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Chapter 53 – Kids’ Morning

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Aurum English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 695 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

And while I was about to take a sip out of my hot milk, someone started knocking on the door while calling out to me at the same time.

“Nicole, let’s play.”

I called back to the door and jumped out of my chair.
I was still slightly hungover, but it felt better thanks to the hot milk.
Cortina stood up as I prepared to leave.

“Do you have anything for self-defense?”
“Yeah, a katana.”
“I’ll go with you then, give me a sec okay.”

Both me and Letina narrowly avoided being kidnapped the other day, therefore we wouldn’t be allowed to go out by ourselves, so Cortina is coming along to keep track of us.

“Don’t you have to be at school?”
“My role isn’t major. Should be fine, probably.”

Cortina isn’t particularly strong as a mage, so she teaches a class on tactical theory.
She usually just presents battle situations for classwork and makes students submit possible scenarios.
Seems she has a lot of spare time since all she has to do is look over their submissions and grade ‘em.

I grabbed my katana and ran to the front door.
I’d like to carry it on my waist but with my height, the sheath would drag on the ground.
Cortina meanwhile followed along with a wand to help with her spellcasting.

Cortina rushed to get ready and looked at me like she couldn’t wait for our girl’s date.
Am I the inferior one here…

When the door opened, Michelle and Letina were waiting for us.

“Morning Nicole!”
“Good morning Miss Nicole.”
“Morning you guys.”

Michelle was carrying Third Eye as well as her usual hunting bow.
Letina had a long staff matching Cortina’s design.
She’s been getting acquainted with Cortina and apparently prepared something similar to her.

“Good morning, you guys are here early.”
“Lady Cortina! Good morning to you.”
“Lady Tina, morning~!”

After stiffening up, Letina greeted Cortina with a nervous tick while Michelle gave her an innocent greeting.
Their responses were really contrasted.
Cortina gave them a charming smile and then looks at Michelle slightly mysteriously.

“Michelle, can’t you put that in a case?”
“Err… About that…”

Michelle got slightly embarrassed at Cortina pointing it out.

“I don’t have a case for something this huge.”
“Oh, right, that size is abnormal. It’s a powerful warbow that completely throws efficient hunting out the window.”
“But I can’t just keep it at home, so I decided to carry it with me.”

Michelle clenched her fist and was breathing heavily while saying that, it looks painful.
Large bows are considerably heavy.

“Well, let’s go look for a case for it, I’ll buy it for you as a housewarming present.”
“Is that alright!?”
“Of course, and no cheapening out.”

Despite being made of high-quality materials, Third Eye also has a magical effect applied to it.
It’s a mythical-grade magic item, it’d be a big problem for a kid to carry it around in the open.
Even Cortina stiffened up in shock when she first saw it.
What kinda madman would give such a thing to a kid on a whim.

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“So, to draw that…”
“Not happening.”
“No kidding.”

Michelle’s physical enhancement had timed out shortly after the battle.
Despite the short duration, to even have a child pull the string back on this monstrosity would require a huge boost.
Maybe there’s something to the whole self-proclaimed god’s claim.

At any rate, Michelle’s goal right now is to be able to use the Third Eye which is currently just a very expensive paperweight.
Meanwhile, mine is to be able to give her the enhancement needed to be able to use the bow.

“Then, first let’s go shopping. If you guys could learn your way around while we’re at it, that’d put my mind at ease.”
“It’s an honor to receive directions from Lady Cortina!”
“Letina, you’re so shameless.”
“It’s fine, it’s just a little!”
“You guys, don’t fight…”

Letina and I kicked up a fuss while Michelle tried calmed us down, something that had become a standard comedy routine over the last few days.
And that’s how I spent my days leading up to admission.


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