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Chapter 22 – 7 Years old and Hunting for the First Time

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

From here on I will be 7 years old

Two more years have passed.
I wanted to enter Raum Magic Academy, and focusing on learning magic, I spent my daily life training.
Of course, I also didn’t forget to train my body.
Though I wanted to improve my strength, it just couldn’t be helped and only my endurance improved, but if it’s about instant use of force then I could somehow manage it.

It was one month before the entrance exams, and right now Michelle-chan and I are currently hiding in the woods.

Hanging on my waist is a short scimitar like sword which I was recommended to use two years ago, and this is the result of giving up on the two-handed sword and giving priority on sharpness. On the other hand, Michelle-chan was standing away from me holding a big hunting bow and was wearing leather armor. By the way, I was considerably so weak that I couldn’t even wear leather scraps.

And beyond our sight was a Strike Boar, a kind of monster boar which is happily eating the bait we set up.
This is one of the animal based monsters that have edible meat suitable for consumption. Moreover, its fur is a good material for making cold resistant clothing, and its fangs are considered to be popular decorative items.
In other words, it was a 『Delicious Prey』 that it’s whole body could be considered as materials for consumption and use.
However, that would only be the case if we could actually hunt it.

I looked back and forth to Michelle-chan and the target in front. This will be our opponent to see the result of our training for the past 2 years. Right now, with just a glance, we could understand what we need to do.

「Crimson One, Ultramarine One, Gold Three. Grant Power to my Partner’s Bow.」

In response to my casting, Michelle’s bow glowed for a moment―― then the light vanished.
Though the light has disappeared, this doesn’t mean that the effect vanished and her bow was granted some power. Crimson is for strengthening, Ultramarine is for number of targets, and Gold is for duration.
In this case, it will be minimum effects granted to one person for three minutes.
And if I further increase the amount of magic used, the color density and composition also changes.

This level of enchantment could be silently activated by Maria, but it’s still impossible for me to do so at my current level.
Even if I say that, this amount is what my current magic capacity could use. If I go for Crimson Two, Ultramarine Two, and Gold Four, then my current magic power would be completely emptied.

But despite that, there’s still some merit in doing this.
My partner would be able to know what magic was used and how long it will be in effect.

Despite the noise from casting, the Strike Boar wasn’t able to notice us yet.
After nocking an arrow and stretching the string to the limit, Michelle-chan released the arrow. It flew straight and pierced deep onto the Strike Boar’s neck. At her current power, she could only penetrate it halfway. Half of the arrow buried into the boar’s neck.


We could then hear the scream of the boar suffering from severe pain.
Then it set its sight towards us. But at that time, Michelle-chan was already hidden in a tree.

「Nicole-chan, I’ll leave it to you! 」

Removing the scimitar from my waist, I prepared for a direct assault.
As the name implies, a Strike Boar’s main attack is a powerful charge. On the other hand, if you are able to dodge its main attacks, then it will be an enemy that could one could easily cope up with.
Most adventurers would hunt one as a source for emergency ration when on a hunt. But it doesn’t mean that they were an easy foe to hunt.

「Bummmoooo!! 」

I side stepped in order to dodge wotb minimum movements and barely got grazed by the attack.
There’s no need for me to worry about Michelle-chan who stayed hidden in the shade of the trees.

Then in gap of the attack, I made sure to deliver a sharp strike with my scimitar.

As expected, the damage I inflicted was minimal because of my feeble strength. The best I could do was scrape off the skin and inflict shallow scratches.
But that alone is fine. As long as I am targeted and the boar’s rush attacks are aimed at me.
Luring and provoking the strike boar is only part of the act. In other words――

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「Bukkeeeee!? 」

Another arrow was shot by Michelle-chan without being noticed, and that arrow penetrated its leg and stopped its movement. Not missing the moment she nocked and shoot another arrow, penetrating its neck for the second time.

Finally noticing Michelle-chan, the boar aimed at her, but it was struck by the scimitar again.
As I participated in the joint attack, I thought that it would have been a great idea to also enhance my strength, but there wasn’t enough room to do so right now,and that I did not have enough Magic Power.


The attack didn’t mean much and the blade didn’t stab that deep. However, it was good enough to draw the attention of the boar back to me.
If this was an intelligent creature, it would have ignored me and aimed for Michelle-chan, but the Strike Boar is just a beast moving on instinct. It’s not intelligent enough to think about who to attack and would only focus on the last opponent that attacked it.

The attacks, though powerful, was linear and was easy to dodge. And with this, we continued to inflict damage. This time, the arrows were aimed at its thigh. Because the main aim is to stop it by disabling its legs, most of the arrows were aimed at that spot.

We continuously repeated the attack, until it was defeated.
And then, after three minutes, the two of us successfully defeated the strike boar with our own power.


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