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Chapter 64 – How to Increase Release Rate

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Aurum English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 865 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

As she started to tell us about a medicine that shouldn’t possibly exist, she had a look that just screamed, “what’ll you do?”
It’s obvious she enjoyed watching our reactions.

“Hold up, wait a sec Tricia! I haven’t heard of a thing like that!”
“…Did I say there was only a single option?”
“That’s a lie!”
“Well, which is it!?”

Seeing Cortina being led around by the nose makes me feel like this lady doc Tricia and her are pretty close. Before Cortina, most of the other teachers get tense, but she seems pretty laid back around her. Their lack of tension with each other suggests they have been getting along each day.

“That’s right. There are other ways can raise your ability to release magic.”
“Does that mean there are other options? Apprentice magicians would be all over them if so.”
“It’s not like that. As far as I know, there are three options.”
“T-E-L-L M-E!”

With that Cortina started to wring Tricia’s neck.
She too would have liked to raise her ability to release magic so that information was something she’d be interested in by any means.

“Guh… C- Calm down! ‘Kay? Well first off, if common sense fails you, just rely on something beyond common sense.”
“What kinda thing?”
“Frankly, a god.”
“As if that’s an option!”

No, no, it is. I mean, there’s a god just casually walking around.
Actually, Michelle’s got a giant bow gifted to her from said goddess strapped to her back.

“Well, that’s not really a feasible option. So how about the second one?”
“You sure like to drag this on, out with it already!”
“So impatient. What, did you already miss your marriageable age? Oh, right, it flew on past didn’t it?”
“Oi, You! You sure know how to twist the knife…”
“Calm down already. Option two is to take a paranormal being into yourself.”
“A paranormal being?”
“Specifically, you could say a dragon.”

Cortina spurted out at that, but it made sense from the way the conversation was going.
Dragons are the most paranormal beings you could think of, among them Evil Dragon Colchis, Magic Dragon Fafnir, and Holy Dragon Bahamut have power akin to the gods.
As for taking in their power…

“You mean, to eat their flesh?”
“Miss Nicole’s got the right idea.”
“Sorry, but I can’t handle taking another one of those things down. Never again. They can even melt boulders you know?”
“But having defeated one didn’t you bring back some materials from it?”
“If you put it that way…”

Though at the end there, Colchis basically self-destructed, there was no way we could salvage any meat.

The best we could do was take the horns, scales, fangs, claws, and skin. These were all distributed amongst us and kept in our private stashes which we didn’t even tell each other. Though it’d certainly be possible to consume it if you ground it up into a fine powder.

“Even so, that option is impossible. When it comes to the evil dragon, it’s too strong. There’s no way of knowing what would happen if you ingest it. Worst case, you die, actually that’s the most likely scenario.”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t want patients to take such risks either. Which brings us to option three.”
“Geez… you’re really milking this aren’t you.”
“And without further ado. This much is fine right. The third option is to drink the nectar of a Queen Blossom.”
“Queen Blossom… The superior variant of a Treant huh?”

Cortina started to contemplate with her hand on her chin.

Queen Blossom, also called the evolved form of a Treant, even above an Elder Treant, is the only flowering monster of the dead-tree-like Treant species. The seeds it makes grow into new Treants. But it’s a rare monster that few have ever actually encountered.

“The sightings of one is so rare, isn’t that just hopeless too?”
“On the contrary. In this country called Raum where the Elves make their home in the forest, treants are hardly rare monsters.”
“That’s true. And they’re not all that aggressive either, so there aren’t subjugation requests for them… Wait, there’s a lot of them?”
“Yes. As expected, your judgment’s good. An area where Treants propagate in large quantities will be sure to have a Queen Blossom, and Raum has a large amount of Treants. In other words…”
“There’s a Queen Blossom within Raum…”

The kingdom of Raum which is uniquely located in a forest is a place where many plant type monsters exist. Plant type monsters are much more common here than in other countries.

Moreover, since Treants show no hostility, they’re not priority targets for subjugation, there are more dangerous monsters that have to be taken down first. Because of that, there are a variety of passive plant type monsters in this country. For example, the Alraune, Treant, or Dryad.
In other words, this country is a perfect haven for a Queen Blossom.

“Certainly, this country is the perfect nesting place for it, it’s not even funny.”

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Immediately after Cortina mutters that…

“That’s what I’m trying to say~!”

And then the door to the infirmary was thrown open with a loud thunk.


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