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Chapter 228 – Experience in Human Battles

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1145 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Quarreling with Cloud was a veteran Adventurer who was famous even here in Raum’s Adventurer’s Guild.

He was aged somewhere from the mid to late twenties. He had ruffled up blazing red hair, along with a peculiar hairstyle. He had a trained body, looking like a keen and nimble swordsman.

Due to his conspicuous appearance, even I knew about him. He had been a topic among the receptionists for being one of the promising youths.

Rather than quarreling, it looked more like he was questioning Cloud. He was pressing him with questions while grasping his shoulders and drawing his face real close.

“Say the truth! Why was an impurity like you together with that person! You used her connections, didn’t you!”
“I mean, you aren’t exactly wrong…”
“S̲h̲i̲t̲, don’t get carried away just because you’ve been blessed with comrades!”
“It wasn’t my idea! I can’t deny that my connection with Nicole was what brought it up, though.”
“Do you even realize the significance of that? Do you know how many people in this city… No, the entire world wish for such connections!”
“Well, that’s luck for you…”
“Agh, damn it! Dark flames of jealousy are stirring up in me after so long!”

They seemed to be talking about Cloud’s connections with me. Based on that, I had an idea of what brought this on.

Someone probably saw his training with Lyell. As expected of an apex swordsman like Lyell, it seems that many people found it envious that a Half-Demon like Cloud was blessed with the opportunity to train under him.

And all that envy had led the situation to the present state.

“Cloud, are you being bothered?”
“Ah, Nicole. No, I mean…”
“Geh, M…Miss Nicole!?”

Cloud was at a loss on how to answer my question. Well, he couldn’t exactly say yes when the person was in front of him.

Besides, these Adventurers didn’t surround him with ill will. Still, the man looked awkward for having detained my companion.

“You can drop the ‘Miss’ part. I’m the younger one here, not to mention a beginner.”
“Still, it wouldn’t be right to just…”
“Anyway, sorry, but I’d like to take Cloud and do one job before the sun sets.”
“Ah, yes, of course! I’m sorry for detaining him!”

He started all this questioning because of Lyell, so I, his daughter, was obviously not someone he could treat rudely. I also realized that, so I asked for permission as politely as I could so it wouldn’t worsen Cloud’s standing anymore.

His angry attitude from before was nowhere to be seen now, and he was drifting his gaze all around… Was he that nervous in front of me?

“Also, my dad can’t take on a large number of people for training. Cloud’s case was an exception because he can also act as my guard… So again, sorry, okay?”
“Ah, no! I was wrong for throwing false accusations at him, so I… I’m sorry.”
“Well, it didn’t escalate into a fight, so everything’s fine.”
“I wouldn’t do something like that! That would only invite Miss Nicole’s hate.”
“I wouldn’t hate you if Cloud was in the wrong, you know… But hmm, would you like to have a spar with him when you have time for it?”

I suddenly realized that this was a good opportunity. Cloud was mostly fighting against animals. However, I knew by experience that the wit and skill of humans were far scarier.

Cloud was lacking experience in human battles, and to an overwhelming degree. Since he only ever sparred with me, his combat experience was severely unbalanced.

“A spar?”
“You also lack experience against human opponents, right, Cloud?”
“Y-Yeah… I’ve only sparred against you for the most part.”
“There seems to be a big training area under the Guild, so how about we use that for a spar? Cloud would gain some experience from it, and you… Umm?”
“Ah, I’m Kayle. I’m a Fifth-Ranked Adventurer at the moment.”

Cloud opened his eyes wide after hearing his rank. I was quite a bit surprised as well. Fifth-Rank was not considered the top of the top, but it was still proof that their skill was first-class.

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Naturally, like me, there were some Adventurers stronger than their ranks suggested. However, the opposite was almost impossible – weak wouldn’t be branded as strong. The Guild’s ranking system wasn’t so forgiving.

“So you are a first-class Adventurer. Why did you even bring up training under my dad at this late hour.”
“That’s not the problem. Sir Lyell is just someone I look up to!”
“Well, I understand where you are coming from.”

I was also someone who aimed to become a swordsman. I was fully aware of how dazzling Lyell looked from that perspective.

Still, considering that he managed to climb up to Fifth Rank on his own, he should have some confidence in his skill.

“Cloud is being taught by my dad. So by sparring with him, you’d be indirectly learning my dad’s teachings through him, right?”
“I see, that sounds good!”
“Like hell it does!? He’s Fifth Rank, you know? There’s no way a novice like me can take him on!”
“Cloud. Who said you had to win?”
“Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? This is so you can gain more experience against human opponents. You lost to Mateus, remember?”
“You don’t want to keep on losing, right?”
“Then, you have to do your best here!”

I incited him a bit to motivate him, then did a fist pump and cheered him on. After cornering him so much, he wouldn’t be able to back out from this.

“…Fine. I want to get stronger, and fighting against someone first-class would be a good opportunity.”
“That settles it. Can we leave the spar for some other day?”
“Yes, absolutely! I will look forward to it!”

After concluding our discussion, I decided to head out for the herb gathering at once. I grabbed the nervous Cloud’s hand and dragged him to the exit.

But as I looked around, I saw bitter-faced Kayle and a group of others.

“Gah, look at them flirt…”
“Even though I don’t have a boyfriend, and you’re telling me she already got one at that age?”
“Those with girlfriends should just explode. No, Cloud should just explore. Or actually, I should blow him up.”
“No way… Our princess Nicole has already fallen in Cloud’s hands?”
“Looks like I found my motivation for our spar. The motivation by the name of bloodlust… Wake up, the darkness that dwells in my heart.”

Can you guys reign in your misunderstandings already? Wait, miss receptionist, not you too! Why are you joining the bandwagon!

I couldn’t help but make mental retorts towards that storm of misunderstandings.

Nicole: “Weak wouldn’t be branded as strong.”
Kevin from 500 years ago: “Wait, what?”


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