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Chapter 76 – Meeting

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1169 words
Editor(s): Aurum

After hearing about the details of the theft, we ended our deal with the Queen Blossom and returned to Raum.
In order to find the perpetrators, we would need to leave the mountains.
We returned to Maxwell’s mansion, and Cortina played the role of host by serving tea to everyone.
By the way, Maria was the one who usually served the tea.

“But according to the details I’ve heard, the seeds were stolen two weeks ago, right? How do we find them?”
“Wait, didn’t you agree because you had a plan, Cortina?”
“Lyell, you are always leaving those things to me, please stop that already.”

As usual, Lyell is all muscle and has nothing to add to the plan. Well, that’s also the same for me.
Gadius remained silent and Maxwell seems to be having fun pampering Michelle on his lap. It’s like a grandfather spoiling his granddaughter.

“Two weeks have passed already, it will be hard to find traces of their movements.”
“That’s right, it should be just the right time for them to reach the town, you know? “

Cortina answered Maria’s inquiry.
We were able to reach that place in just a day because of Maxwell’s transfer magic, but if it was done on foot, it would definitely take us about two weeks to reach a nearby big city.
And that doesn’t even include the condition of going through undeveloped forest.

“If they wanted to process the Queen Blossom’s seeds into some kind of medicine, then they would need specialized equipment and technology. It’s not something that they could process in the forest.”

Doctor Tricia added her explanation to Cortina’s opinion.

“For them to do that, they would need a proper facility that would normally be found in a big city. And the closest city from that place is……”
“There are various large towns along the way, but if they handled it in such places then they would be easily sniffed out. From how I see it…… they will definitely be making their way to Raum.”

By selling the raw materials, they would leave behind a lot of traces which ultimately traced back to the criminals.
That’s why, in order to cover such tracks, many people would usually sell off the valuables in a large city through the backing of a large organization.
With the exception of the person wanting to use it for themself, they should be aiming to return back to this city.

“I will instruct the guards to be alert of their surroundings……but I probably can’t expect much from them.”
“Well, they were able to sneak into the territory of the Treants, after all.”

In the woods, especially around the Queen Blossom, the number of Treants were quite high.
Not to mention that because they are plants, they barely need any sleep, so their security network should be very difficult to infiltrate.
Since they were able to breach that network, I concluded that one of them might have a concealment gift similar to mine but was not properly trained.
It would definitely be very difficult for an average guard to find someone like that.

“Will Lyell and Gadius be returning to the village?”
“No, we will be staying at an inn and help with the search. It is for my daughter after all.”
“That’s right, although I’m a bit worried about the village, I will still prioritize Nicole.”
“As for me, I will also be staying here for a while. Unlike Lyell’s group, I have already found an Inn where I would stay.”

Upon hearing their discussion, Michelle and Letina clapped their hands in excitement while still holding some bread.

“Amazing, for all the heroes to be together in one city once again!”
“It’s really amazing! Thinking about it now, it’s really such an unusual scene.”
“Says the person who is currently sitting on a Hero’s lap, right?”
“Are you jealous? Hey, hey, you jealous?”

Letina who lunged at Michelle was deftly caught by Maxwell and passed over to Lyell.
Lyell then sat Letina on his lap to calm her down.
Letina ended up stiff from her nervousness though.

“Um, why are you so quiet now.”
“Oh my, Darling. Are you trying to have an affair in front of Nicole?”
“No, that’s not what this is, Maria!”
“It’s fine. I’m sitting on Cortina’s lap.”

And so I moved to Cortina’s lap.
Even though she’s a petite woman, I am still smaller than her and fit comfortably in her lap.
If I don’t plan this properly, I’ll end up getting caught by Lyell or Maria after all. Then again, it felt like slight sexual harassment with Cortina……well, I’ll just leave it aside.

“In any case, should we try to have a business talk with them first and offer money?”
“I’ll be checking the thieves guild. Leave that place to me.”
“We’re counting on you, Gadius.”

When it comes to the thief’s guild that is always brimming with bad guys, you won’t know when your life will be targeted.

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Maria and Cortina cannot be appointed to such tasks. And if there’s anyone who knows how to handle places like that, it would be Gadius, who is not only sturdy but also capable of fighting back, making him the right person for the job.

“Then I will be going around the gates to check if I will find any suspicious people.”
“I’ll be checking the churches then. It’s also a place many people come and go.”

Lyell is the most charismatic among us all, so he would have the highest result when it comes to listening to the public.
And Maria is a saint who has even more influence than the pope of the largest religion in the world, the world tree religion.
Despite stepping down from her position, none would stay silent when questioned by her.

“Then I will be going back home to sleep”
“Doctor Tricia, please get to work!”
“My physical strength and stress levels are already at their limit! How many times do you think I experienced almost dying today!?”
“It’s only twice.”
“That’s more than plenty!” Doctor Tricia shouted hysterically.

Well, it would definitely be impossible for an amateur to face a Fire Giant and a Treant encirclement after all.

On the other hand, Michelle and Letina seem to be alright……

“Michelle and Letina, weren’t you scared? ”
“Hmm? I was scared but Lord Lyell and the others were with us.”
“That’s right. If we are with them, there’s only a very small chance for anything to happen.”
“I appreciate your faith in us, but you should still try to defend yourselves.”

I really appreciate the trust for my parents, but if the person doesn’t even have the intention to protect themselves, then they shouldn’t expect to be protected.

Especially in a big city where there is danger lurking around every corner. Not to mention this isn’t something that can be solved by pure brute force.

After that, Michelle and Letina were lectured by Lyell for a while before being sent home.


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