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Chapter 96 – Deferment

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 943 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The Six Hero members were in high spirits after noticing the possibility of my reincarnation. Seeing Lyell and Maria trying to set out on a fruitless journey put me in a serious mood too.

It wasn’t because I was discovered. It was because I knew that their journey would bear no results, so letting them go would make me feel guilty. That said, If I went and said something like, “Actually, I’m Reid’s reincarnation. Tehe~”… there was no knowing what would become of my life from then on.

At the very least, I have sucked on Maria’s breasts, entered the bath with girls and massaged them, and in Finia’s and Cortina’s extreme case, I was kissing them every morning and evening to have much magic power absorbed.

“No way I can say it…”
“Hm? What’s wrong, Nicole?”

Finia always stood behind me. This didn’t change even when Lyell and the rest came here. Because of that, she overheard my anguished mutter. Fortunately, she didn’t hear what I actually said.

“Wait for us, Nicole. We’ll bring a new friend with us!”

Maria made a fist pump while throwing out her abundant chest. That gesture suited her well, because she looked young despite being close to forty.

Still, I couldn’t just let them go. That would be far too pitiful. If I couldn’t think of a reason to prevent their journey, my conscience would receive heavy damage.

“Hm, what is it? Are you worried? Don’t worry, mommy is super strong!”
“I know that.”

That’s not it, Maria. Now then, what kind of excuse should I make up? One that wouldn’t expose me and suitable for my current age…

“That’s not it. We finally get to be together, and you are leaving already…”
“Ah, right… That would make you feel lonely, huh, Nicole.”

Maria knew Teleportation magic, that’s why I could meet her almost every night. However, when it came to a journey, using a spell with slow activation and large consumption would put a big burden on her.

It would be close to impossible for them to pop up here every day like they’ve been doing so far. Maxwell would be able to do it effortlessly though.

“Yes, so…”
“But Reid is an irreplaceable comrade for us.”
“I’m very grateful that you say that, but…”
“No, I mean, err…”

I was desperately racking my brains to get them to give up. My thoughts were going nowhere, though, so I couldn’t think up anything good. No wait… err…

“But he would be a child now, right? Then he should have a mother now.”
“Ah, true… If we found and brought him back, we’d be separating him from his parents.”
“You are so kind, Nicole, thinking of the others’ well-being before yours. As expected of my angel.”

Because I was too focused on finding the excuse, I couldn’t notice Lyell creeping at me from behind. I couldn’t escape his herculean strength, so I ended up trapped in his hug.

“True, even if Reid was reborn, he should still be a kid. Based on the eye-witness, he didn’t seem to have been reborn as a Half-Demon either, so there’s a high chance that he is raised by parents.”
“Instead of thoughtlessly searching for him, maybe we should wait for him to come before us?”
“I-I’m about to burst…I’m bursting!”
“Right. Now that I think about it, since he was seen here as a child, there’s a high chance that he was actually reborn in this town.”
“D… Dyi-…”
“Besides, we certainly can’t find him if he actually puts effort into hiding. Since he doesn’t want to appear, he must have a proper reason for it.”
“Indeed, it’s better for us to wait. Hearing about him made me impatient too it seems. Also, it’s about time you released Nicole. Her face’s turning pale.”
“Whoops, my bad.”

Even with physical strength assistance, I couldn’t oppose his physical strength. I was a bit… no quite a lot weaker than an average seven-year child, while Lyell’s strength was prominent throughout human history.

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It wouldn’t take a genius to guess what would happen to me when someone like that hugged me tightly. I fell plopped down on the floor and Finia hurriedly came to my aid. She laid me down on the floor and put my head on her lap. Her fluid actions were worthy of praise.

“Well, even if we find him, we could not just take him away.”
“But can you really endure that, Cortina?”
“If Reid was there, somewhere away from you, would you be able to endure being apart?”

Maria asked her with a half-teasing expression. Cortina then sunk to silence with a bitter expression on her face.

Perhaps she was the one with the biggest attachment to me. That’s why she probably wouldn’t be able to leave me there if she found me. Maria was teasing her about that. The person they were discussing was before their eyes, though.

“Mgh… Fine! Let’s just keep this status quo regarding him. He should have his own life, and he will come if he wants to meet us.”
“Yes, I went and forcibly reincarnated him, so causing any more trouble would be too pitiful for him.”
“I’m fine with that, but are you sure, Cortina?”
“You, read the mood a little.”

She was obviously not alright with it. Still, she considered my own life and chose to keep the status quo. Lyell went and ruined those sentiments, so Maria mercilessly elbowed him.

He fell flat on the floor with a dull sound. Looks like that elbow landed right on his gut.


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