Chapter 452 – Fated Opponent

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 968 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Perhaps by abandoning his newly-obtained body, his agility increased even further. He was running through the city so fast it made me open my eyes wide in shock. Or well, he had no legs, so it was better to say that he was crawling.

I chased to not lose sight of him, while holding some doubts.

He was running towards the World Tree. In other words, to the central part of the city. The World Tree was the center, though, so perhaps calling it the city’s central part was a little incorrect.

At any rate, that was opposite of the city exit, so I couldn’t help but think it was quite unfit for a place to run to.

“Wait, does he plan to get inside the Labyrinth?”

The World Tree had a legendary Labyrinth with hundreds of floors.

Within the mythology, it was said that whoever conquered this Labyrinth would gain immortality, so various beings, like Bahamut, who later became known as the Dragon God, or the Demon Lord, apparently aimed for it and climbed to the top.

However, the God of Destruction had snapped said World Tree in half, so no one could confirm whether the mythological events were true. In other words, at present, the only merits of climbing this Labyrinth were the items you could obtain inside.

“No, a Slime like him might strengthen himself by absorbing something.”

Just like how he became able to control his body parts. Or the movement speed that he gained.

Now that I have cornered him, he might be planning to aim for some new ability to overcome this situation. If so, it would be bad to let him escape like this.

Just as I was considering using my threads to overtake him, Kufar suddenly stopped. As he had fled for quite a distance, we were pretty close to the central part already. But the Labyrinth entrance was still far away.

There was only a small church nearby, with practically no human presence. Or rather, there weren’t even private houses around.

As things fell near the World Tree, there was some distance between it and the city. That church stood further deep inside the inner border of the city.

“Are we done playing cat and mouse?”
“Yeah, this is the end. For you too, Reid.”

There was no one around. I could feel a few people inside the church, but they weren’t making any—

“Wait, what is this?!”

The presences weren’t moving. However, the magic power was concentrating bizarrely there. I of the past life would’ve probably failed to notice it. But now that I could use magic, I could see it—the flow of magic power. It was flowing towards the church’s basement.

“If you manage to return alive, give Lyell my words. That it was suicidal to leave my body parts be, even if it was just something used for suicide.”
“You’re saying you manipulated it from this distance?!”
“Not just manipulate. I made it to draw a magic circle. And within it are sacrifices that have fallen into despair. Two of them!”

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I recalled the information I heard from Cortina at the inn.

She told me they ‘questioned’ the guy I caught during the day and the one Lyell and Maria caught, in a small church. They could not escape the death penalty, but they spit out the information to escape from the suffering.

In other words, they had no more hope for survival. That would undoubtedly be considered hopelessness, wouldn’t it? I heard one of them had even lost his sanity. And when it came for the Devil summoning, how much despair the sacrifices felt was a major factor.

“It can’t be, you… You’re planning to sacrifice your comrades!”
“I made my body part draw the magic circle inside the prison. I have sacrifices too. As for the magic power… Well, I’ll just use them from the sacrifices. The star positions are a little bad, but their madness should make up for it.”

Kuhehe, he chuckled sinisterly.

At the same time, I felt a tremendous miasma leading from the church’s basement.

“What is this…”
“Looks like it was a success. I wonder what we got here?”
“Stop mes—”

My words stopped at that. Because I heard several screams from the church.

Following it, came sounds of footsteps that were destroying the building. With a little delay, soldiers rushed out. They didn’t even look at us and scattered everywhere.

From the reverberating footsteps and the interval between them, I guessed that it was something big. It was not an opponent I could carelessly charge at.

Before long, the church’s gate was blown off from the inside, and the summoned Devil revealed its body under the moonlight. It stood over three meters tall. It was on the smaller side for a monster, but the strength lurking within could rival even the Giants.

And in its dangling hands, it held two longswords.

“It can’t…be…”

It wasn’t the only one either. Yet another one appeared from behind.

“Pfh…khaha… I can’t believe it! To think we would have such a fateful meeting here!”

Kufar spoke, not even hiding his half-maddened delight.

The Devil appeared as the earth trembled. It was that same devil that drove me to death in my past life.

“And there’s two of them! What will you do, Reid? Can you win again, huh? Hihi, HIHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

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I swung my threads at Kufar who was laughing with jarring laughter.

But he would not make the same mistake either. He seemed to have read my attack and nimbly dodged it and continued to escape.

I tried to chase after him before before defeating the Devils, but the Devils did not permit it.


The two raised cries and charged towards me bursting with murderous intent.


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