Chapter 191 – Gathering the Materials

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1273 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Even if I say the prime of life… I wasn’t sure how old he exactly was. At a glance, he looked both like someone in his later twenties, and in his fifties. You could call him an old man in his prime of life, or even an old, young man.

“Now this is a surprise…”

That man spoke that one line after seeing me. I could understand what he meant painfully well. Not to brag, but… I was quite a Mr. nice guy in my past life, so seeing me turn into this adorable girl would surprise just about anyone.

“Don’t say anymore. It’s not like I wanted to turn out like this.”
“Uh… Well, what did you come for this time? And weren’t you the one who said he’d try his best to keep our relations a secret?”

He pressed for an answer to me while glaring towards Maxwell. He was blaming me for bringing a third party along despite our promise. For now, I elbowed Maxwell and urged him to introduce himself.

He realized my intention and made an elegant bow.

“My apologies. I am called Maxwell. I am the acting board chairman of the Magic Academy of Raum.”
“The Magic Academy…? And your name… Are you one of the Six Heroes?”
“So you were aware of it? And yes, it is that school that is considered to be the palace of knowledge.”
“Yeah, I know. I am… Ah, right, we had an agreement not to speak my name.”
“That was an agreement with me.”

He knew my name, but considering how rare his items were, I thought it was better if I didn’t know who he was. At that time, I didn’t know when I could get caught and be tortured.

And if I wore my super rare gauntlet at that time, they would obviously be interested in finding out its origins. As such, I asked him not to tell me his name. After all, they couldn’t make me say what I didn’t know.

“Sorry but due to my agreement with that man… Or woman? Anyway, I can’t name myself now.”
“I am aware of it, yes.”
“Then, what is your business today?”

It seemed he was in the middle of work, he returned to polishing a silver ring as he spoke. I helped myself to the seat on the other side of his desk.

“Maxwell, come sit.”
“Can I?”
“Since I received you two, you are my guests now. I won’t get angry over something like sitting down.”
“So he said.”

Maxwell finally sat down after getting his permission. It was very rare for him to be acting this nervous. I was curious about his behavior, but I decided to focus on the matter and took out the gauntlets.

Maxwell secretly Apported them to me and I accepted them.

“As you can see, I’ve become like this. And because of that, I failed to make good use of them.”

He inspected the broken gauntlets and let out a sigh.

“The mechanism inside the right one seems to be lacking maintenance. The damage to the exterior of the left one seems to be from the degradation over time. Even the threads are quite diminished.”
“I was dead for a while, so I couldn’t bring them for repairs.”
“You were dead? So someone used Reincarnation magic on you? And you became a woman…”
“You get it now?”

I bent my head and asked in an intentionally inquisitive way. The man suddenly covered his nose. Don’t tell me, was this guy a lolicon?

“Oh well. I’m lacking some materials for repairs so I can’t do it immediately, okay?”
“That would suck… But I’m not in any position to complain, huh. Still, my current situation makes it hard to come here so easily.”
“That man over there can use Teleport, can’t he?”

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True, Maxwell’s Teleport or Portal Gate would make it easy to come here. But it was not so easy for Maxwell to open up some time to meet me. I was something like his private pupil, but there was no knowing when or who would suddenly visit his mansion.

If we suddenly disappear for a long time after he brings me here, Cortina and Lyell could get worried.

“Well, we have some circumstances…”
“Then, how about we go and gather the materials tonight?”
“Huh, we can do that!?”
“I also know how to use Portal Gate.”

Hearing his proposal, I looked at Maxwell and started considering it.

I had slipped out of the inn. Other students were in deep sleep and there was no worry of them finding out. Cortina and Maria were cutting loose today, so I didn’t think they’d be checking on me.

Since I was considered to have fainted, they left all the monitoring to Maxwell’s familiar. Based on all that, I should have time until morning, right?

“Hm, could you give us a minute?”
“I don’t mind. But if we are to go out, we better make it quick.”

Maxwell and I drew our faces closer and started discussing. We didn’t even care that he was right in front of us.

“So, what do we do?”
“I think this is a good opportunity. An opportunity to see how these unknown mechanisms and techniques work in practice. I feel reluctant to give up on it.”
“But it would be a bit worrying if it drags on until morning.”
“Let us just use illusion to deceive them in that case.”
“You can do that?”
“Fortunately, we left my familiar behind. It should be no problem if I made it appear like you. Its body is hidden under the pillow, so if I just overwrite it with illusion, there would be a low chance of it getting found out.”
“Well… If you say so.”

Illusion magic had a set range based on one’s field of view. Since Maxwell could see distantly through his familiar, he could cast the illusion with his familiar in the center.

However, with how far from Maleva we were, it should’ve taken quite a lot of magic power…

“Oh, this much distance is no problem to me.”
“You really are a monster in the truest sense of the word…”

That was a Six Hero for you. This much distance was trivial for him.

“Well, excuse me for a second…”
“Wait. Casting the point designated magic from this cave is restricted. You can’t use your Illusion from here.”

Maxwell tested it by trying to cast magic. A technique to restrict point designated magic activations wasn’t such a rare thing. Because if it was left unchecked, there was no knowing how many burglars and assassins would teleport in and out.

As such, it was used even in common households as a means of security.

“If I didn’t do that, there would be fellows teleporting right in. That entrance you came in from is actually the only way to get inside.”
“In that case, we will step out briefly. Please make preparations to depart in the meantime.”
“Got it.”

I followed Maxwell who had left his seat and headed outside the cave. The man also stood up from his seat and walked to a room further ahead, making preparations to depart.

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He left his silver ring and the tools completely unguarded. How careless could he be?

Maxwell managed to cast his magic without problems after he stepped outside, and now, it looked like I was still sleeping like a log back at the inn.

And thus, the two of us prepared to head out to gather materials along with the blacksmith.


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