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Chapter 610 – Punishment for Underestimation

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 964 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

As we observed the fallen Kufar, we lost the attacking initiative. It was possible to deal the finishing blow now, but we had no such move to do that. The fact that only physical attackers were gathered here even influenced this situation.

But still, he never learns. I mean, even if he did, he had lost his rationality here so it was pointless. Then again, he had been looking down on Cortina a lot until now.

She was certainly the weakest among the Six Heroes. But thoroughly driving back the enemies that were lured in by her weakness was also part of her power. That wasn’t a direct power. She always ran around, gaining time, and gradually turned the situation into a favorable one.

In fact, Cortina had defended against Kufar’s schemes several times by now.

She took command at the forefront during the Goblin mass outbreak, protecting the city from casualties.

In Berith, she outsmarted her comrades, and dealt a blow to Kufar. Thanks to being weakened by that, I managed to fight favorably against him afterward.

He also used Mateus and other underlings to aim for Cortina, but she even repelled that by getting Lyell involved.

And even this time, Kufar ignored her and focused entirely on me… and this was the result.


Kufar groaned and started to rise up slowly. If he was still a human, his limbs would be trembling now.

But after copying and transforming into a Devil’s body, his reactions differed from a human’s.

“You’re still alive? You’re really persistent.”
“You… You were the root of evil all along!”
“Huh… Wh-kyaa?!”

Kufar swung his overbearing arm at the wall without a proper posture.

The sturdy wall easily crumbled and Lyell and Cortina barely managed to jump down from the rooftop to avoid the harm.

Landing down, Cortina did a roll and stood up. Then Kufar once again swung his arm at her.

But I wouldn’t overlook that over and over. I flew my threads to fend off its attack toward Cortina, but the thread slid through its body with a faint recoil.

“Save me properly you doofus!”

Cortina dodged the attack while throwing abuses at me.

This was both due to the fact that Cortina had trained and also because Kufar wasn’t specialized in close combat.

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If it had been me or Lyell she was up against, she couldn’t have even reacted to it.

“Aagh, okay, next! Tina, what do we do now!”
“Wait, can you not call me Tina with that appearance?!”
“Who cares about that now!”

I chased after Cortina who started to flee once again.

This time, she was running toward the west of the village. There was a third well located there.

“Listen, Reid, Next we—”

As we ran side by side, we reached the western side’s fence. This time we faced Kufar with the fence behind us.


Kufar charged at us with a mad roar.

The two of us split up and dodged his charge.

Kufar slammed into the fence due to his momentum, broke through it, and flew out of the village.


We heard an even louder yell from the other side of the fence.

There were no water areas around the village. However, crop cultivation required a lot of water.

Rice cultivation in particular required so much water that it made the ground all muddy.

Kufar was currently writhing inside one of such paddy fields that were located next to the village.

“Y-You f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g caaaaat!”

Vapor started filling Kufar’s surroundings once again. But it didn’t end with just that. The mud was soaking up the water around, evaporating and soaking it up once again.

“To add it… take thiiiiis!”

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Cortina had run up to the well and moved the hand pump, and pointed the hose that used a thick vine toward Kufar. As it was mainly used to water the fields, its output was higher than those in the village.

She pointed it at Kufar like a water jet and soaked his body.

Kufar raised a scream with every splash and grew weaker.

“Damn you, damn you, damn youuuuuu!!”
“You’re so persistent. Just die already!”
“I wanted to save it for attacking Raum, but if it has come to this…”
“Huh? You still have something up your sleeve?”
“Come, Colchis!”

We lost our words at his yell.

But we couldn’t conclude that he was simply bluffing to escape this situation.

The sun had darkened. A roar resounding in the depth of our bodies. And the pressure that even made you tremble.

The jet-black Evil Dragon crossed the mountains and descended nearby the village.

It landed while causing an earthquake, and once again roared which caused everything to vibrate.

“Reid, Cortina! What in the… The Evil Dragon?!”
“How… Was there another one?”
“Two of you get back! Behind me—”
Lyell and others rushed to us and yelled those words.

It was easy to tell how confused they were by their voices. However, we couldn’t move as if our feet were glued to the ground. The Evil Dragon’s pressure had swallowed us.

The last time we were able to fight advantageously as we rushed into its lair.

The Evil Dragon couldn’t fly and had its movements sealed after its lair was destroyed, so Lyell and Maxwell barraged it with attacks and we managed to subjugate it.

But this time, there was no roof to seal its movements, nor the time to set up a trap, and most importantly, Maxwell, who was our trump card, was not here.

“We… don’t have any odds of winning, do we?”
“Sorry, I can’t think of anything either…”

The two of us spoke in dumbfoundedness. Kufar looked at us and started laughing loudly, convinced of his victory.


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