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Chapter 110 – The Truth about the Dagger

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1023 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

We followed Bill to the inn he was staying at. His inn wasn’t directed towards tourists like ours, but instead was an actual tavern that merchants and adventurers usually used.

It wasn’t the one where you could receive services and enjoy yourself; it was quite literally a place to spend the night, and nothing else.

It also had a big stable to park the carriage, so perhaps that’s why he chose it? Still, it seems that the place still offered minimal service, as Bill ordered the promised fruit juice for us at the reception, then took us to his room.

It was such a simple room you wouldn’t think it belonged to a wealthy merchant. He had such a large carriage and enough assets to fill it up with merchandise. To the point, in fact, that he had to consider the countermeasure in case the bandits attacked.

I never considered that he would be staying in a room with only a bed, table and water jug in it.

“Now then, let’s finish our matter before the inn staff comes here.”

As he asked, I put the ring and the dagger on the table. They were clearly Magical items, as I could feel Magic emitting from them. However, I didn’t know whether that “power” was good or the bad kind.

If they turned out to be cursed items and the inn staff walked in on us in the middle of the explanation, I couldn’t even imagine what kind of misunderstanding that could lead to.

Bill observed the items for a short while, then heaved a sigh at how strong the magic contained was.

“Now these are some… wonderful items.”
“But I don’t know what kind of Magic it is within.”
“That couldn’t be helped. Appraising is one of the few things that brings food to our merchants’ tables.”

He took out what looked like a magnifying glass lens from his pocket and started carefully inspecting the items. After going all over their surfaces, he finally took out a white scroll and held the lens on top of it.

Next moment, a luminous point similar to the concentrated sunlight fell on the paper and started burning the surface. The burn marks eventually formed characters on the paper.

Me aside, even Finia couldn’t read those characters. Bill, however, could.

“Oh my…”
“Did you find it out?”
“It seems this dagger has Magic that makes it oscillate on a fine level by the use of a keyword.”

I have indeed heard of something like that from Maxwell before. By oscillating the blade intensely on a minute level, it could increase its sharpness, was it?

Or to be more accurate, it didn’t increase the sharpness itself, but more like the bond or whatever on the contacting surface breaks… It basically acts like a chainsaw or something.

Well, I don’t really understand how it exactly works.

“Indeed. However, I’m not sure what effect that oscillation gives it.”
“I know about that. It increases its sharpness. And by a lot.”
“Oho, is that so?”

Bill rubbed his chin in admiration, his eyes turning evaluation as befitted a merchant. But then, there was a strong knock on the door. It appeared that the long-awaited fruit juice finally arrived.

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The person walked inside holding a tray with a jug on it. It seemed to be filled with the fruit juice. The tray also had enough cups for all of us. After placing them on the table, they left without saying a word. They seem to be quite well trained in their work.

“It’s because I usually do transactions here. Please don’t think of them as unsociable.”
“Yeah, got it.”

I tried secretly checking for presences, but I couldn’t find anyone eavesdropping on us. In that case, it was safe to talk here.

“Before that, please have a drink. You might be thirsty.”

He poured the juice in cups and served it to us. It was slightly viscous juice with a muddy white color. It had a refreshing fragrance of young grass radiating from it. I decided to take a sip without further ado, and was greeted with a bittersweet, yet somewhat grassy flavor.

This place could be said to be an Elven stronghold, so their vegetables and fruits were famous even in the capital. Trying it out myself, I could see why it was so famed.

“It’s delicious.”
“This… Has quite a distinct taste, but it’s quite a rich flavor.”
“Oh, that’s only the top layer of the juice, you know? The deeper you go the denser the flavor becomes, so I would recommend you go for the seconds.”

Since he recommended that, I decided to finish my first cup. I had a sweet tooth ever since my past life, so I quite welcomed this.

“So, what’s the keyword? Gulp

I asked the main question while gulping it down without rest. I got that it had Magic to increase its sharpness, but there was no point in that if I didn’t know the keyword.

In any case, this juice was delicious as he claimed. On the second cup, there was more fruit from the lower layers settled in the liquid and was both richer and had deeper sweetness. The more I drank, the denser and sweeter it got. I could get addicted to this.

“Yes, first this dagger. It has Toughness Magic so it can endure that oscillation. Because of that, its blade isn’t damaged and looks as sharp as new, but saying the keyword would allow it to even cut iron like paper.”
“I see, I see.”
“About that keyword… it’s [Praise the God of Destruction].”
“Kyaa! What’s the matter, Lady Nicole?”

So it was made by that white thing! It was indeed a phrase you’d rarely hear, given that she was treated as an Evil God. It was quite optimal to set it as an activation keyword.

Well, she was a goddess with a thousand years of history, so it wasn’t too strange for her items to be circulating everywhere… But for me, it couldn’t be any more awful.


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