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Chapter 69 – The True Power of the Heroes

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Aurum English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1093 words
Editor(s): Silva

A giant of fire… in other words, a Fire Giant appeared and let out a voiceless battle cry.
It’s a monster that should have some semblance of intelligence, however, it seems there’s no room for discussion here.

Fire Giants live around volcanic areas and thus have a high resistance to fire.
On the contrary, it’s capable of spitting up something akin to dragon breath and has a high offensive ability.
It has a short temper and slight intelligence so rarely can you peacefully compromise with one.
With a body towering over five meters it’s, in a word, strong, and can smash through boulders with a single swing of its arm.

When one appears, half-baked adventurers would be no match for it.
A dangerous monster that even requires the dispatch of a nation’s military. That is a Fire Giant.

A large body piercing the heavens. Before its majestic appearance, Gadius said dejectedly, “What, it’s just a Fire Giant?”

“I thought it’d be an Earth Dragon with all that rumbling, what a shame.”
“You don’t need a strategy for this. Just beat it head-on.”
“It’s fine if I sit out, right?”

Lyell also let out his frustration and let his sword limply hang down.
Cortina abandoned all thought and Maxwell sat down on a nearby rock.

“…You guys, take this a little more seriously.”

Seeing everyone else start to slack off, I retorted at the scene in a tone similar to my past life, luckily it didn’t reach anyone’s ears.

“Wha, What is… Why’s a fire giant here? It’s too much for humans to handle….”
“We have to hurry, let’s run you guys.”

Letina and Michelle were trembling while holding onto each other. Dr. Tricia meanwhile fell down and couldn’t back up out of fear.
Well, that’s a perfectly normal reaction. A calamity beyond an ordinary person’s ability to deal with. That’s what a Fire Giant is.

“However, we’re not normal people,” I muttered to myself.
As if to prove my point, Lyell and Gadius started to approach the Fire Giant as if they were just taking a carefree stroll.
The giant inhaled sharply in order to prepare its fire breath while being cautious of the two who showed it no fear.

Between them, or rather on the part of the giant, the thread of tension grew taut.
On the other hand, Lyell tried to stifle a yawn.
That seemed to anger the giant and it screamed in rage as it spits out flames, “Bwuoooooooooh!”

Before the flames could reach Lyell, Gadius stepped forward and intercepted them with his shield.
The shield repelled the breath from them and caused it to branch out.
The breath pushed on towards us without losing any power, but just before we were engulfed in flames, Maria activated her spell with a few words.

“Holy Jail.”1

A spell that created a cage of light to surround us. A cage that completely isolated the inside and outside, Maria’s strongest defensive spell that had previously protected us from the evil dragon’s breath.
Despite being surrounded by flames, we never felt a shred of heat from the inside of Maria’s spell.

Eventually, the giant’s breath ran out and the fire breath stopped.
At that point, Lyell stepped in.
Fire beath is still just a breath, once you run out of air, it’s impossible to keep it up.
That doesn’t mean the giant can’t attack though. The Fire Giant still has his massive arms.

As the giant swings down his fist, Lyell steps in. He even casually dodges the rocks fired off from the impact until he’s right under him.
With a single flash, Lyell attacks the giant in passing.
After a single moment’s delay, blood sprays from behind the giant’s knee.


The giant is stripped of the tendon behind his knee and loses the function of one of his legs.
With a scream, the giant lost his posture and used a hand to break his fall.
But while being on one hand and knee, he’s got his head slumped over towards the ground.
At that, Gadius leaped at the chance and swung down his Great Axe.

There was a heavy thunk as the steel collided with hard bone.

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With that, blood splattered showily from the giant’s head.
But Gadius isn’t an attacker. He couldn’t bring down a giant in a single strike.
Even so, the wound was hemorrhaging profusely and the blood spray was blocking its vision.

With its limited field of view, the giant swung its fist at Gadius who had inflicted a severe wound on it, but Gadius easily deflected the blow.

“Hmph, this much don’t compare to the Evil Dragon.”

Normally, that blow would’ve crumpled a person’s body, but to Gadius, it was like a gentle breeze, and the giant’s stance was broken.
At this point, Lyell came back for another pass and took a single swing.

After a single moment’s delay, the giant’s head fell off from its body.


The giant let out a dumbfounded roar at the sudden attack from behind after its head rolled onto the ground.
The reason being that Lyell’s attack was so swift and sharp it didn’t even know what hit him.

“Well, that about does it.”

Lyell gave the holy sword a swing to clean off the blood before sheathing it.
Gadius did similarly to his axe before hanging it up on his back.

These two lopped a monster’s head off, one that normally required the dispatch of the military, as easily as if they were taking candy from a baby.

The fire giant was not a monster that can be defeated so easily, its skin is hard, it has an abundance of strength, and honestly getting it to take a knee is difficult.
But thanks to the holy sword’s sharpness and Lyell’s skill, it was easy enough.

“Th-this is…. For a fire giant to be….”

Finally regaining her senses, Dr. Tricia screamed out, but knowing Lyell and Gadius’s skills, this is within my expectations.

“This isn’t that strange. It’s Lyell after all. Moreover, if Reid was here, it’d never have been able to approach.”
“That’s right… If he were here, he’d have cut its legs and prevented its movement before it got near us.”

That’s true, I could probably have cut its Achilles tendon by tying it with thread.
After that, I’d be free to do as I pleased with it.

“So this is the true power of the six heroes… It’s far beyond what I could have imagined…”

Hearing Dr. Tricia’s impressions, Michelle and Letina nodded along in agreement.


  1. Silva: I believe this was translated as Holy Jail in the past chapters, I’ll go back to change those now.

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