Chapter 58 – Preparing for New Classes

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Aurum English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 972 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Following that, the entrance ceremony was brought to a close post-haste.
I garnered a bunch of attention and to be honest, I’d have run away if I could, but after that I had to go to the classroom to get some teaching materials.
My parents, Lyell and Maria, were currently surrounded by the nobility.
It’s only natural considering their flashy entrance, I kind of feel like they deserve it.

Luckily, Letina shared my class, and she served as a great screen to keep our fellow students away.
Even so, she couldn’t block their gazes.
It felt like I had a bed of nails attached to me as I walked towards my classroom.
It’s not like there weren’t nobles among the younger students who wanted to approach, but even they seemed to feel cowed by Letina the Marquess’ daughter.
At times like this, I’m grateful for her house’s status.

When we entered our classroom, there was a piece of paper with our names and numbers, and a diagram of the classroom on the blackboard showing each seat with a number.
In other words, it was directing us to get to our assigned seats.

“Hey Nicole, this is your seat.”
“Ah, thanks.”

In my previous life, I was a half-demon, and an assassin on top of that, so I never got to partake in something like a proper school life like this.
I had received a basic education at private schools like churches, everything beyond that I learned from personal experience or from my peers.
Because of that this whole thing with the entrance ceremony and everything is so confusing to me. I feel keenly aware of every little thing and want to do what I can to protect what I have now.

“It wasn’t my intention to…”

It seems that thanks to inheriting Maria’s beauty, no matter what I do, it causes people to feel like they need to fawn over me.
I leaned my head forward while sitting down, causing my blue-ish silver hair to fall down across my cheek, it was slightly annoying.

“Why are you feeling down?”
“I mean, I didn’t want to stand out like that…”
“You’re still not used to it? You’re their kid after all you know.”
“Well yeah.”

Whatever, can’t change what’s been done. Anyways, my magic skill is at the worst possible level. I don’t think I have a gift for it, in fact, I’ll probably be the worst in the class.
Once it becomes known, I’m sure everyone’s interest in me will fade.
Until then, I’ll endure everyone’s gazes and pretend I’m air.

The tense atmosphere was brought to an abrupt end as Cortina walked in, roughly pushing the door open.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Hurry up now, take your seats.”
“Eh? Ehhhh!?”

It was common knowledge that Cortina worked as an instructor at this school, but even so, having her enter a classroom was still a bit shocking for us, of course that includes myself.

“Everyone seated now? Alright, let’s start with introductions. My name’s Cortina, I’ll be your homeroom teacher!”
“Pfft!?” I sputtered having heard such a grand declaration from my homeroom teacher.
By the way, that Letina’s eyes were all aglitter while she had her hands clasped in front of her chest. It was pretty remarkable how reverent her pose made her look.

“Wha, Wh-wh-wh….”
“Incidentally, I won’t give any preferential treatment to my acquaintances Nicole.”
“Y, yeah…”

Cortina chuckled as she glanced at her lectern.
Bringing along Maria and Lyell, and becoming my homeroom teacher, it seems she’s enjoying herself making all these secret maneuvers.

“Well then, let’s get down to business. First, look in your desk drawers. There should be a textbook inside, correct?”

As she said, I looked in my drawer, though it’s not a drawer like the one you’d find in a chest, it’s more like a shelf attached to the bottom of the tabletop.
Inside, there were several textbooks and several wooden plates.

“You have one book on grammar and another on the basic theory of magic. To put it simply, you have to learn both the common continental alphabet as well as ancient magic characters on top of practical exercises to gain a feel for your own magic power.”

I already did that, so it seems like I’ll have some leeway here.
Incidentally, my language comprehension is perfect so I don’t think I’ll gain anything from this class.

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“Wait, was there a need to even come to school…?”

If you stop and think, apprenticing under Maxwell may have been the better option.

“Just studying isn’t good enough for proper growth, so I’ll be having you do basic exercises as well.”
“Ehhh..!” the students let out a collective grunt of discontent after hearing Cortina’s explanation.

Originally, Cortina was a chief tactician. She’s been on actual battlefields more than once or twice. Even if she does poorly, she’s probably still better than me.
On the other hand, this class is a bunch of bean sprouts training their magic since childhood, it’s likely they’re not used to exerting themselves physically.

“I won’t indulge your whims here. Academic magical researchers are one thing, but if you plan on going out on adventures, you’ll absolutely need physical strength!”

The students stop their complaints after hearing Cortina’s reasoning, given her experience on the battlefield.
As a hero, her words held weight, and more than likely they didn’t want to get on her bad side.

“That’s all for today, starting tomorrow we’ll have a full class. Be ready to get moving.”

Since they’re still just young kids, it seems they’re good students who are easily persuaded to follow instructions with a little lecture.

The only exception I can think of is that Donovan guy who was indescribably rude.

Cortina then imparted us with various pointers before finally letting us out.


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