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Chapter 13 – A Hero’s Image

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

Seeing the kobold half stained in blood, I felt disgusted. The kobold seemed to blink for a moment.
Kobolds are among the lowest tier of monsters.
Nevertheless, they are still more than a single child could handle, the kobolds surround me and prepare to attack.

Responding to their movements, I lower my posture.
At that moment I attempted to distance myself, and a shadow jumps between us.

“What are you doing to my daughter—–!” (Lyell)

With a cry, there was a flash of silver light.
With its overwhelming mass and destructive power, the light sent a kobold flying and crushed it into pieces.
The back of that figure that is blocking me is the kind of hero I aspire to be.
It was my current father, Lyell, who just rushed here.

“Lye – Dad?” (Nicole)
“Are you okay, Nicole?” (Lyell)
“Well, yeah – behind you!” (Nicole)

The kobolds attacked Lyell’s back, but he just casually turned around.
This is just a matter of course. There is no honorable retreat in battle.
But there was a clear difference in ability between Lyell and the Kobolds, to the extent that it did not matter.

Although the kobold bit his shoulder, he was fine – seeing I’m still alive, he sighed a breath of relief.
Then he grabbed the head of the kobold with his left hand and slammed it into the ground.

The kobold which was thrown onto the soft ground, however, was crushed by the force exerted.
The difference between Lyell and the kobold was so much that it did not even leave a scar on his shoulder.
The kobold had its head crushed and breathed for the last time.

With Lyell here, the kobolds finally realized the difference in fighting ability. We merely watched as the kobolds tried to flee all at once.

Even so, the kobolds cannot be forgiven.
Suddenly a wall of light surrounded the area and prevented the kobolds from escaping.
I am familiar with this magic.
This is Maria’s sacred magic, Holy Prison. This skill encloses the enemy in an energy field.

She has no physical ability compared to Lyell, thus she enclosed the enemy with magic from a distance.
She approached as usual, with a large smile, but she felt different from usual.
When she saw my body dyed in blood, that smile became darker.
It was filled with a great deal of murderous intent.

“Ma, mama …” (Nicole)
“Are you okay, Nicole? …Wait a moment” (Maria)

With a single chant, Maria instantly activates magic and light attached to me and the girl.
My wounds are closing with visible speed, this is Maria’s healing magic.
Her magic is activated faster than anyone, due to the gift of High-Speed Casting.

“There are only two kobolds left, right?” (Maria)
“Yeah.” (Nicole)
“Well then, please take care of it.” (Maria)
“Yeah, just leave it to me, I have yet to torture the dog that bit our daughter!” (Lyell)

Grasping his sword with both hands, he gives it a swing.
That alone split the grassland, revealing the bare the ground below. A swing to clearly demonstrate the power of Lyell’s sword.

“Ga Garru-”
“Wa~u…… kyaun”

The surviving kobolds held their tails between their legs and their hair was standing on end.
Of course, Lyell cannot forgive them even if they show such a figure.

He raises a shout that’s equivalent to a roar and slashed them, knocking them down and trampling them.
That figure is exactly that of a demon.
It was what I’m unable to achieve – the valiant figure of a “hero”.

When I see this, I realized this was the hero I wanted to be. How hard do I have to train to reach that height?
I’m sure it’s impossible with just my own strength.
All I practiced in my past life were assassination techniques. But that was not what I wanted.

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A hero’s way of fighting needs to be flashy, huh.
As a matter of fact, I will start by studying from him.
An idea came to me, and when I was about to get it out of my mind.

My visibility started to fade immediately after that.
The wound has already been cured by Maria. However— ?

“Ah, Nicole — Because healing magic from before… is unable to recover blood loss, so please rest properly for now.” (Maria)
“Ah–” (Nicole)
“When you forcibly regenerate your organs, there are cases in which bad things can happen in various ways, so you have to recover yourself as much as you can.” (Maria)

After I heard that, my consciousness shut off steadily.
When I woke up, I was being brought to my room.
Lyell was there by my side, but there was no figure of Maria.
And I cannot see the figure of that girl.

“Were you awake, Nicole?” (Lyell)
“– Papa” (Nicole)
“Maria is very spartan, I wish she could have used Refresh magic.” (Lyell)

Refresh is the highest grade of healing magic that will heal all injuries.
If this is done, even lost blood can be recovered.
However, Maria tended to apply only the minimum necessary healing techniques and recommend self-healing.
This is because if there was some misalignment in the healed part and the surrounding parts as a result of excessive healing magic, certain problems would arise.

“But she cured it properly, she cannot possibly go wrong.” (Nicole)

Maria never abandons an injured person.
Closable wounds cured properly until the end.
She refrains from using Refresh as it is safer.
Of course, I know Lyell well. It is unusual for him to complain about Maria – because his beloved daughter is injured.

“Oh, I know that, I’m not blaming Mama or anything.” (Lyell)
“Yeah, that’s right, Papa, I have a favor to ask of you.” (Nicole)

I try to break out my sure kill technique, the “upturned eyes” that I fully mastered in the last three years.
Sure enough, the effect is outstanding. Lyell fell as quickly as possible.

“What is it! Papa will do anything you ask, Nicole!” (Lyell)

To the daughter who has an unusual request, Lyell answered immediately in vain.
Since he is ready, I present my request.
Although I was a little mean, I said so without losing any of my excitement.

“Can you teach me how to use the sword?” (Nicole)

In response to my request, Lyell seemed like a pigeon shot by a peashooter.


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