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Side Story 08 – Daily Life of One Girl

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1643 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

My name is Nia meow. I live in a very small village nya. I have three mommies, but I don’t know my daddy nya.

If you’re wondering why I’m speaking in nyas, that’s because mommy Nicole would let me off the hook in most cases when I speak like this nya. Mommy Cortina isn’t as forgiving though nya. Mommy Finia is kind even if I don’t speak like this nya.

When I actually said that, mommy Nicole had a very complex expression but then just said “oh, well” nya.

“Nia, you shouldn’t say such things out loud, you know?”
“I’m sorry, mommy Nicole nya.”
“Fia is such a good girl, so why did you become so black-hearted, I wonder.”
“Nia’s heart is pure white nya.”

I rolled up my clothes to show my white skin.1

Mommy Nicole lifted me up and rubbed our cheeks together nya.

“It’s not fair to do it to Nia alone!”
“Fia, do your homework first, nya.”
“But Auntie Fina told me to come here.”
“Okay, come here Fia.”

Mommy Nicole said and lifted her up with her other hand nya.

I thought I could monopolize her, so it’s a shame nya.

“Actually, where’s granny Maria?”
“She said she strained her back.”
“I suppose she’s at that age already. Can’t be unreasonable.”
“Mommy Nicole, if she hears you she’ll have you prostrate again.”
“I know, so let’s keep it a secret.”

She grinned with a finger on her lips, which made her look really adorable nya.

That made her look even younger than mommy Finia nya. But mommy Finia should be quite old too, nya.

Oops… I really have to be prepared for death if I actually say this out loud nya.

“Lady Nicole, it’s time for the children’s school.”

Then a slender butler-like man came to pick us up nya.

Children’s school was a facility that granny Maria made, and it was a study meeting in the church for the children to acquire the minimum required education nya.

It was a bother, but a lot of my friends went there so it was also fun nya.

“Thanks, Sebastian. Have you gotten used to the work yet?”
“Yes. My apologies for causing you needless worry. I am still far from Lord Den, but I will do my best.”
“Ahah, you don’t have to act so formally.”

Sebastian was one of the four butlers of our household nya.

Four might be too much for a small mansion like ours, but grandpa Lyell was a celebrity in this village so it was a matter of prestige nya.

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There were also Francis and Andrew, but the three of them were still not quite on Den’s level, nya.

Den was mommy Nicole’s butler from the start, so I even wondered whether he was my daddy, but apparently not, nya.

We followed Sebastian outside and after a while, our friend Michael came with a carriage nya.

Michael was my fiancee at first, but now he’s Fia’s fiancee nya.

It turned out that he was more compatible with Fia’s modest nature instead of my whimsical one, so it was revised.

Fia wasn’t all that dissatisfied with this outcome, so I fully welcomed it nya.

“Morning, Fia, Nia!”
“Morning, Michael.”
“Morning nya.”

I was a little bothered why my name sounded like an afterthought, but it wasn’t a bad thing that he was polite and energetic, nya.

Uncle Cloud who was operating the carriage also greeted me nya.

He was the captain of the village’s vigilante squad, and I heard he had achieved something amazing somewhere before nya.

I was thinking auntie Michelle had snatched herself a fine man, but I was surprised to find out that she was treated as an even bigger hero nya.

“Oh right, Michael. Today, mommy Finia—”

Fia sat next to Michael as if it was natural, making me feel like screaming, normies explode! nya.

Sebastian sat in the coach’s seat and exchanged information about the village with uncle Cloud. Sebastian looked like a competent person, but he was apparently quite a rascal in the past nya.

When we arrived at the children’s school, mommy Cortina and mommy Finia would be teaching us letters and the basics of magic in turns nya.

The reason they weren’t in the mansion in the morning was that they headed in advance to prepare for school nya.

“Morning, Nia, Fia.”

The one that arrived at the same time as us was Ledin, who was the son of some noble nya.

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I’d like you to stop brushing my ear while greeting us nya!

As I brushed his hand away, he pouted regrettably. He was really like a child nya.

“Huh, I can’t?”
“A lady’s ears aren’t something you should brush so casually nya.”
“Isn’t it fine? We’re apparently fiancees.”

Once my engagement with Michael was called off, I got re-engaged with Ledin who was Duke Maxwell and Duchess Letina’s son nya.

Just what kind of circumstances were involved that such an over-the-top engagement was formed with the granddaughter of a countryside knight was something I didn’t know nya.

But the other side was quite willing, so I had no way of rejecting it as a normal citizen nya.

In the first place, why was someone from a duke family attending the children’s school in these boonies nya?

I somehow escaped Ledin’s clinging and we returned back from school.

There was no specific time when the children’s school would finish, so Ledin’s attendant, Sullivan, offered to take everyone to their homes nya.

But it was just Michael and us, and then he had to take Ledin back, so it didn’t require much effort nya.

Sullivan had a cool-looking face but he was a skinhead and looked a little scary.

From what I heard, he used to have bushy hair before, but the stress got to him ever since he started working under Lady Letina and it thinned out nya.

So to make it less noticeable he just went and shaved it all off nya. He was quite excessive nya.

Come night, mommy Finia and mommy Cortina returned and started preparing for dinner, at which point auntie Fina woke up.

Auntie Fina was an authority in pharmacology, so she researched drugs until late at night, leading to this kind of lifestyle nya.

She was a beauty still in her teens, but was leading an unhealthy life nya.

We all gathered up at the dining table and discussed the happenings of that day nya.

Then I decided to ask mommy what has been bothering me for a long time.

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“Mommy, who is my daddy nya?”

Mommy Nicole stiffened from my question.

I realized it was something she really didn’t want to say, but it was necessary to know for our life.

“Can’t be helped. I suppose we can’t hide it any longer.”
“Tina, that’s-?!”
“It’s probably a good time to tell them the truth, don’t you think?”
“Not you too, Finia!”

Saying that, mommy Cortina stood up (in bad manners) during the meal and declared while puffing her nonexistent chest.

“Actually—I’m your daddy!”

Mommy Cortina pointed at herself and declared it nya.

Huh, mommy Cortina wasn’t my mommy?

“And I am Fia’s daddy.”

Mommy Finia also declared so while looking at Fia nya.

“And it was thanks to my drugs that turned them into your daddies. It’s thanks to me that you were born so you can call me mommy too!”
“Fina, stop making the situation even worse!!”

Mommy Nicole spoke teary-eyed while holding her hand over Fina’s mouth.

Auntie Fina dodged her hands and took out a small bottle from her pocket nya.

“By the way, this is a drug that can turn girls into boys. The reverse isn’t possible.”

I stared at the bottle in confusion, but Fia seemed quite interested in it.

“Auntie, if I make Michael drink this, will he become my little sister?”
“He will.”
“He won’t! And even if he did, don’t do it!!”

Mommy Nicole’s scream reverberated in the dining hall. It was quite a confusing mess, but this was the usual daily life for me nya.

If possible, I’d like to avoid the noisy life that mommy Nicole has.

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Author’s note:

The time here was rerolled far into the future, about 7~8 years ahead.

I will be ending the side stories here for the time being. If there’s another opportunity, I’d like to write more chapters too.

Well then, let’s meet again one day.



  1. This is a hard to translate pun. Black-hearted or corrupted in Japanese is literally translated as “black-stomached” which doesn’t make sense in english. Here Nia rolls up her clothes to show that her stomach is in fact not black but white.
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