Chapter 516 – Deciding on Execution

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1235 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Michelle and Cloud were tied-up quite relentlessly, making it impossible for them to escape on their own. There were three men around Michelle, and Cain stood before those three.

Cloud’s face, on the other hand, was all bruised, making it apparent that he was beaten. Both of them seemed to be unconscious and stayed limp.

“That b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲…”

He wounded my friends. That alone made blood rush to my head. However, I wasn’t so hasty to just rush in for a fight. But then, Cain’s following words shook off all my restraint.

“That’s not like you. You always go for women whenever you see one.”
“I mean, I can’t really do that to someone related to the Six Heroes.”
“Hmph, she’s just a commoner in the end. They can be found everywhere like weeds. She’s basically trash.”

That sentence alone was enough to spell a death sentence for him. Once Maxwell was done with his preparations I would kill this guy with my own hands. I decided that in my heart.

But Cain’s words didn’t stop there.

“You gave them the drug, right?”
“Y-Yeah. No, I mean…”
“Can you say it clearly?”
“Yes, we did!”

When I heard that, I almost lost self-control. Did they give that drug to both of them? If so, I had to detoxify them as soon as possible.

“Fine then. They shouldn’t be able to run while the drug is working. Commoners are tenacious so stay sharp.”
“Okay, we got it!”
“Good grief, my subordinates made a blunder, so I don’t want any more problems.”
“Don’t worry, we will not let them escape.”

The three responded while standing at attention. Once he saw that, Cain left the place. He probably headed to check the first floor. After a short while, the three gave big sighs.

“But would it really be fine?”
“Can’t be helped. If we didn’t get them to drink it, he’d realize we betrayed him. These brats drank them obediently too.”
“Well, I guess but…”
“Listen, since he drank the drug, it means he trusts us. If we betray him…”
“The Six Heroes will really turn on us, huh. Why can’t Boss realize that?”
“I bet he can’t. He has lived his life in the world of nobles, turning commoners and lower nobles into drug addicts and robbing them of their money.”

One of them spat out those words and kicked the floor. It seemed that these watchmen were already standing against him.

“Between a boss that only sees us as trash and these guys who trusted us and drank the drug, it’s clear which we should side with.”
“But if it gets out, we’ll be disposed of for sure, you know?”
“You’re right… I wish that Nicole girl comes already. I just wanna flee from this city as soon as I can.”

It seemed that they were waiting for me to save the two. In that case, their safety, for the time being, was guaranteed. That said, since they were given the drug, I couldn’t take my time. The problem was how to take them out of the second floor that was completely sealed.

Moreover, since he made such a bold move, I worried about Finia and Letina’s safety who stayed in the academy.

His words, “my subordinates made a blunder” sounded problematic. It could be that he tried to do something to Letina and was counterattacked.

“At any rate, if they are moving, it would be bad to wait any longer.”

I would’ve preferred to wait for Maxwell’s groundwork before I made my move, but it could be fatal if I waited any longer. Michelle and Cloud who were drugged were particularly concerning.

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“I guess I’ll make a move once I join up with Den.”

Den heard from Hastur that I was Reid. And Michelle and Cloud were unconscious now. In that case, there was no one around who’d realize my identity even if I went a little overboard. There should be no need to hold back.

I decided to first meet up with Den and then decide what to do. I had two plans in mind. The first was to rush as is and save Michelle and Cloud. The other was to return to the dorm and confirm Letina and Finia’s safety.

“So, which do you think is better?”

From the previous conversation, it was almost certain that Cain tried to mess with Letina and Finia. I wanted to ascertain their safety as fast as possible. But Michelle and Cloud were also in a race against time.

Even if those watchmen betrayed Cain, they couldn’t show clear resistance to him. If Cain told them to toy with Michelle out of amusement, they wouldn’t be able to refuse it. They also valued their lives, and Michelle was a rare beauty. They would gladly follow that order.

Honestly, either side was in a race against time. I even wished I had two bodies.

“Hmm, let us prioritize capturing Cain.”
“Would Letina and Finia be alright though?”
“Since the ringleader is here, they should not take their lives in the meantime, at the very least. Above all, Lady Letina, even if only publicly, is still his fiancee.”

Listening to him, I was relieved for the time being.

As he said, being Cain’s fiancee her life should be maintained. Rather, if his subordinates did something arbitrary, he would clearly rage. So there should be no worry about her chastity either.

In that case, that left Finia.

“What about Finia?”
“We can only trust Lady Letina’s quick-wittedness there. If she manages to pressure the perpetrators, they should not be able to make any moves.”
“And why do you think we should prioritize this side?”
“First, every second matters for them. Their lives could be decided with Cain’s single order. And that same Cain is on the scene now. Even if they won the watchmen over, the fact remains that they are in a critical situation. If so, the best way to secure their safety would be to prioritize this place and either capture or bring down Cain.”
“So it really comes to that…”

Seeing how Den accurately described the situation, I was surprised. Like, isn’t he smart? Is he really an Ogre?

Fortunately, the warehouse only had one door. It had no windows either, so there was no chance of him escaping. Unless there was a secret path, of course. Then again, there was no need to even consider that they would create a secret path to a tattered warehouse like that.

In the first place, the Lamech surname held absolute power in this domain. Even if the officials entered there, he would probably be acquitted. Thus, he shouldn’t even be considering fleeing.

“Okay, then just gotta break-in, head-on… You, I mean.”
“During that, I will save Michelle from the ceiling. Try to be as flashy as you can.”
“I see, understood.”

Of course, there was no entrance to the roof on the ceiling. But the walls were just made with planks and clay, so you could break them if you wanted to. If I enhance my strength, I could easily do it even with my strength.

Den was an actual Ogre unlike what his appearance suggested. He wouldn’t make such a blunder that some humans would be able to wound him. Like this, we decided to make a move to save Michelle and Cloud.

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