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Chapter 493 – Returning to the Dorm

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 893 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

For the time being, I had Michelle and Cloud confirm the anti-dust mask shipping, while we returned to the dorm.

Not much time had passed, so there were still people on the streets.

We were a group of beauties, and Den looked quite conspicuous too, so from the slave traders’ perspectives we should appear like an attractive group. So I was actually thankful for people’s eyes still being there, which would make it harder for a crime to happen.

“Still, you are searching for the drug distribution channels through anti-dust masks? I would have never thought of that.”
“You have to learn the lord’s work from now on, so you should pay more attention to odd numbers.”
“Do I?”
“Yes. For example, let’s assume wheat was being bought in large amounts. Then there must be some kind of reason for it, like the neighboring region having poor yield, or maybe they are preparing for a war, or maybe some new product that uses flour will show up.”
“If it was for land with poor crop yield, they will still buy it even if you raise the price a little, and if it was for war, you could forestall it and fortify your defenses. Even with the new product, if you play your hand right you could even take advantage of it.”
“I see?”

Letina tilted her head while answering in affirmation with a voice that made it vague whether she really understood it or not. But even I was just parroting the words I heard from Cortina.

Even if I understood it in theory, it was hard to claim that I understood it in practice too. Even so, just ‘knowing’ it was already a big asset. I wouldn’t have come up with this idea to trace the target through the flow of indirect goods.

“Well, I don’t have experience in it either. Shouldn’t Marquis Yowi be teaching you that stuff in detail?”
“Father? He is quite open-minded when it comes to such things…”
“Are Raum’s top nobles doing okay there…?”

We headed back while having such sidetracked conversation.

As expected, even the bad drunkards were few in number in populated places, so we didn’t get involved in anything on the way back.

Thanks to that, we managed to reach the dorm gates with some time left. As expected, it would leave a bad impression if I broke the curfew a few days after transfer.

“Well then, see you tomorrow, Finia, Letina.”

I said my goodbye to Letina as we reached my room on the third floor. Her room was a little away from mine, and the servant rooms were also in that direction. Den’s room was also on the other side of the corridor so he could come right away if I called for him.

Student and attendant rooms facing each other was the fundamental structure of this dormitory.

“Yes, goodnight, Nicole.”
“I will be staying in Lady Letina’s room today, so please contact me there if you need me for anything.”
“Same room?”

I felt a little doubt as to why they would need to share a room when she already had her own. Finia guessed it and started to explain.

“Yes. You infiltrated Cain’s room today, right? He might try something today, so I decided to stay there to be ready for anything.”
“Oh, you thought he would feel doubts at us and dispatch assassins at once?”
“I may be overthinking it, but…”
“No, don’t let go of that vigilance. There’s never too much of it.”

Particularly this time, the enemy has a clear ill will.

None of the Adventurers that Letina dispatched returned, after all. That meant that the enemy this time was merciless.

To say nothing of the fact that Letina and Finia were girls. There could be a situation where even if they retained their lives, they would be robbed of everything else. Thus it was better to be vigilant.

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“I see. Then may I also stay in Lady Nicole’s room?”
“Wait, Den?!”
“I am against it!”

Den suggested after listening to Finia’s words, but the two of them reacted in surprise.

Well of course they would. Staying in the same room as me who was a young girl wouldn’t be good.

“Den that would be a little inappropriate.”
“Would it trouble you?”
“I would rather avoid strange rumors… Besides, if dad heard of it he’d start going crazy.”
“That would certainly get me killed. I shall refrain then.”

Den hasn’t met Lyell directly, but he seems to have heard the rumors at least. And God Hastur probably also told him of his strength. No matter how high-ranked an Ogre he has evolved into, he couldn’t possibly match up to Lyell and his holy sword.

Still, the way he scaled the danger of his master and his life and easily chose his own sure said a lot about what his personality has turned into. As I sent him a disappointed stare, he bowed with an innocent smile and returned to his room.

It seemed that I was the one being teased there.

“Alright, I will excuse myself too. Let’s go, Lady Letina.”
“Indeed, goodnight, Nicole.”

Prompted by Finia, Letina also headed to her room. We were on the same floor in the same dorm, so even the unlikely event shouldn’t happen.


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