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Chapter 314 – 15 year old Inglis and the Two Princes (5)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2386 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1082 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

There were at most a dozen or so opponents. This number, Leone and Liselotte could handle them well enough!

「Leave it to me!」

Liselotte activated her White Wings Gift. With them, she moved at high speed and turned around the Knights.

「「「?! What was that?!」」」

At that speed, ordinary Knights and Flygears couldn’t keep up with her. With their slow reaction and even stagnation, they made a perfect target for Liselotte.

「You are stopping, dear sirs!」

Liselotte thrust her halberd Artifact forward, leaving a faint bluish-white trail from its glow.

A freezing, glistening, furious snowstorm was released from the tip of her halberd that was in the shape of a dragon’s wings. It wasn’t shaped like this before, but after Dragon Roar permeated through the Artifact, it transformed the blade’s very shape.

With part of the Dragon God’s power imparted within, the power of the blizzard was tremendous. According to Inglis, it was a part of a Dragon’s Breath, one of the most deadly of a dragon’s many powers. It was only a part of the true Dragon’s Breath, and yet no Gifts from any run-of-the-mill Artifact could hold a candle to it.

A direct hit to the human body would render the flesh instantly frozen, and the sheer force of the wind alone would further crush the frozen flesh into chunks, which is why Liselotte aimed at the flygears instead.

Liselotte cleaved her halberd wide to the side. The Dragon’s Breath emanated over a wide area, catching onto the flygears as she intended, freezing them in a flash.

「We’re falling?!」

Frozen, they could no longer stay airborne and thus they fell down… to where Leone had been waiting. She was already swinging her black greatsword Artifact that she enlarged to its limit.

「Sorry for the rough welcome!!」

Her Gift was activated. The greatsword’s blade enlarged, reaping the falling Knights all at once.


The Knights were struck with the flat of the massive sword, not the blade. They all came crashing onto the ground, screaming.

「All right!」

With an enemy of this size, Leone and Liselotte could still coordinate to neutralize them without taking their life. In a besiegement in the face of a large number of enemies, sparing the life of an enemy was a luxury they couldn’t afford. Of course, they wouldn’t hesitate to do it if they had to, but… In the end, if they could minimize the casualty for both sides, they would. Both sides were human beings, after all.

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「Now! Tie them up when they’re out cold!」

Lahti, who was in the rear, gave the order.

「「「Aye sir!」」」

Luwin, the Knights under him, and the volunteer soldiers, all moved in unison. Activating the Gift that would bring enemy Knights to a subspace meaning that Leone’s own allies would inevitably fall under her Gift too.

Although that wasn’t all bad, so long as they could neutralize and restrain the enemies like they just did.

「Leone! Very well done!」
「You did great too, Liselotte! You’re a huge help!」
「No, no, rather than me, it’s all thanks to this one.」

Spoke Liselotte, rubbing her cheeks to her Artifact in glee. It seemed like she was quite fond of the newly acquired Dragon Roar.

「Hahaha, you really like it, huh?」
「Indeed! With my wings Gift alone, I could move around a large area at high speed, but I had no meaningful attacking measure, right? All I could do was slash or thrust physically! On the other hand, with the power of this Dragon’s Breath, I could spread a strong attack over a wide area! It truly compensated for my weakness immensely!」
「R-right… I’ll rely on you again, okay!」
「Indeed, just leave it to me! All thanks to Miss Inglis, I can fight without any worries.」

Liselotte showed a grin.

With Inglis and Luwis’ strategy at hand, the enemy wouldn’t come marching in huge numbers. Instead, they would come in small batches to fight the Magic Stone Beast— batches that Leone and Liselotte could handle.

They could afford to capture their enemies without killing them. That, too, made it easier for Leone and Liselotte. Inglis probably had thought that far when she left the plan in their hands.

When it came to her own battle, she was abnormally passionate, persistent, and excited, her obsession with it far surpassing human comprehension even, but… When it came to other matters, she was unbelievably receptive, broad-minded, and knowledgeable about the workings of the human heart.

「Leone! We’ve tied them all! You can put us back now~!」

Pullum also participated in the battle, but she wasn’t playing an active role for now. The reason was that the Gift of her Artifact enhanced the performance of all surrounding Artifacts with the tone produced by her harp.

The problem with that was, in this situation, she would also enhance the enemy Knights’ Artifacts. It was fair that Pullum’s power should only be used in battles with non-human forces such as Magic Stone Beasts, not in battles between Knights who possessed Artifacts. The person herself was aware of this, so she joined Lahti and the others.

She and the others wouldn’t be where the Knights fell, but rather back to where they were stationed before Leone put them in her subspace. Once they were back, they would be back to the hallowed body of the fake Magic Stone Beasts where they were hiding before.

「Yes! I’ll return to you then!」

Leone responded.

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If this were to be repeated, they would eventually drag out and capture Prince Weinsel who led their army. By then, with their general in check, the rest of the troops wouldn’t resist.

While on this side, their general was another prince, Lahti.

Apparently, Prince Weinsel was a skilled Knight with a High-Grade Rune. Which meant he would have to put himself in the line to fight the Magic Stone Beasts. If his subordinates were no match for his enemy, he would eventually have to deploy his own best measure.

It was said that he had always fancied the battlefield, which means his own appearance on the front line wouldn’t be long. And that would be the final battle where everything was at stake, which was why Luwin said that they still relied upon Leone and Liselotte for their battle prowess in the end.

And, just as predicted, that final battle was approaching quickly.


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