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Chapter 48 – Orphanage Visit

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Aurum English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1262 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Honestly! Can you believe that guy!”

In the Dining room early in the morning.
Cortina angrily waved her knife around in indignation as she wolfed down her breakfast.

“You idiot, stop that, it’s dangerous.”

Gadius carefully confiscated the knife from Cortina.
His motion picking up Cortina’s knife so casually and fluently was very dwarf-like.

“Ah, sorry. But what was with that timing? When my mouth was full of pasta? To the limit?”
“It’s Reid after all.”

From life on the battlefield to being adventurers. Life without manners continued and eventually Cortina got used to it.
Especially when they were on a job, they’d rush to swallow their food. The time they spent eating could prove fatal.

It became a habit that continued even after the battle was over.
Reid’s proposal came without any special mood in a situation that could not be forgiven by any woman.
Cortina was particularly close to Maria, so she heard all about when she was proposed.
Lyell the holy knight presented a ring to Maria before a pretty church under the open night sky, compared to that, Reid proposed in the inn’s dining room.
I had seen him affectionately, more than just a companion for a while now, but I absolutely couldn’t forgive his lack of consideration here.

“Even so, he acted like nothing happened the next day…. That pissed me off!”
“I mean, it’s Reid after all.”

Gadius who knows how depressed he really is at night feels like he has to interject. But if it comes from his mouth, it just won’t be right.

Gadius welcomes the happiness of his companions.
Reid in particular is often awkward or incomprehensible compared to Lyell, even he thinks himself unpopular with the girls.
To add to that since he’s famous as an assassin, fear is the first thing one feels towards him.
In fact, he’s pretty popular in his own way with his cool appearance and there are a lot of women aiming for him. If he could tie the knot with Cortina, it’d be a good ending to Gadius.

Gadius wants to support Reid’s unexpected courtship.
However, Reid’s already trying to change his own mind and is forcing himself to pretend everything’s normal. It’s a move made in consideration of Cortina so she doesn’t get angrier with him.
Meanwhile, Cortina is awaiting his next action.
In other words, their feelings are neatly passing alongside each other, but if things are left as they are, they’ll grow apart without knowing how the other really feels.

“Well, don’t get too mad. It might’ve been a blockheaded move but at least he did something, it’s progress ain’t it?”
“It is but…”
“Anyways, take a look.”

Gadius pushed a piece of paper towards Cortina.

“What’s this? Inspection of an orphanage?”
“It’s originally a request for newbies, but I had Reid take it, how about it?”
“Me too?”

And so Cortina let her mind wander.
Playing with the innocent children during the day, then at night under the starry sky with Reid, just the two of them… Then she looks at him with serious eyes, and she…

“Ufufufu, hey this ain’t bad.”
“How about it?”
“Such a thing is a piece of cake for me! I’ll accept your request!”
“I see, the kid’s’ll be happy”
“Come again?”
“They’ll be happier to have a Hero like you rather than an adventurer come visit.”
“Oh, yeah, now that you mention it, that’s right.”

Cortina is special among the six heroes.
She’s unlike Gadius who boasts insurmountable defense, or the key players Lyell or Maria.
She lacks an overwhelming technique like Reid or Maxwell have.

Her abilities are first-class, but they stop short of top-class.
Such a girl gave instructions to a bunch of masters in their field and led them to victory. Something that would normally be thought impossible for an ordinary person without power.

Being a hero without any power or magic.
You could say that is what Cortina embodies.

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If it was her sent on the inspection, the children wouldn’t be happy.
Settling on that hypothesis, Cortina lay flat on the countertop.
“Hey, just the two of us is gonna be rough…”
“Well, just take it one step at a time. For now, just try to make up.”

When things didn’t go well Cortina had a habit of yowling like a cat.

They greeted a friendly priest at a church doubling as an orphanage, it was decided that they’d meet with the children living there.
The inspection was also a kind of sympathy call, so they had to verify each child’s condition themselves.

Cortina stifled a laugh watching Reid put on a cramped smile on his face after being exposed to the curious and admiring glances of the children.
It was unusual to have the always cool Reid be the laughingstock and expose his weakness like this.

Lord Reid and Lady Cortina have come to visit the orphanage today. Everyone, please say hello.”

The pair reflexively cupped their ears in response to the children’s deafening roar.
This time the children were even louder as they laughed at the fact that the pair acted simultaneously.

“I’ll take my leave to go prepare lunch, please mind your manners.”
“Gggooot ittt!”

The children twitched impatiently like they were raring to go.
The priest chuckled at the gesture as he took his leave.

“Oh, let me help if that’s alright.”
“Tina, wait! Are you planning on leaving me alone here?”
“…It’s fine. Reid can handle it.”
“Look this way and say that, oi!”

Having judged the children would give them a raucous baptism, Cortina opted to escape.
As Reid tried to get her to stay, she offered words of encouragement while averting her gaze.
Reid raised his voice in reproach as if he’d completely forgotten the awkwardness of their relationship.
She waved away his scream while averting her gaze and left.
Reid tried to chase after her and using that as a signal the children swooped down on him like ferocious beasts.

“Forgive me Reid, I’ll be sure to pick your bones up afterwards.”
“I’ll get you for thiiiiiisss!?”

Reid was flattened by the overwhelming amount of children despite them not being powerful.
Turning away from him, Cortina headed to the orphanage’s kitchen while joined by a few of the girls.

“Um, excuse me! I’d like to help too!”
“Hm? You don’t want to play together with Reid?”
“No. I was hoping Father would teach me how to cook.”
“That so? That’s nice of you, what’s your name?”
“Fi, Finia!”

Talking to this little girl who looked so nervous she might bite her own tongue made all the stress from the last few days melt away.
She stroked her head a few times before grabbing hold of her hand.
As they headed towards the kitchen, they could hear Reid’s screams come up from behind them.
Even Reid couldn’t win against kids.

“U, Umm… Is Lord Reid okay?”
“How many times do you think I’ve worried about him dying? This much is nothing for him.”
“I-Is that so…”

In the kitchen, the priest was hard at work making lettuce and egg sandwiches.
It’s not a difficult dish by any means, but because of how many he has to make, it’s a struggle.

“I’ve come to help”
“M-me too!”
“No, Lady Cortina! In such a place…”
“Don’t worry about it, despite how it looks my food will still be tasty.”
“M-me too!”
“That sounds great, then if you would please.”

At the priest’s response Cortina and Finia glanced at each other and rolled up their sleeves.

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