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Chapter 501 – Nicole Panics

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 894 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

By the time I returned to the academy, I couldn’t find Den anywhere. I found it doubtful that he wasn’t there waiting for me like a watchdog, and I started to imagine something bad.

To confirm his safety, immediately rushed to Finia’s side. When I arrived at Letina’s room which was a little away, the door of Finia’s room on the opposite side opened and Letina rushed out from inside.

“Letina, are you okay?”
“Nicole! I’m fine. But I can’t find Finia anywhere. She’s not in your room either?”
“Den isn’t anywhere either. Don’t tell me…”

Finia wasn’t present. That made my imagination worsen. I was fearing whether Cain did something to Finia and Den as a way to keep us in check. I didn’t think he’d resort to something so direct, but there was still a faint possibility.

“Anyway, let’s search for them inside the dorms!”

We walked in the hallway at a fast pace, not even changing our uniforms. Running in the hallway was banned, so we just walked as fast as we could. Otherwise, if the dorm mother caught us, it would just waste our time.

Still, something was wrong with the current situation. I also asked Letina, but there were no traces of battle inside the rooms, nor were there any notes left behind.

Finia would have left something like that, and if the enemy did something to her to keep us in check, the room would have been ravaged, and there would be no point in it without leaving a warning behind.

“The room was properly cleaned. Which means they were safe while doing that.”
“Yes, my room was also well-cleaned.”
“Then they disappeared not too long ago. The cleaning tools have also been put away, so it should’ve taken quite some time. It happened within the past three hours at the longest.”
“Three hours… That’s a strange time scope. Especially for Finia.”

Finia was a woman. Even if she was alive, she could be hurt in a different way. To be specific, her chastity and such. Given Cain’s lecherous gaze, that risk was quite high.

As we hurried impatiently, we reached the stairs, but then someone carefreely called out to us from the above floor. Looking there, it turned out to be Cain.

“Oh my. Where could you two beautiful ladies be heading to?”
“…Where is Finia?”

I restrained Letina who was about to snap at him and asked while acting calm. If we aggravated the situation here, not just Finia, even Letina could be in danger.

“Finia… If I remember correctly, she is Lady Letina’s servant, yes? Unfortunately, I have not seen her today.”
“So you may not have seen her, but someone else has, is that right?”

I probed him while suppressing my emotions. If I angered him here, Finia and Den’s safety wouldn’t be guaranteed.

“They are also servants, after all. I cannot deny the possibility that my subordinates may have seen her.”
“Do I interpret this as a warning?”
“Now, what could you mean by that?”

Cain shrugged his shoulders in great exaggeration. Frankly, I was on the verge of breaking his neck. But that way I wouldn’t be able to fulfill Letina’s request and Finia’s well-being would also be doubtful.

I had to hold back here for the time being.

“Hmm, it would appear that you cannot find your servants and are worried. It could be that they are simply out shopping?”
“I hope that is the case.”
“How kind of you to worry so much for your subordinates. I pray that you find them soon.”
“…Thank you.”

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Cain headed downstairs while leaving a meaningful smile behind.

After seeing his back off with our eyes, we resumed Finia and Den’s search. We first had to check the places they could have passed. The first thing that came to mind was the kitchen, so we headed there.

We hurriedly got down the stairs and headed to the entrance hall. Then, just as we were about to turn the corner towards the kitchen, the entrance door opened.

“Ah, Lady Nicole, Lady Letina. Where are you heading to?”
“Are you looking for tea perhaps? I’m sorry, I just bought the leaves, so I shall prepare it at once.”
“Y-You were shopping?”
“Oh, yes. Ah, that’s right, I have something to report to you!”

She said that innocently and pumped a fist in anger.

She didn’t seem to be injured anywhere.

“Sigh, for the time being, I’m glad you’re safe. But if you plan to head out, at least leave a note behind, will you?”
“Ah, my apologies. I planned to return sooner, so…”
“Lady Nicole, we have things to report regarding that. The contents of the matter are complicated so let us return to the room first.”

Den interjected while Finia was looking sorry.

Since he, who usually stayed reserved, did that, something probably happened that he didn’t want anyone else to hear.

“Got it. Anyway, I’m glad you’re safe. Give me the details once we return to the room.”
“Yes. Can you join us too, Lady Letina?”
“Of course!”

Like this, we returned to my room with Finia and Den.

Still… it seemed that we really did accuse Cain falsely earlier.

I really didn’t want to do it, but I might need to apologize for my rude attitude.


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