

At any rate, with no way to get Kabby off my chest, I proceeded to fall asleep as is. My fatigue was the after-effect of yesterday’s fight. Even now, my condition was close to being anemic.

As I closed my eyes, I heard a knock on the door.

“Good morning, Lady Nicole. Are you awake?”
“Mhm, I am. Morning, Finia.”

I felt like the night disappeared on me. I slept so deeply it was practically fainting.

Looking at the clock on the wall, I noticed it was already morning. That made me feel like six hours had passed in an instant. I really slept that deeply.

Being an assassin and gaining fame as an Adventurer, I was never a deep sleeper. In some cases, even the creaking on the floor could wake me up.

How long has it been that I slept like a log as if I fainted, I wonder? No, I mean, I have fainted more than once, but that’s beside the point.

I rose up and crawled out of bed… Only to collapse on the floor. It felt like my legs gave up on me, making me unable to even walk properly.

Hearing the sound, Finia knocked on the door in a fluster.

“Lady Nicole, what happened? What was that sound…”
“Ah, sorry, Finia. I feel a little bad now.”
“Excuse me, I’m opening the door!”

Hearing about my condition, Finia immediately rushed inside the room without waiting for the reply. Well, that conduct was not admirable for a servant, but she did it out of worry for me so I couldn’t blame her.

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After she entered, she saw me halfway crawled out from the bed and collapsed on the floor, making her pin her mouth in surprise.

“Ah, sorry, I can’t put strength in my body. Can you return me to my bed?”
“A-Are you alright!?”

Despite her surprise, she did as told and raised me up and put me on the bed. She held me in the so-called princess carry as she did, but I decided to pretend it didn’t happen.

Due to her daily duties, Finia had more strength than her appearance suggested. She even trained in the sword on top of everything, so she was stronger than an average Elf.

And yet, her fingers were still slim and beautiful. She put her hand on my forehead to measure the temperature. Her cold hand felt very satisfying.

“It doesn’t appear that you have a fever. In fact, it seems lower than normal?”
“I…would like to ask why you know my normal temperature.”
“Oh, that is a trade secret.”

Oh well, we were taking baths together, so she probably learned of it there. Why she learned it is another matter, however.

After fixing my pajamas, she also fixed the blanket.

“Pant…Pant… Ah, i-ignore that please.”

My dear Finia, I wonder why you’re panting at my disheveled clothes…

“It doesn’t seem like you will be able to go to the academy in this state. I will let Lady Cortina know so you can stay and rest.”
“And I have been so well lately…”
“It has not been that long ever since your magic disease has been cured. Do you feel anemic?”
“I suppose I am.”
“I think you should start treasuring your body more, Lady Nicole.”
“What are you trying to say.”
“I mean…”

She avoided my gaze without giving a proper answer. Still, rather than ‘feel anemic’, I had actually bled a lot last night and was anemic. Finia’s diagnosis was on point.

Normally, I would have gotten Maria to use Regeneration for me, but as I couldn’t explain the situation to her, it was better to just rest today. Maxwell could also use that spell, so I planned to make him use it later.

Just as I was considering that, I heard noises from the entrance.

“Oh, is that you, Michelle? You seem early today.”
“Lady Cortina, this is serious! Is Nicole here? It’s about Cloud!”
“What, Cloud!?”

I heard the flustered voices of Michelle and Cortina. That made me imagine the time Cloud had been attacked by Mateus. Feeling cold shivers traveling down my spice, I forced my trembling legs off the bed.

“Please stay here, Lady Nicole. I will go talk to them!”
“You? But…”
“Please don’t worry. I will not abandon him this time.”

Finia was still regretting the fact that she prioritized me and abandoned Cloud back then. Seeing this same development made the sense of responsibility in her burn fiercer. However, if the situation was indeed similar, she would end up facing someone as strong as Mateus.

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She was still not skilled enough for that. While we were talking, Michelle rushed to my room herself.

“Nicole, this is serious! Cloud is doing a sham battle against an Adventurer. And it’s some amazing fifth-ranked Adventurer at that!”

Oh, that reminds me, we did have that arrangement with Kayle.


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