Chapter 622 – The Usual Nicole and Miss Elf

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2508 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Author’s Note:

As a celebration of the sale of “Genderbent Elf ~ Me and My Master’s lovey-dovey Otherworld Adventuring Life,” we did a one-shot collab.

There’s also Sora’s point of view in the links below too, so you can check that out as well.

That day, we were in the underground library of Raum’s Magic Academy after undertaking sorting work.

I felt like being buried in a moldy-smelling underground library sorting books wasn’t really a job for an assassin.

But since my name has spread as the one who stopped the World Tree’s destruction, I couldn’t help but take on work that avoided the public eye.

“Ahh, how I miss the sun.”
“Nicole, your hands aren’t moving.”
“You’re the one to say, Michelle. Foods and drinks are also banned here, you know?”

Michelle warned me as I sat on a pile of books and sighed.

But she was also holding a jerky in her mouth, so even she wasn’t feeling up to this work. Well, she was no specialist in this stuff, so she wasn’t really suited for sorting books in the underground library.

“Even if you can’t read them, you can still carry the books at least.”
“That’s a sound argument coming from Cloud.”
“Don’t be so unreasonable to me!”

The cheeky b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ even had the nerve to act shocked. Michelle patted him in comfort, but I felt like she was really wasted on him. But well, Michelle chose him, so I can’t butt in.

“Lady Nicole, what about this book?”
“Hmm, let’s see…High-level summoning arts compilation?”

Due to Fina’s demonic drug, Finia had transformed into a shota that packed a huge thing, but thankfully she turned back the next day.

After I got seriously angry, she hurriedly apologized and said she got carried away, so I forgave and forgot it this time. But I’ll never forgive that cat who ran away at full speed.

Anyway, Finia… You found some crazy book there.

“This should be in the banned articles warehouse that’s under this place.”
“Ah, as I thought.”

I peeked at the contents a little, and I saw, “high-level Devil summoning.”

Dangerous books like these should be thrown into the banned article warehouse where such things were being sealed at.

“Finia, what’s wrong?”
“Um, the author…”

I looked at the back cover once she pointed it out, and it said, “Magic Academy Student, Kufar.”

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“You again?!”

I reflexively threw the book on the ground, but I couldn’t be blamed. I’ve been put through a lot of pain by that guy.

Finia warned me in exasperation when she saw that.

“Lady Nicole, you have to treat books better.”
“Sorry, it just happened.”

Looks like this was something he had written when he was a student at this academy. It was certainly hard to receive education in the Holy Tree Kingdom of Forneus, so it wasn’t hard to imagine that he’d come to the Forest Kingdom of Raum’s Magic Academy instead.

“Well, I did have a grudge against its writer, but this book hasn’t done anything—”

Just as I said that to convince myself, a bright light leaked from the fallen book.

“I-Isn’t it summoning something, Lady Nicole?!”
“I-I haven’t done anything!”
“It’s definitely your fault.”
“Come on, Finia. That’s a mistaken statement!”

I wasn’t sure whether hitting the ground triggered it, or whether it was me, who was always overflowing with magic power, picking it up.

But either way, the summoning circle activated on its own and covered the surroundings with light—and eventually faded away.

And once the light died down, the book had disappeared, and instead, an elven girl had taken its place.

The girl that appeared was a very lovely elf with blonde hair reaching to her waist. She seemed a little younger than me maybe? She seemed to be a little over ten. Her chest was still not developed and she looked far skinnier than Finia.

But that gave her a fairy-like transient aura.

Her belly area seemed a little swollen, but that was perhaps due to her child body shape?

At any rate, the girl who was suddenly summoned here had lost her consciousness and collapsed on the floor.

But contrary to her mystical looks, the way she collapsed was unladylike, just like a frog that was run over by a carriage.

“Hey, Finia.”
“What is it, Lady Nicole?”
“What do we do about this?”
“You shouldn’t refer to people as things.”

She said what she was thinking, but she didn’t get flustered in any way even though she was surprised.

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I was sometimes quite envious of her.

