Chapter 483 – Conversing With the Presumed Mastermind

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1077 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Once I got permission for Den to use the kitchen, I walked throughout the dormitory and tried to investigate any suspicious places.

I asked Letina to relay the situation to Den and had her leave my side. My walk was part of the investigation, so there was a chance we’d find ourselves in a problematic situation if we remained together.

Still, speaking of what I have discovered so far, it could be traces of legal drugs (so-called tobacco) or hidden alcohol bottles in the backyard, but nothing particularly important.

Then again, if it was so easy to find, the previous Adventurers would have done so too. They prolonged their investigation because they failed to find anything, and were eventually found out and eliminated.

“They might be more atrocious than I initially thought…”

If I meddled poorly, not just Letina, it would endanger even Finia and Den. If it was only that much, I could still deal with it, but if the dorm mother and the head chef who seemed innocent got rolled up in it, it would leave a bad aftertaste.

But then, I felt a presence approaching me.

“Are you taking a stroll at such an hour?”

It was a somewhat affected, frivolous tone.

He approached me from behind as if to avoid my gaze, but he called out to me as if he never planned to hide himself.

“Do you intend to hide, or do you not, which is it?”
“So you did notice me? I can see how you transferred in the senior class.”
“Considering your tone, I take it you also know who I am?”
“Marquis’ daughter, Letina Winne Yowi’s friend, yes?”
“Indeed. And who may you be?”

There were few impudent enough to call out to me while knowing I was Letina’s friend. It was mostly high-class nobles’ sons who were excessively self-conscious. He seemed like he was one of them too.

He was a typical blond-haired, blue-eyed guy. He seemed to be training his body, his body didn’t have excessive flesh. His well-taken hair was also glossier than an average girl’s.

At first glance, he would look like a delicate youth with a moderately-trained body. But his gait was firm. I could see that he was not as weak as his body suggested. He was a somewhat ‘useful’ guy.

“Me? I am Cain. Cain Methuselah Lamech.”
“Ah, so you are that person…”

I naturally knew who he was. He was my target this time. He approached me with his initiative. I suddenly had a thought. Wouldn’t it be faster if I just dealt with him here and now?

The point was, if Cain disappeared, so would Letina’s marriage partner, as well as someone who was doing fishy stuff in this academy… Wouldn’t everything go well, I thought.

But then, I shook my head and rejected that thought.

There was once a time I took my client’s words for truth and assassinated someone, but the one they wanted to kill through proxy turned out to be a noble who just wanted to steal someone’s achievement.

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Though, needless to say, they were a handful of nobles trying to steal Cortina’s achievements.

Ever since then, I learned to properly find evidence before I acted. This time as well, just swallowing Letina’s story could lead to a mistake depending on the situation.

Besides, he wasn’t the only son of Duke Lamech. I think he had at least four illegitimate children, so even if I dealt with this guy here, the marriage strife would probably not end.

“Oh, you know me, my lady?”
“Just call me Nicole. You should already know my name, right?”
“Feigning ignorance until the introduction comes from the other party’s mouth is part of gentlemanly manners.”

Cain bowed with a theatrical gesture. Still, his eyes remained firmly set on me. It felt like he was estimating me. That wasn’t my misunderstanding, either. He was clearly estimating my worth here.

As the Hero’s daughter, as Berith’s hero, and whether he could use me or not. His snake-like gaze made me feel like someone poured water down my spine.

Having grown up as a girl, I often was the target of reptile-like lusty gazes. But his gaze far surpassed them in how glued it was on me.

“…I see. Then, let us get along, sir Cain.”
“Likewise. It is my honor to attend the same academy as the daughter of honorable Lord Lyell and Lady Maria.”

According to my knowledge, Cain was eighteen years old, in the senior grade. The senior school had entrance exams so there were even new students who were in their thirties. Still, the entry qualifications started from twelve years old, so having enrolled with a three years gap put him on the early side of things.

According to the rumors, he retrained himself under his domain’s chivalric order and then went to enroll in the senior grade. And that was something everyone in this Methuselah domain knew. There would be nothing strange even if I said it aloud.

But still, we planned to have Letina gather attention while I investigated things, but he zeroed in on me instead. I didn’t know whether to consider this lucky or bad.

“Well then, excuse me but I will be returning to my room. I am not very healthy, so today’s transfer has exhausted me.”
“Oh dear, my apologies for delaying you. It seems I still need more training if I fail to consider a lady’s health.”
“Not at all. I felt quite helpless being alone in an unfamiliar place. I hope you will treat me kindly from now on too.”
“Hahaha, your words honor me. Then I shall take you up on those words. May I suggest we share a meal next time?”
“My apologies, but I am quite feeble and my attendants are in charge of my meals. I hold back from eating outside of it.”
“I see, that would certainly worry your attendants. They must adore you dearly.”

He cleanly pulled his hair upwards and declared it.

Just about every action of his looked shady. I would choose having lunch with Elliot or Cloud any day over this guy.

At the very least, Elliot was already married, and as for Cloud he… well, he had some impure thoughts, but nowhere as secretive as this guy. Rather, he was such an open book that it troubled me.

Giving Cain an insincere smile, I left the place behind to flee from him.


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