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Chapter 103 – Body Scrubbing

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1266 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

We stripped ourselves in the changing room, dropped our clothes into the baskets and stored them inside the lockers. There were some valuables mixed among them, so we made sure to lock them tight.

Only Michelle had a bow case hanging on her shoulder. Its contents couldn’t be trusted to the lock of a locker. After all, it stored a mythical weapon. She couldn’t possibly feel safe leaving it behind a lock that could be cracked open with a hit or two.

We opened the door leading to the bath and entered inside. Inside was a bathhouse made from aligned rocks, and further inside was another door that led to the open-air bath. I could feel a faint sulfuric smell drifting in the steam. Perhaps this cloudy bath contained additional components?

At the corner of the washing place, there were three massage tables divided with curtains. One on the left was already occupied. You could probably ask the inn person to call a masseur for you.

“Wow, it’s so spacious!”
“It’s bigger than the bath in my mansion.”
“But it’s still smaller than a pool.”
“Of course it would be!”

Michelle stood open-armed in surprise while Letina put her personal shampoo in a bucket and carried it along. Both of them were buck naked now so I had a full view of them. I wasn’t the least bit happy about it, though.

“I haven’t seen such flatness anywhere other than sheer cliffs.”
“Huh? Where’s the cliff?”
“That rock over there? I don’t think it’s big enough to be called one.”
“Never mind. Looks like I imagined it.”

Well, I wasn’t the one to talk about being flat. Looking down at my body, I could see all the way to my toes with nothing blocking the vision. The only real obstacle was my stomach that was sticking out a bit.

Cortina asked for a masseur from the bath staff member. We were the “doers” this time, though.

“Okay, let’s get to it. Finia, come sit here.”
“Eh, sit?”
“Yeah, I gotta wash your body first.”

I spoke and approached her while making fumbling motions with my fingers. Seeing that, Finia took a step back.

“Lady Nicole… T-Those finger movements appear somewhat obscene.”
“Ku-ku-ku. I’ll be hearing your sweet cries today.”
“What are you talking about!”

Finia tried to flee from me as I got carried away, but I hugged her waist and forced her to sit down. The chair was quite warm thanks to the steam and it was nicely polished too, so it didn’t feel filthy in any way.

This inn seemed to be a “hit”, seeing that they were attentive to such small details. Michelle and Letina joined up with me and we started washing her together.

“W-Wait a minute, all of you!?”
“It’s okay, it’s okay.”
“Ahaha, prepare yourself, big sis Finia!”
“It is my first time to be the one doing the washing. Prepare~♪”

The two pulled Finia’s hands and started washing them. Rather, so you were always being washed by others, Letina? Though Finia was always washing me happily too, so I wasn’t the one to talk.

Meanwhile, I moved behind her and tied her hair up, then started washing her slender back. I couldn’t tie hair better than her, but I was still used to doing it. I knew there would be times when I had to do my hair when I went to the Academy, so I ended up learning it recently. Her youthful skin that bounced back my fingers had me a little shocked.

“How is it? Does it feel good?”
“Ahaha, it’s ticklish. Michelle, not there—”
“Eh, here?”
“That’s my chest!”

Michelle was washing her in quite an enviable way. She was trying to wash her arm from its base and even reached for her chest. Letina, on the other hand, started washing from her fingertips. Their washing methods showed Michelle’s rough and Letina’s attentive personalities.

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I heard a groaning voice from behind which turned out to be Cortina’s who was looking reproachfully towards us. Speaking of which, we sort of abandoned her there. It wouldn’t be strange for her to feel alienated.

I suppose neglecting my landlord was pretty unskillful on my part. Rather, she wouldn’t mind if I let loose some of my secret intentions, right?

“Ah, then I’ll go wash Cortina. Can I leave Finia to you?”
“No fair! I wanted to wash Lady Cortina—”
“No way I’m letting you do that, Letina.”

There was no knowing what would happen if I let a Six Hero nerd like Letina wash her. Thus, I headed towards Cortina and started washing her back.

“Ahh, a bath full of little girls is truly a heavenly sight.”
“Cortina, that sounds gross no matter how you look.”
“My true feelings leaked out a little is all.”
“Oh, wow, I should start thinking whether I really want to associate with you.”
“Hey, it was just a joke!”

Cortina’s perverted joke made me pour a bucket of water on her head. My unannounced attack got a little yelp out of her.

“Taste the divine punishment.”
“I wish for more kindness.”
“I believe I’m quite kind, you know?”
“I think your perception is crooked.”

I continued washing her body as we exchanged giggles. I’ve been occasionally entering the bath with Cortina so I wasn’t embarrassed about it at this point. Still, directly touching each other’s skin induced peculiar stimulation.

How should I put it, it heightened the urges to touch and decreased the private space. True to that statement, Michelle was directly clinging to Finia now and washed her with her entire body. The bubbles that prevented me from seeing their risky part might’ve been a blessing in disguise. If I did, even I might’ve gotten aroused.

It was a scene that I normally would never see. Perhaps they, too, have been overly excited about this.

After the general washing was done, we led Finia to the massage tables. While Cortina went for the right one after pointing us to the middle one.

Cortina had asked the inn’s professional for the massage, so I moved towards Finia instead. Massages actually held some risks in them, there was a chance you could injure their tendons or muscles.

Because of that, it was necessary for me to supervise the entire process. A child she may be, Michelle was still quite strong. It was plenty possible to hurt Finia with her strength.

“Okay then, I’ll give instructions, so do as I say.”

Cortina lied next to us and entrusted her body to the professional masseur. She intended to monitor us anyway, so she left the curtains open. The said professional was also looking worriedly at us, but I knew the ropes of body care since my previous life.

Rather, my muscle strength lacked far more than an average person, so I was especially attentive to this kind of work.

In order to exhibit maximum effects with minimum strength, it was absolutely essential for me to have a body that could move instantly according to my thoughts. Because of that, it was essential for me to maintain my body on a daily basis.

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For that reason, I was quite knowledgeable when it came to massaging.

“Just massage along the muscle lines, like this. Start slowly… Michelle, not there, a bit more right.”
“L-Like this?”

Being her very first massage, Michelle nervously touched Finia’s back. The professional also looked quite impressed with my instructions.

It was at this moment that a hysteric scream reached our ears from behind.


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