Chapter 453 – Skirmish With the Devils

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1087 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The two Devils raised roars. My feet froze from those war cries that were accompanied by vibrations. My last moment from the previous life flashed in my mind, a feeling of hopelessness surging up from below.

Suppressing my shudders, I tried to keep Kufar, my real enemy, in my vision. However, that proved to be a vain effort. He was not so foolish as to overlook my momentary opening. He was already gone from my sight. No, perhaps he could be around, but I could not sense him.

That was his ability in this world, camouflaging.

He keeps going about how he hates his body in this life, but he keeps utilizing that ability to its utmost. He was like a lump of contradictions.

Besides, I had no time to search for him as I wanted. Two Devils, and highest level ones at that, were charging at me.

“They look strong. Can you win?”

Suddenly, the young boy calling himself Baa appeared next to me.

I’m quite happy to borrow his strength, but I wish he just cooperated from the start.

“Hey now, don’t misunderstand anything. I let you know about him as a freebie. I have no obligation to lend you a hand.”
“Fine, I get it already!”
“Also, that Slime. I suppose his manipulation range isn’t that big since he came all the way here, huh? Perhaps about a ten-meter radius.”
“I couldn’t care less about that now!”

I jumped sideways along with my scream. Following that, a longsword of over two meters long swooped down where I stood and split my afterimage.

The stone pavement broke and the sword sunk about halfway in it. Then, its second sword followed me as I leaped away. Baa meanwhile took distance from the Devil with gliding movements. This sly b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲.


I yelled a little inappropriately for a girl and swung my leg up. My kick landed on the middle side of the blade that was approaching me.

I knew full well that the kick of this level would never be enough to throw its swing off-course. What changed the trajectory with this was my own body. I changed my direction downwards from the recoil and rolled over the paving. I did not remain at the place, instead kicked the ground and leaped even farther.

The second Devil attacked where I was a moment ago. Had I stopped where I was or just done a roll, I would’ve been split into two.

“So, what’s your plan?”
“I don’t wanna make any more debts with you!”

In my previous life, I and this type of Devil took each other out. And there were two of them here now. I couldn’t blame my body for faltering instinctively.

Still, like with Kufar, they were enemies I had to overcome. If I didn’t, I would not be able to stand before them in the future.

“Come… I’ll settle it once and for all this time!”

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As if responding to my provocation, the two Devils roared in unison. Their roar was full of pressure that would freeze everyone who heard it. Perhaps it served to dull my movements, but this time it was convenient for me.

The intimidation didn’t work on me, and it would’ve been bad if people heard the ruckus and came here. With this, ordinary people who heard it would get intimidated and won’t get in the way.

The Devils moved to sandwich me between them. I ran in reverse, trying to move to a place where I wouldn’t be flanked. Of course, they wouldn’t just let me pass by, so the two slashed at me from left and right. I passed through them by a hair’s breadth, did a roll one time, and turned around.

Downward and sideway swings immediately entered my vision. As they each held two swords, they were able to make their next attack faster than me.

I jumped over the sideway swing that approached slightly faster, and flew my thread towards the sword. The entangled thread dragged me along the sword, flinging me to the side. With that, I managed to avoid the vertical swing too.

We were in a plaza before a church, so there were no places where I could hook my threads at. The enemy, on the other hand, could swing their swords freely in every direction. The situation was even worse compared to the one in my past life.

Not to mention, there were two of them now. Had it been me of the previous life, I wouldn’t have been able to fight against them. But now, other than my mastered skills, I also had the power of magic on my side.

Moreover, the gauntlets God Hastur made especially for me helped me when doing violent maneuvers. I was feeling far less burden compared to back then.

Besides, even if there were no obstructions around, it wasn’t like I had no places to hook my threads at. Their giant bodies themselves could become hooks for my threads.

Moreover, due to activating 【Enchant】 on my gauntlets, my mobility increased enough to rival the Devils. There was a time limit, of course, but I should not fall behind even against the two of them.

“Having said that, if I drag this on, they could get in a surprise attack like during the fight with Kufar!”

It was not my field to fight head-on like this.

Laying traps, surprise attacks, ambushes—things that decided the outcome in one move were my specialty. This kind of battle was not my real nature, as expected.

The Devils seemed to have sensed my decision to attack and momentarily stopped their attacks.

Using that opportunity, I did a small back step to open up the distance. Seeing that, one Devil rushed at me with a powerful thrust. I bent backward and dodged it, coiled a thread around its sword at the same time, and then flew them towards its neck.

I was planning to use its own strength to lop its head off, but it had seen through it.

Before the thread managed to twine around its neck, it swiped it away, making my body go flying along with it.

I rolled quite far and opened some distance. When I tried to get up and fix my posture, I heard someone’s voice as their way cut into this place.

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I remembered that voice well. That voice that I had grown to hear since my birth undoubtedly belonged to Lyell.


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