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Chapter 39 – White Lady’s Assistance

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library


Her best friend was injured right in front of her. Michelle knows that even though that girl was an unfamiliar girl, she won’t be able to abandon her.
That’s why she decided to stay and fight together with her. However, the difference between an adult and a child is easy to understand.

「I need to do something……I must――do my best!」

While clenching my teeth, I loaded arrows one after another, but the power gradually weakened. Although what I’m using is a hunting bow especially tailored for a little girl, it still required quite a bit of strength to draw it.
Not to mention that the number of arrows in my quiver is almost out.

「Only three left…… what to do」

It was usually Michelle’s role to deal damage to the enemy. Because she was not able to play that role, she felt frustration that she has never felt before. However, if she carelessly do something, it will only be blocked by the man’s shield. She knows that if she becomes impatient then her aim would also be affected. There might even be a chance that she would hit Nicole-chan.

「What should I do…… Is there something I could do!」
「Do you want powerー?」1

She heard a clear and calming voice from behind her. A soothing yet beautiful voice as though it was the voice of a siren. And also, hidden within that voice is a feeling of amusement and intimacy.

The moment she turned around, there was a girl. It was a head taller than her and was really youthful. Adding to that is the overwhelming whiteness around her. She had shiny silver hair and porcelain white skin. What caught her attention though was the shining silver bow that she holds on her hand.

「Umm, who?」
「You could say that I’m God. By the way Michelle-chan. Do you wish for power?」
「Eh? Ummm……」
「If you don’t decide now, the both of you will be in danger you know?」
「I, I, I want it, please!」

It was really suspicious, but if she was telling her that she would be able to help Nicole-chan, then she would accept it even if it was a deal with the devil.
That is what Michelle thought at that time.

「Alright, then I will lend this to you」

The girl presents the huge bow to Michelle, placing it in her hand.
At first, Michelle shows a frightened expression, but then her expression turn from fear to despair. After all, the strings were too hard for her to draw.

「This is no good, I won’t be able to use it」
「That’s why I am still here. I will help you out. Consider this a special favor, alright?」

Immediately after saying that, Michelle felt a surge of power from inside her. Initially, she thought that it was similar to Maria’s power, but that wasn’t the case. It was so strong that it couldn’t even be compared.

「Can you draw the string now? But this is probably not enough yet, a normal arrow won’t be good enough either. Please use this arrow instead」

I don’t really understand what she was talking about, but since it was such a huge bow, it probably required a specialized arrow. Without thinking too much about it, Michelle receives the arrow without doubting. The arrow that was handed to her was made out of steel, there’s also a spiral ridge on its shaft.

「The bow’s name is called the Third Eye. Please use it carefully from now on, ok?」
「U, un」

She didn’t know how long the magic applied to her would last. She immediately nocked the arrow on the silver bow called Third Eye.
The giant bow was comparable to――no, it was taller than her. It was made out of some kind of synthetic material sandwiched in between quartz plates and the silver string―― probably made out of mythril thread. It would have been normal for anyone to not be able to draw such a bow.

However, because of the strengthening she received, she was able to draw the steel-like string. The synthetic materials of the bow creaked as it rubs against the quartz plates.

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「Ah right, if you use too much power, both that child and Michelle-chan will be blown away by the shockwave. So use only a little bit of it」
「Ye- yes!」

She hesitantly replied to the girl. Even she could understand just how much power the bow possessed. Thinking about what would happen if she misfired made her feel a lot of tension.

「Don’t worry about it that much, if it’s about the shield of that man then it would be torn like paper. That’s why calm down」

The girl gently put her hands on Michelle’s back to reassure her. She also felt like all of her fatigue disappeared. After feeling the weight lifted from her shoulders, Michelle aimed the bow once more.

Right now her aim was decided. She also felt like she would be able to predict how the two would move.

「That feeling, that’s the effect of the Marksmanship Gift. Believe in your power」

The girl whispers in her ears.
Then she releases the arrow with that whisper as the trigger.



  1. TL: Wait, Kyubey?

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