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Chapter 119 – The One Behind Everything

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1094 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After I parted with Cortina, I ran at full speed. She most likely already switched her mind to thinking about us. Which means, it was clear that she would come here to ensure our safety. There was no telling if those Adventurers didn’t have more comrades, or even some other group could show up too.

I had to return to Mikey before she did. That was my biggest priority right now. Fortunately, there were no signs of anyone sniffing out Mikey and Carbuncle’s location when I arrived.

Removing the branches and leaves I put on him, I saw the still fainted Mikey. The Carbuncle became momentarily alert when it saw the camouflage being disrupted, but it let go of its vigilance once it realized it was me and snuggled up to me.

“You are quite a friendly fellow, aren’t you?”

Rather than not fearing people, being used to them was perhaps a better way to describe it… As I was lost in my muttering, I heard a voice from behind.

I haven’t eased my guard, so the only person who could slip through it yet held no animosity, was her.

“Well, that’s because I trained him bit by bit.”
“So you finally decided to show yourself. I wish you did it a bit earlier.”

As expected, it was that white thing. In other words, the Goddess. My calm reply made her look quite bemused.

“You weren’t surprised?”
“I mean, anyone would be surprised when someone suddenly calls out to them. But well, it all went according to my imagination up to this point.”

The way she pouted made her look like your average kid. Seeing her, the Carbuncle cried in delight and leaped at her.

“Woah! Think about our standings, will you? The only one who is allowed to push me down is my husband.”
“Wait, you were married!?”

I never imagined a god would be married…but then, I remembered something. Wasn’t the God of Destruction married to the Wind God according to the myths?

“As if I’d remember what happens in the myths.”
“You lack studying. I recommend you learn what’s appropriate for your age.”
“Oh shaddap.”

True, reading myths and other tales was appropriate for my physical age. But I still couldn’t agree to that. I was an adult on the inside. Well, I feel like I’ve started being tainted lately, but still.

After giving a pat to the Carbuncle, the God of Destruction smiled at me.

“You have my thanks for finding it.”
“In that case, give your thanks a physical form.”
“I did that beforehand, didn’t I?”

She probably meant the bangle that she had me pass to Michelle. But that was for Michelle, not me.

“Hey, I feel like your every reward goes to Michelle.”
“Whoops, you found me out. I’m actually quite weak to girls like her.”

Indeed, her heroic, earnest and lively nature attracted the favors from others. I couldn’t disagree with her words, but I still felt some dissatisfaction as her primary descendant.

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“And looks like you properly received your own equipment, didn’t you?”
“So it was really you…”

This dagger was too valuable. It could fetch as much as the Queen Blossom’s Seeds if you sold it. In hindsight, it was weird for people who had such a thing to act like some petty thieves and kidnappers. In other words, someone gave it to them.

“I’m actually managing an item shop. One customer asked me for an item that could deceive the monitoring eyes and for one that could work against sturdy foes, so I passed those over.”
“Good job causing such a nuisance.”
“Well, they left that person’s hand, so I planned to recover them later. But luckily they ended up in your hands, so I decided to let you have them.”

She gave me a smug look, but what would she have done if they were used by the enemy? Well, now that I have them, I don’t feel like I would lose to anyone, though.

“Well then, I should probably go before your worrywart guardian shows up. I’m quite bad at dealing with her types.”
“Right. She isn’t an idiot like me.”
“You don’t have to depreciate yourself like that, you know? You are extremely lovely in your current state!”
“I’m not the least bit happy about that!”

After having her fill of teasing me, she snapped her fingers overhead. Even that gesture started looking appropriate for her which frustrated me to no end.

A few seconds after that snap, only a few seconds later, a giant silhouette descended next to me.

“Wha-, a Dragon!?”

Indeed, it was a Dragon. And not a normal Dragon. Its black, lustrous scales were shining in a mysterious light, its giant body full of elegance, extruding a ferocious aura that inspired awe in all who saw it.

It even looked like the Evil Dragon Colchis in appearance. But it didn’t give off the same wild intimidating air as that one, but instead a sublime feeling that instilled fear in your being.

“It’s called Demonic Dragon Fafnir, and it’s actually my dependent.”
“So this is the rumored Superior Dragon, huh… Why didn’t you send it to help exterminate the Evil Dragon…”
“I’ve said it before, but we had stuff to deal with. You’ve been a great help back then.”

I couldn’t even imagine what ‘stuff’ could the gods have to deal with. But seeing how the Carbuncle happily climbed atop the Dragon’s head, I could see that there were no problems in leaving it to these two.

“This one’s a dragon dependent too, and I feel like it would get along just fine with Yigg. Will you let me take it along?”
“Sure, I don’t mind. It can mislead people just by being here.”

The value of the Dragon Ball on its forehead stirred the greed in people. I felt bad for Mikey who snuck from the town to see it, but it was better for it to stay away from the human settlements.

“I’m glad we could reach a peaceful solution. Well then, until we meet again!”

The white thing left those words behind and mounted Fafnir. With that, the Demonic Dragon soared up high into the skies, and disappeared beyond the horizon in the blink of an eye.

“Wa-, Yigg! Th-That’s too fast! You just broke the sound barrier, I can hear the sonic boom! Pugyaaaa!?”

Only leaving that unsightly shriek behind.

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“Is that really my ancestor…?”

Hearing her pathetic screams filled me with a sense of despair.


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