“Oh well. It’s pitiful to keep her sleeping on the floor, so let’s take her to the doctor’s office for now.”
“Understood. Then can I leave it to you, Lady Nicole?”
“Huh, I’m the one carrying her?”
“Well I feel lacking in terms of physical strength.”
“I suppose you do.”

After years of training, my physical strength was above Finia’s.

Michelle’s strength was also quite something, but in her case, she might just head somewhere else if she was tempted.

More specifically, towards the cafeteria or the stalls.

In Cloud’s case, I felt like it would be dangerous to have him touch girls. I felt like he had the main character’s disposition. Particularly when it came to erotic incidents.

Thus, I picked her up and took her to the office. She was light as a feather so even I could easily carry her.

On the way, I heard a sweet sigh like that of a musical instrument from my arms.

“Oh, you’re awake?”

Perhaps it was better that we hadn’t reached the office. After all, there was Doctor Tricia, who was known as the prominent demon of the Magic Academy.

She was reliable but hard to trust, so I was worried about handing this girl over.

Thus, I headed to the terrace that faced the doctor’s office instead.

Since nobles attended this academy as well, there were places like this set up here and there.

I ordered tea and some snacks for Michelle, and sat down with the elven girl.

Looking at her like this, she really was a charming girl. But it wasn’t just that. It was like I was being forced into adoring her.

I’ve never felt such impulses towards anyone but Finia and Cortina until now.

“It appears that she has a charm-type Gift.”
“You can tell, Finia?”
“Of course. I’m being charmed by you every day, Lady Nicole.”
“I’m not sure what to feel about your way of perceiving it.”

We tried to joke around to lighten the atmosphere since the girl sat there nervously like a borrowed cat. It would be good if that could dispel her tension.

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“Oh right, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet. I’m Nicole. I’m a graduate of this Magical Academy of Raum, and I’m here as an outside helper now. Your name… Wait, before that, do you understand me?”

When I spoke to her, the girl flinched and corrected her posture.

Her every action was adorable like that of a little animal.

“I’m Sora. Umm… Excuse me but, which kingdom is this Raum’s Magic Academy in? And where is my master?”
“Oh, right, you came here due to the accidental trigger of the summoning spell.”
“Nicole, is Sora also a type of Devil?”
“Well, every being summoned from different worlds is classified as one, so I suppose so.”

I answered Michelle’s question in my own way. In fact, there were quite a lot of beings like her in this world. Like the Evil Dragon that suddenly appeared here, and even that White God seemed to be one of them.

“I know I’m asking something really rude, but just in case, you aren’t thinking stuff like destroy all mankind or I will slaughter humans or something right?”
“I ain’t have such brutish principles.”
“Oh, you talk like a boy, huh?”1 

That wasn’t important here, but I ended up reacting to it anyway. Also, she said master huh?

“Sora, are you maybe a slave or something?”
“Oh dear…”
“Oh no, we have to release her!”
“Oh, it’s alright, I’m a former slave.”

Michelle jumped to her feet when she heard the word slave, having a bad impression about the matter.

Cloud also nodded in agreement. These two had a painful encounter with a slave merchant. I guess Mateus was mainly to blame.

“I more or less understand the situation. But is there a way to return…? I’m sure Master is worried.”
“Hmm? You have a master despite being a former slave?”
“There are various circumstances.”
“You are freed, right?”
“Well, yes.”

It seemed like she didn’t want to talk about it, so I suppose I shouldn’t press the matter.

Still, if someone was worried for her, we really had to return her back soon.

“Alright. Summoning isn’t my specialty, but let’s investigate it for now.”
“Investigate? Do you have a clue, Lady Nicole?”
“I rely on God when I’m troubled.”
“…I have a really bad premonition.”
“Um, no, I just have a little grudge that’s deeper than the sea against a god…”
“That sounds more than just a little! Anyway, it’s for returning you back, so don’t attack her or something, okay?”
“Worry not, I have no attack power.”

My knowledge was unreliable when it came to magic. Maxwell was ideal for things like these, but there was someone else who knew even more than him.

Wind God Hastur. At first he called himself Aste. Whitey would be the better candidate, but she was unreachable now, and she was totally unreliable too.

Also Hastur was a shut-in so he was perfect. I could intrude on him right away with teleportation magic.

