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Chapter 606 – Two Archers

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1060 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


Just as Nicole headed to the pioneer village, Michelle and Cloud arrived in Stollar.

Stollar was by no means a small town, but the Devil raid’s effects had spread throughout it, and the people coming and going had faces filled with confusion and bewilderment.

“What happened here?”
“No idea. Let’s just head to the Guild for information…”

First, they had to gather information at the Guild where Adventurers gathered. Her decision was the same as Nicole’s.

Michelle had been an Adventurer for eight years even if she didn’t look like it.

Even without Nicole, she could respond to the local situation.

“Oh Michelle, you’re right on time!”
“Oh, Miss Haumea.”

Looking towards the source of the voice, she saw two Elves. They were Haumea and Cole, who taught Michelle close-quarters bow combat.

“Did something happen here for the city to be in such a state?”
“Yes. We just arrived too, but according to the story, Devils holding two giant swords attacked the city, and three of them at that.”
“Devils… and twin-bladed ones… Could it be the same as the one that fought Lord Reid to the death?”
“It’s most likely the same kind. Lord Gadius and Lord Reid… I mean Miss Nicole seems to have taken care of them… And looks like Lord Reid and Miss Nicole’s existences are mixed together, and everyone is confused?”
“Wait hold up, did you say Lord Reid is Nicole?”

Cloud exclaimed in bewilderment at Haumea’s explanation. Michelle was also opening and closing her mouth in shock.

“Looks like it. Miss Finia called Miss Nicole… I mean, Lady Nicole as Lord Reid, and the city was thrown into even bigger confusion.”
“No way, no way! I mean, I guess she does use the threads but still! Her martial skills are also beyond…her…age…but…?”
“Cloud, didn’t you convince yourself otherwise with that explanation?”
“But look! It’s Nicole we’re talking about here, you know? She’s a clumsy girl that messes up all the time, you know?”
“I mean, she is certainly clumsy, but that’s what makes her adorable! Err, that’s not it…”
“You there, how long are you gonna stand still!”

As Michelle flailed her arms around in protest, a carriage behind yelled at them and they reluctantly moved it to the side of the road.

Stollar was quite a large city, so the roads could allow two carriages to pass.

Cloud also moved his horse with it, then got off and faced Haumea and Cole.

“So then? Can you tell us in detail?”
“Sure, it seems—”

Haumea explained the chain of events as Cloud asked. Once she was done, Cloud felt doubtful about Finia’s conduct.

“Finia, of all people, was panicking? That sounds like a lie.”
“But it’s true. She was apparently calm at first, but once the enemy reinforcements arrived, she suddenly started to scream. I asked several people, so it doesn’t seem to be a mistake.”
“We were also doubting it at first. But after hearing the same information from more than five Adventurers, well…”
“Mr. Cole, so you can talk.”
“I’m simply untalkative. I’m aware that I look unfriendly.”
“I’m sorry, I was just joking.”

Michelle tried to joke to lighten up the mood, but then someone’s yell aggravated the situation even more.

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“Hey, more Devils are here! Where is Lord Gadius?!”
“Again?! What the hell is going on today!”
“Lord Gadius and Nicole… I mean, Lord Reid, went to Lord Lyell!”
“S̲h̲i̲t̲, you mean to tell me we have to deal with them alone?!”

They had to fight a Devil with Gadius, who was the cornerstone of the defense, missing. The city people fell into despair at that realization.

There were already several casualties from the previous attack. They already knew how powerful the devils were.

Seeing that, Cloud made a quick decision.

“Let’s go! You two take the wounded to the back!”
“Huh, Cloud, do you plan to fight? It’s apparently a dangerous enemy.”
“Of course I am. But don’t worry. With Michelle behind me, we’ll finish it immediately!”

Cloud was in fact trained daily by Gadius, and he was close to becoming a master of defense. The reason he didn’t stand out was simply that Michelle and Nicole were too flashy.

And that Finia was too versatile.

But even so, people around knew of his ability. If he stepped to the front, morale would ultimately rise.

“Michelle, I leave it to you.”

That said, Michelle’s bow couldn’t deal effective damage to them. To defeat them instantly, she would need to use the Third Eye with full strength.

She could only do that by releasing the strengthening magic on her bangle and could only maintain it for three minutes.

Following it she would be writhing in muscle pain and no longer be able to fight.

“Three of them before, now another one. We don’t know how many of them are left.”
“True. In that case, I suppose I can’t use this yet.”

Michelle stroked the bangle on her arm. If she used its strength, they could overcome this danger but would be unable to respond to anything that followed it up.

If she, who had the strongest attack power in Stollar, were to become unable to fight, their losses would be immeasurable.

“Michelle, for now just aim for the openings and shoot its eyes and mouth. I’ll endure its attacks somehow.”
“Okay, got it. But don’t be reckless, you hear?”
“Wait. If you kids are resolved to that extent, we can’t just sit still, can we?”
“Miss Haumea, you’re going to help?”
“Of course.”

Cloud thanked the two who showed their will to cooperate.

It was a battle against a strong foe. The two elves weren’t tied to this city, so the option to escape was available to them.

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Yet they chose to brave the same risk as them, so Cloud’s feelings were natural.

Michelle moved the carriage silently due to tension, while Cloud once again mounted his horse and followed after her.

The battle that day continued until the sun started to set, and they finally defeated the Devil.

Cloud suffered heavy injuries but his life wasn’t in danger, while Michelle fought hard until the last arrow.

Due to that, the Bow Saint Michelle’s fame rose even higher, and Cloud’s name was likewise carved in Stollar’s history as a hero of similar caliber.



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