Chapter 596 – Melee

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1199 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After seeing that the Adventurers put down the Devil, I once again focused on Gadius’ side.

As expected of the defensive specialist, though he couldn’t defeat them the battle was very stable.

His legs were strongly planted into the ground like roots and he safely blocked and warded off the four greatswords of the Devils.

The Devils seemed to have found it frustrating that their blades weren’t reaching him and only kept growing fiercer with their attacks.

However, Gadius endured even those frenzy sword blasts so fierce that it prevented people from approaching him.

“Gadius, hand one over!”

Gadius groaned back at my voice and then responded with action.

He approached one of them while moving away from another.

Protecting also meant keeping range in check. Gadius excelled in that aspect.

He remained in the middle range of both Devils and instigated the enemy with his one-handed axe, keeping them focused on him.

Like that, he kept the Devils to that place, preventing them from moving to the Adventurers.

But after my call, he took a step aside. With that, one of the Devils was free to move.

I sheathed my katana and picked up the Devil’s greatsword instead.

The reason for that was that surprise attack aside, even an excellent blade would break if it was used to block the Devil’s attacks.

This greatsword’s blade was as long as I was tall, making it hard to even lift it up with my normal physical strength.

The reason I could hold it up like a branch now was all thanks to thread manipulation strengthening.


The Devil released a threatening howl at me as I approached it with its comrade’s sword in hand.

Many Adventurers’ legs gave off at its roar and they fell where they stood. But those that managed to hold out dragged the fallen ones away to safety.

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Of course, I couldn’t get scared with something like that. The Evil Dragon Colchis’ roar was dozens of times scarier compared to their roars.


Raising the greatsword with both hands, I slashed towards the Devil.

Of course, a straightforward attack like this would never work on an enemy like this.

It stopped my slash with its left hand and attacked with its right sword… tried to, that is.


But my strengthened attack easily penetrated its defenses.

I easily pushed off the sword it put up to defend and drove the blade into its skull. But that was still not enough to kill this Devil.

Though it raised a shriek, it kicked my way without faltering. Normally humans would’ve shrunk back as they held their slashed heads, but that was expected of this Devil, I suppose.

But I hadn’t gotten careless after that strike either. I easily dodged its kick and followed up with another attack.

This time, the attack sliced halfway into its right arm and stopped.

The situation was overwhelmingly in my favor. But that wouldn’t last for very long.

My muscle fiber strengthening through thread manipulation was putting a big burden on me.

In fact, after releasing those attacks that passed through its defenses, my elbows and shoulders were screaming in pain.

“Even so—!”

The damage I dealt by pushing myself wasn’t in vain.

The Devil was in a frenzy after having its head and face slashed, and used its remaining arm to swing its greatsword at me.

I easily dodged its attack and showed a composed smile.

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It was definitely not an opponent I could be so composed against. I was merely doing it to provoke it.

That managed to flip it completely, and it focused solely on cutting me down, ignoring the situation around.

After dodging its attack as I moved in an arc, I arrived at a position where the other Devil was right behind me.

But this Devil that had lost its rationality failed to notice that fact.


I dodged its sideways slash by jumping over it, and heard a scream from behind.

As it failed to notice its comrade, the other Devil ended up taking the full brunt of that attack.

It was slashed from an unexpected direction by an unexpected source. The shock from that was enough to throw even a Devil into confusion.

It turned around, forgetting the situation. Seeing that it was its comrade that slashed its back, its goat face turned dumbfounded.

Gadius was in front, while I was behind, and it was slashed by its ally. It probably started doubting who was the enemy and whether its ally betrayed it.

But that opening wasn’t something Gadius would overlook.

Even if he lacked offensive power, the other Devil’s back was already cut by its fellow Devil.

Gadius swung his axe aiming for that wound.

The next moment, I heard a cracking sound as the metal and bone met.

Gadius’ axe had slammed into the Devil’s spine.

A Devil it may be, having its spine smote with an axe, it couldn’t come out of it safely.

With its spine broken and nerves severed, it powerlessly fell to its knees. Then I mercilessly drove the greatsword into its neck now that it was low enough.

My attack that could push even the Devil’s strong arms aside, coupled with the weight of the greatsword, easily lopped off its head.

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I created a one-on-one situation, while flaunting with each of my attacks to lead it, and had it attack its ally and then take that one down.

My tactic was perfectly executed. Gadius, who could coordinate with me silently was quite something as well.

He gave me a thumbs up with an awkward wink. Sorry, but I can’t wink back with my eyepatch on me.

“Now then, that leaves only one. Defeat is no longer in the picture.”

Gadius confidently set up his shield.

I also held the Devil’s greatsword with both hands, and moved to stand between it and Gadius.

Normally the Devil wouldn’t have overlooked me in that position, but it was now driven into a situation that wouldn’t allow it to do anything.

Gadius and I weren’t its only opponents. Even the other Adventurers started to surround it.

The Devil no longer had a way out, and we had no intention of letting it surrender either.


The Devil finally realized the situation it was in after its frenzy. And it also knew that we would accept no surrender. Thus, it raised its greatswords and decided to take as many people with it as it could.

The one it attacked wasn’t tough-looking Gadius, or me, who held a greatsword, but instead, one of the Adventurers, Mark, who was commanding the rest. But that also meant showing its back to me. Before its sword could reach Mark, my sword slashed its back.

The heavy blow easily pierced through its skin and flesh, broke bones, and destroyed the organs within.

“Sorry about that. It seems that I’m not really suited for a frontal assault, after all.”

The Devil glared hatefully at me as I boasted behind it.

The injury on its back was deep and clearly fatal. It couldn’t remain standing with such damage, and thus, it slowly fell to the ground.


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