Chapter 524 – Details of the Groundwork

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1257 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Even if the Duke losing his position was set, Letina’s marriage situation was still not resolved. While the Duke household lost its head, they still had other direct descendants. This matter would annul the current engagement, but once the situation dies down, the proposals might come flooding again.

Of course, Letina’s marriage with any Lamech descendants would never happen, but there were other nobles of the same rank as Marquis Yowi, and other important nobles. Letina’s connections that made the Six Heroes move this time would be an object of avid desire for other nobles.

“Phew, we somehow managed to cross one mountain… but it seems like the proposals would come flooding with this.”
“I feel somehow bad about this, father.”
“Oh, no, it pains me that my inexperience pushed you to do all this.”

Due to Letina running wild, she even got Maxwell to move through me. That resulted in the display of the influence that she had over the Six Heroes.

“This matter is full of the points I have to reflect on. Letty, you’re no longer a child, huh?”

Looking at the result alone, the Marquis ended up being behind on everything, and he barely managed to do anything. What broke through this difficult situation was the power of personal connections that Letina had built up. Of course, that included her father, Marquis Yowi’s power too.

She used her personal connections properly and even drew a higher-ranking noble to ruin, so her father had to recognize it. And it wasn’t only her father who recognized that fact.

“That is precisely the reason why more suitors may come seeking your connections. No, they will definitely come. I plan to screen them carefully, but please resolve yourself for that.”
“That’s… I will.”

With this matter, Marquis Yowi’s influence also increased among the Marquises. For that very reason, people would probably flock to him desiring his influence like moths attracted to the light trap.

That side was a corrupt world that Letina, who was still fifteen years old, didn’t wish to get involved with too much. Her feelings probably strengthened after this case where we acted together like in the old days.

Even so, she had to face that world. That was her responsibility as someone born into the Marquis family. However, Maxwell interrupted the family talk there.

“About that. I may have one way of resolving it.”
“Say what?! Err, I mean, you have a plan, Lord Maxwell?”

Letina half-hopelessly made her resolve, but Maxwell’s words made her lose her calm. She was acting too flustered for someone who always addressed the Six Heroes and matters concerning them with due respect.

That was proof that her relationship with us exceeded her yearning for the Six Heroes. Honestly, I was happy enough to barely hold back my tears.

“Agh! Calm down, calm down I say!”
“H-Hey, Letty?!”

Letina bent forward and pressed Maxwell, he tried to push her with both hands, while the Marquis grabbed her by the waist to drag her back. Looking at it like this, Letina alone managed to throw Maxwell and Marquis Yowi into confusion, so she was quite something.

“Good grief, you really need to learn how to calm down, little Letina.”
“I feel most ashamed.”
“More importantly, let me hear that solution of yours!”
“Hey, Letina?!”

Marquis couldn’t help but scold her daughter after showing no signs of reflection. Letina also realized her disgraceful behavior and sat down on the sofa, clearing her throat.

“Well, let me see. The problem is that unknown, influential men would approach you, yes?”
“Well, yes.”
“For example, if it was someone you would understand, and would not care about your connection with the Six Heroes, I think you would not refuse the marriage.”
“It also has to be someone with a status to fit our household.”

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Marquis Yowi, who finally calmed down, interjected. Certainly, to receive him, he had to be of a suitable standing.

“But someone like that should not exist… Oh, could it be Lord Reid?”
“That would be too much, as expected. He is a woman now as you can see, and above all, I have no wish to turn Cortina against me.”
“I am with you there!”
“Well, if you ignore some of their circumstances, I have one candidate.”
“I have no idea of who they may be…”

Letina tilted her head in true puzzlement. Even I had no idea who Maxwell meant. Since Letina would accept them, it would mean they were already acquainted. In that case, the first person that would come to mind was Cloud, but he was an orphan. He would not suit a Marquis household.

Our other acquaintances included Kayle from Raum, Sullivan the spy, and such, but I just couldn’t see them as people Letina knew well, and they also didn’t have the necessary status. God Hastur had a wife so he was out of the question. I really had no idea… just as I reached that point, I finally remembered someone.

Someone who knew Letina well, was tolerant, and indifferent to influence. And yet, his status matched that of Marquis plenty well. The problem would be… their age.

“It seems you realized it, Reid. Yes, I mean myself.”
“Wait wait wait, you certainly satisfy the requirements, but your ages are too far apart, old man?!”
“Huh, Lord Maxwell…?”

Certainly, if it was Maxwell, he was familiar with Letina’s personality, he would be fine with her Adventuring, and he would not care about the Six Heroes connections. Or rather, he was one of them himself. He was a former duke, so his status also matched.

The only problem was he was far too old.

“Reid, I keep telling this to you, but I still have some life in me.”
“I mean, yeah but still! No one would even believe that!”

I then noticed I was getting more worked up over this than Letina herself. That also showed that I was seriously thinking about her future too.

I peeked at her face to check her reaction and saw that she was petrified with a beet-red face. Thinking back, she has always been a Six Heroes maniac since her young days. There’s no way she would hate this proposal.

Marquis Yowi wasn’t looking very surprised, either. Seeing how he interjected earlier, they probably already talked it out beforehand. Which reminds me, the last time I visited Maxwell, he did say he was laying the groundwork. In other words, this is the groundwork he was laying, huh?

“Old man, are you serious?”
“I am. I am still going strong, and have more lifespan left in me compared to an average human. I could somehow manage the most important part, which is to leave a successor.”
“Are you fine with that, Letina?”
“Huh, Lord Ried? Err, um, it would be an honor.”

She gave a short nod with a beet-red face. Looks like she’s done for.

“What about you, Lord Marquis?”
“I believe this is a very good proposal for me.”

Every side returned a positive reply. I guess I expected this reply since Maxwell put in some groundwork. Still, both of the parties were up for it, and her father was also giving the OK, so I guess it wasn’t my palace to say anything. The problem was to persuade her mother, but she was also a Six Heroes fanatic, so she would easily agree to it.

Well, if this would lead Letina to happiness, I had to give her my blessing.


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