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Chapter 43 – First time at Raum……

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

In the end, after that girl and I argued for a while, I admitted defeat.
That girl then ran back to her mother with the shoes in tow.

「Mama! I like these boots! 」
「Letina, didn’t I tell you not to run around on your own!」

Her mother scolded the girl for running away on her own.
That’s to be expected. After all, she has been abducted yesterday. It would be natural for her mother to worry.

「Yeesh. But, but look, I found some good Boots! Look, it’s this. It has Cortina-sama’s cat motif! 」
「That looks good indeed, but is that child added as an accessory?」
「That child?」

When the girl called Letina looked at the shoes, she found my figure still hanging on the shoes.
Releasing your weapons on the battlefield would be a fatal mistake. My grip is quite strong you know, despite my age. However, my body is much too light for someone my age.
As a result, I was pulled along with the boots and was easily dragged by Letina.

「Hey, why are you still holding onto it!?」
「I won’t let go even if I die. Especially from you」
「Don’t look at me as if I am a thief!」
「My oh my. Is she a friend? 」
「Mama, no it’s not! I don’t want to be friends with such a weird child」

Letina rejected her mom’s statement with all her will.
Even though I am a girl, being clearly rejected like this still hurts me a bit.
While I was reeling from the shock of being rejected, Finia finally arrived.

「Nicole-sama, why did you disappear out of my sight again, in a place like this!」
「You didn’t have to imply『again』 though」
「Oh my. Being called by an honorific, are you perhaps a young lady from some well-off family as well?」
「You 『as well』?」

The girl’s mother uttered after hearing how Finia was addressing me.
But does that mean that this girl, Letina is also a noble’s child or something?
If that is the case, then I could see why she is so selfish and spoiled.

「Yes. I am the wife of Marquis Yowi, Elizabeth Winne Yowi. Please to meet you. You may call me Aunt Eliza if you want」

The mother smiles with a relaxed gesture. She doesn’t show any strict atmosphere at all even now. It was probably because she is worried about Letina.

「And I am, Letina Winne Yowi, her daughter!」

Different from her mother, Letina introduced herself in a comical way that you would feel like hearing drum rolls on the background.
It is common courtesy to introduce yourself when someone gives you their names.

「I am Nicole. I don’t have a surname because I am a commoner」

When they left their countries for the expedition, both Lyell and Maria have a higher status so they both have surnames. However, after successfully subjugating the evil dragon, they both abandoned their surnames in order to break their connections from any country.
Among the six of us, only Maxwell returned while not abandoning his surname.

「Oh, so you were just a commoner」
「Now Letty. Didn’t I tell you not to speak that way」

Perhaps Letina doesn’t know about things like this so she might have felt a little offended after hearing my name.
On the other hand, Eliza-san probably realized it. Although an aristocratic system does function here, she would still be going to the same school as me. Everyone is also going to be treated equally upon entry.
After all, there is a strict rule in the school that no one should discriminate based on their social status.
This is an established principle and Maxwell prioritizes this above everything else.
Finia returns her thanks while ignoring the parent/child reaction.

「Thank you for taking care of her. I am Finia, an exclusive servant of Nicole-sama」
「My, what a beautiful posture. It looks like you have received a very good education」
「Thank you for the praise. I’m sure my master would be pleased to hear it」

Eliza didn’t mind her formality, but Letina seems to have clicked her tongue after seeing Finia’s formal gesture.
I feel a little scared that if it was me who was going to bow, I won’t be able to properly do it.
But then an entity that caused even further confusion suddenly appeared. It was the Hero Cortina.

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「Oh, there you are. You are really quite the tomboy Nicole-chan. I just took my eyes off you for a bit and you really disappeared」
「Co, Cortina-sama!?」

For a legendary figure to suddenly appear, it couldn’t be helped for even Eliza-san to be unable to hide her tension. Her back was straightened and her expression became stiff. Similarly, Letina also froze.

「Y, you……were a relative of Cortina-sama?」

With a faint voice, she was barely able to ask.

「Nn? Nope. She’s my Landlord」
「Landlord……Do you live in Cortina-sama’s residence?」

Letina ended up using strange honorifics. Well, it was probably from the shock of meeting Cortina.

「Un. My parents are friends with her」
「When you speak of Cortina-sama’s friends, d- don’t tell me――」
「It’s Lyell and Maria. My mama and papa」

Probably from the sudden confession about my background, Eliza-san fainted from shock.
Finia immediately supported her. She then lays her down on a bench.
Then, looking at me and Letina conversing, Cortina asked.

「A friend of yours?」
「That is so! We’ve just become friends!」
「Heee, eeeh!?」

While I was thinking about Cortina’s reaction, Letina who was waiting for a brilliant return suddenly declared that.
And because of that, I have acquired my first friend in Raum……or so it seems.


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