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Chapter 126 – A Present From the Goddess

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 919 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

I headed to the school with my head hung as I Imagined that horrid future. And well, my head being hung was also due to a physical influence.

The Carbuncle refused to leave my side and was currently sitting on my shoulders. I was giving it what one would call a shoulder ride.

As it sat snuggly like a hat there, Michelle and Letina relentlessly reached out towards it for pats. Due to that, even my head was being pushed around and it made me feel quite bad.

“Hey, my head…”
“Ah, sorry!”
“Eeeh, let me do it some more!”

Letina quickly pulled her hand away, but Michelle was still reluctant to do so. Still, the Carbuncle aimed for the moment her hands were out of the way and jumped down.

It vigilantly looked around, perhaps to make sure that no one but Michelle was around, and after making sure of that it once again opened its wrapping. It took out a rod and a letter from within and presented them to me. After I accepted those, it once again climbed up on my head.

“Gimme a break already.”

Damn this fluffy furball. It understands speech but feigns ignorance…

At any rate, after I looked at the letter, it was another message from the Whitey.

“You were previously dissatisfied about not receiving an item of your own, so I’m giving you this wand. You can turn this into the dagger’s haft and use them as a set.”


After inspecting it further, the tip of it did indeed have an incision and apparatus for fixing it in place. If I removed the dagger’s current haft and put the blade in this instead, I should be able to use it normally.

“If you fill it with magic power, the Form Shift magic should transform the wand part into a lance. By doing that, it should eliminate the weakness of its retention stemming from its powerful vibration.”

“Form Shift!?”

I reflectively screamed in disarray. Form Shift, as its name implied, could change the form of the item you held in your hand. It was a high ranking magic in the Interference system, even reaching the level of Polymorph in difficulty.

Of course, there was a time limit to it. Originally that was only 2-3 minutes. However, since it let you change the form of the items as it fitted the situation, it excelled in adaptability and was considered as extremely useful magic.

And if that wasn’t enough, it appeared that this magic tool could maintain the form as long as I kept feeding it magic power. The only problem was that it would continue sucking it up during the entire time… But that was a good thing given my current condition. My magic needed to be sucked out on a daily basis, so having another source for that was welcome.

“It has such amazing magic sealed in it… Doesn’t this actually rival the Third Eye?”

Moreover, since it could be combined with the dagger, there was no problem with carrying it and it also served as perfect camouflage.

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With this, I could lead others to believe that I only fought with the dagger and switch to the spear when push came to shove.

“This is amazing. I feel like praising that Whitey for the first time.”
“Hey hey, Nicole, what is that Form Shift?”

I finally noticed Michelle pulling on my sleeve. Now that I think about it, revealing it in front of Michelle was probably a big blunder on my part. It was fortunate that neither Michelle nor Letina knew about this high ranking Interference magic.

“Err… It seems that this makes it possible for me to pour magic into the dagger.”

As such, I answered her with a vague answer. With that, I could just explain it away by switching into the oscillation mode if things came down to it.

“Oh, is it a present from that White Goddess?”
“Yup, we have matching items now.”
“Who is that White Goddess?”

Letina asked quizzically, being the only one of us who wasn’t acquaintanced with her. Well, they did meet once during the abduction, but she wasn’t conscious then. Wait, that means they didn’t really meet, huh?

“There’s this amazing white magician that we know.”
“White… and amazing? Like Lord Maxwell?:
“Well, Maxwell’s beard is indeed white… But not quite?”

Even I felt some pity for her, who looked like a loli, to be compared with Maxwell who looked like withered daikon. Rather, there’s no telling what she would do if she overheard this. And she very well could, given her habit of randomly showing up.

Putting that aside, I really did receive something amazing. If I used the wand’s power to transform the dagger into a spear, while also changing my appearance with illusion, no one could tell it’s me.

But now that I couldn’t use Reid’s appearance, I had to think of another form. That said, nothing good came to my mind and I was stumped, so I really needed to give it some more thought.

“At any rate, I need to experiment on it.”

The question was whether it would still be able to oscillate after installing the wand on it. That Goddess had a careless side to her, so instead of trusting her words, I needed to test it in practice.

That day, I couldn’t care less about the boring lessons, and spent the day giggling to myself.


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