“Well then, let’s—”
“Lost child notice. Miss Nicole from Stollar, there is a white girl calling herself a God, pfft, in our custody, do please come to the office urgently.”
“…Change of destination. We’re going to the office.”
“…A lost child broadcast?”

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Sora tilted her head in wonder, but everyone from Finia to Michelle had a face that said, “that seems possible.”

“Well, the Whitey that the announcement mention is a god too in the end.”
“Oh is it like, people don’t believe her even if she claims to be one? Since she’s treated like a lost child, she seems like a likable person.”

Sora’s impression of her improved for some reason. I don’t think seeing her in a favorable light will benefit her in any way though.

At any rate, since we knew where she was, this will be solved faster. I was about to stand up to head there ASAP, but Sora looked quite restless for some reason.

“What’s wrong?”
“Oh, well, I was just thinking it would be a waste to leave the snacks.”

She spoke bashfully as if finding it hard to say it. I wasn’t dull enough to not realize what it was.

“Oh, well let’s go once we eat it then. Cloud, can you go ahead and keep her occupied?”
“We’re going to have a girls’ talk here. You really want to stay here?”
“I mean, you’re a guy too, Lord Reid.”
“Don’t bring that up here.”
“A-A guy?!”

Sora reacted to the world guy and her gaze started wavering suspiciously. Maybe she had a distrust of men since she used to be a slave.

They were married and she didn’t show any dislike for it, so that “Master” was really loved.

I pointed out her district to Cloud, and after he realized that he sighed and headed to the office.

He was more tactful in these matters than me in my previous life.

After a light snack, we headed to the office, and there I saw a white girl with a candy stuffed into her mouth.

“Such rudeness! I said I’m a god, didn’t I?!”
“Yeah, yeah, let’s be quiet now.”
“Are you listening to me! Good grief! lick lick
“You’re getting the kid treatment because you’re licking the candy like one.”

Look, even Sora has the “what the heck” expression.

“Oh, Nicole, you arrived at the right time!”
“That’s my line. We’re having a bit of a problem here.”
“A problem?”

I wasn’t sure whether it was her speech or aura, but I felt like Sora and the God of Destruction had a common matter here.


At any rate, returning her to her former world took priority now. If she had someone waiting for her, all the more so.

White God listened to our situation and puffed her chest while telling us to leave it to her.

“In short, you just have to use the returning magic.”
“Is it something so easily done?”
“The problem is that it has to be used by the person who wants to return or it won’t work. After all, only that person knows the dimension and stuff where they came from.”
“Ughh… Magic power aside, I’m not confident in difficult magic theories and usages.”
“There are many ways to bypass that. There’s an outside mana tank like Nicole here too.”
“If I can receive assistance, I suppose I can manage… It would’ve been simple if Master was here.”

Them coming to an understanding was good and all, but I was really being used as people pleased huh?

Well, I guess it’s fine.

At any rate, we once again descended to the underground library with the God of Destruction.

The God of Destruction started to draw a magic circle with something like chalk on the floor there while passing a single book to Sora that she retrieved from somewhere.

“You will have to recite the chant written here. Can you read the letters?”
“I can understand them for some reason.”
“It must be the ability bestowal due to reincarnation. Anyway, please start chanting.”
“…I see, it feels strange. But I get it.”

Sora started chanting and the magic circle shone at the same time.

And once she finished the chant, the brightness increased even further, eventually making it hard to even look at her.

“Miss Nicole, thank you for the treats. I have been in your care.”

She spoke to me once the spell reached the stage where it only needed to be activated. Hearing her words of thanks, I felt happy to have helped her.

“If there’s ever a chance, I will return this favour some—Ugh.”

In the middle of her speech, she suddenly felt dizzy and stepped forward. She stepped out of the magic circle so I reflexively reached out to support her.

But then, my vision was wrapped in light, and we found ourselves in an unfamiliar forest.

“W-Where am I?”

There were only two of us in the forest. Sora also screamed in confusion.

The two of us could do nothing but stand petrified in pure dumbfoundedness.

There is no continuation… Or maybe there is? Nothing is decided!


  1. Bokukko. Girls who use ‘Boku’ as their pronoun, which is more of a male pronoun.

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