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Chapter 26 – Assault on the Highway

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

The first two days of the trip went smoothly well.
If any problem was to be mentioned, then it would only be about my motion sickness. But the next day, things have changed.

It’s at the time when the traffic has been reduced and the escort adventurers have settled down, and it’s also the time when tension has been lowered.
If it is now, then it would be the best time for something to happen.

When the carriage entered the woods where the highway continued, something got caught in my presence detection.
However, there was no sense of hostility. It was more of a sense of incongruity that I’ve felt.

「Is something wrong, Nicole-sama?」

If it’s like this, then I have experienced something like this several times before.
At that time, the enemy was cautious and didn’t show their intent or hostility.

「I can feel something. For now, just be cautious」
「What is it……can you grasp their number?」
「Probably an artificial life form. I couldn’t feel any kind of intent from it」

Hearing my explanations, Finia immediately informed the adventurers. It was good that I was able to immediately notice it and help them prepare.
Enemies without any sense of hostility do exist.

Gargoyles, Slime, Golems, other than that would be plant-based monsters.

Monsters like these don’t show any form of hostility since most of them move by instinct, that’s why it’s difficult to detect them if they are camouflaged in the surroundings.
Well, you could say that you won’t be a good scout if you are not able to detect them.

「You detected enemies nearby, are you sure about this!?」

After hearing Finia’s report, most of the adventurers came to me. Suspicion could be seen in their eyes, and their face shows disbelief in my words.
There is a high mortality rate when it comes to encountering monsters with good camouflage. Additionally, failure to detect their presence would add up the difficulty.
That’s why I informed them, and with this, they would be more cautious of their surroundings.

「Un. It’s in a bit of distance fwom hewe. It’s pwobably hiding in the woods.」

It’s not that I’m trying to talk in a childish way, it’s just that I can’t speak properly because I’m still not used to talking and my tongue won’t move the way I want to. Adding to that is my cute and clear voice which makes it even more childish, the impact it shows is quite the opposite.
As if responding to my words, one of the adventurers looked at a female adventurer. Then as a silent response, she immediately headed to the coachman’s seat.

「You said that it was in the woods, right. Then it is probably waiting for us to enter its attack range」

Well, I also won’t mind if they only thought of it as a child’s prank. But in the two days that we were traveling together, they have certainly acknowledged my detection skills.
That’s why the adventurers believed what I’ve said.

One of the adventurers who went to confirm the situation came back, and after a bit, the carriage stopped.

「So, what’s the situation?」
「It was true. There are two slimes hiding on a grassy area close to the road」
「I was surprised. I didn’t expect that her detection range would reach that far ahead……」

My look right now is definitely quite childish, but still, being recognized for your skills is always a pleasant thing.
Even if my nose grows pointy like that of a tengu, it is still a fact that I did great.

「A Chimera Blob’s movement is quite sluggish. As long as you don’t get caught, then it’s not a difficult monster to handle. We will get rid of them first, so please patiently wait for us to return.」
「Is it really okay?」
「Yeah. Even if we face them upfront, they won’t be much of an opponent」
「What if they melt your weapons」
「Hmm, if that happens, then we will have to use our reserves on hand」

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Strong acidic attack is one of the most common form of attacks that Chimera Blobs use.
Because their body is made up of the very same fluid, the weapons used to attack them would also suffer some damage.
Also, if they left their weapons unchecked, it would continue to corrode for several hours and render it useless.
That’s why most adventurers hated fighting against Chimera Blobs.
In order to prevent this, they need to sterilize their weapons with strong alcohol. That’s usually one of the reasons why adventurers carry strong liquors.

「We still don’t know how strong are they, it might take some time to defeat them, are you sure it’s fine for us to stay behind and wait?」
「If we are not able to return after two hours or more, then it would probably better for you all to leave us behind」
「Ah, alright」
「Don’t worry. This is only in the worst-case scenario」

The adventurers then rushed out after talking to the merchant that was leading the carriage.
Watching over their backs as they slowly disappear from view was Michelle.

「Will they really be okay? Hearing their talks, it felt like they would be in a dangerous situation」
「It’s about time huh. I think they would be fine but it will definitely take some time before they return because it is definitely a tough enemy.」

Judging from my past experiences, they would be about as strong as those Chimera Blobs.
But then, a new presence got caught in my detection.

「What happened?」
「Something is coming, and approaching at a great speed. This one is also hostile」

It’s probably a wild beast that was aiming for this carriage. I presume that it also has a wider detection range compared to my own, that’s why I didn’t know until it attacked and entered my detection range.
The adults who heard what I’ve said panicked for a bit.
Michelle’s father also prepared his bow ready to defend his child. Finia also took out her dagger and went down from the carriage.

「I, I will help too……!」
「You don’t need to get out of the carriage Michelle-chan. Shoot it from there」
「Is, is that fine?」

After giving her proper instructions to prepare, I also jumped down from the carriage and took out my katana.


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