Chapter 290 – 15 year old Inglis and the Eastern Front (21)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: ??? characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1296 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Well then, I’ll go back to my station, okay? I made my students wait…」

After greeting Raphael and the two Hyrule Menaces, Miliera left the room and headed for the hangar of the battleship. There, a group of students selected from the academy was waiting for her return.

Leading them was a senior student and a future candidate for Holy Knight, bearing a Special Grade Rune, Silva.

「Principal! How is Sir Raphael doing?」
「He had just awakened when I visited him. It’s all right, he is doing fine.」
「I see. I wanted to visit him too, if possible…」

From Silva’s perspective, Raphael was a respectable senior. He was someone who embodied the ideal image of a Holy Knight, a goal that anyone should aspire to. Previously, through Miliera’s in-between, Raphael was invited to the Knight Academy for special training, and Silva’s face lit up as Raphael trained him.

Perhaps, he wanted to learn something from Raphael, especially since they were in the dawn of fighting against Prisma, but Silva still didn’t know the truth about Holy Knights and Hyrule Menaces.

Miliera couldn’t possibly bring him to the conversation, so while she felt bad, she kept him away for now.

「I’m sorry, but we can’t disturb Mister Raphael too much…so, in return, I’m bringing someone who wants to see you, Mister Silva. Will you forgive me for this?」
「Heya. Doing well, everyone?」

From behind Miliera’s back, Ripple peeked out. With everything going on, Ripple was probably not in the best of moods right now but, thankfully she knew how to hide it and acted to lighten the mood around her.

「Lady Ripple! Yes, we were able to focus on our training with no problem. All thanks to you and everyone protecting our country!」
「Nay, nay, things got this messy because we couldn’t protect it well enough…… I’m sorry you guys got dragged into this, too…」
「No, I am happy that I can be of any help to you, Lady Ripple! Should Sir Raphael’s conditions remain as it is, I would be happy to fight alongside you on his behalf, so feel free to contact me!」

Miliera wanted to value his spirit, and there might eventually be a future where Silva fought alongside Ripple, but now was not that future.

At least, not until Silva learned the truth, overcame it, and made a decision to fight still… until then, should Raphael fall and someone had to fill his shoes, that someone would be Miliera.

She would never sacrifice her student first. That was one thing she would never compromise on, not even if Prince Wayne himself ordered it! That was Miliera’s conviction.

「……? What’s the matter, Principal? You look a little pale…」
「N-, nothing, I’m fine, see? I’m as fit as a fiddle!」
「Well, I’ll do my best so that I don’t need to trouble you, so don’t be so hard on yourself and support me, ‘kay?」

Ripple patted Silva’s shoulder.

「Y-, YES! I’ll do my best! Yua is no longer messing around too, so there’s no problem!」

Silva seemed to become much more nervous when Ripple touched him. Be that as it might, Yua was actually on alert, not complaining or even dozing off. She sat at the edge of the open hangar doorway, her feet plopped outside, dawdling.

「Oh. You’re right… Yua isn’t being asleep or trying to leave, she listens to you for once!」

That, on its own, was an anomaly, though. Either way, Ripple approached Yua and called out to her.

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「Long time no see, Yua~ Are you doing well?」
「Lady fluffy-ear…? Hello. Your ears and tail look cute as ever…」
「Ahaha, thankies! Well, they’re literally my everyday life, so I don’t really pay attention to them… Rather, I’m sorry I had you coming all the way here. We need everyone’s help…」
「Yes. It’s okay, I’ll do my best.」

While her face was deadpan, Yua spoke of something somewhat motivational.

「Y-, Yua is…?! You heard that, Miliera, Silva?!」
「Y-, yes… Is there something wrong, Miss Yua?」
「Yua. I’m happy that you’re motivated, but… Are, are you not being your usual self?」
「I’m just feeling good right now! Ever since I come here, I feel something nostalgic…」
「Yes. My dad’s smell… I think?」
「You think?」
「I can’t remember him, after all…」
「Aah…! I hope you meet him soon.」

Yua nodded nonchalantly at that, then plopped her feet down again and gazed at the cityscape below.


She seemed to be in a really good mood it seemed, as she was humming faintly, even with her deadpan face.



The wind blowing against their cheeks was a bit strong but pleasant, and the combination of the blue of the clear sky and the green of the fertile grassland below painted a spectacular sight.

The skewers of the Dragon God meat that they enjoyed while admiring that spectacular view as they sat on the edge of the hangar were just as exquisite. While indeed they had brought it as a souvenir for Raphael, they didn’t say they couldn’t enjoy it themselves.

So long as there were some left for their older brother, why wouldn’t they enjoy the perfect combination of the scenery and the meat?

「Hnngh~ Tasty foods and good sceneries come hand-in-hand, after all~!」

Rafinha, dressed in the uniform of a female Ironblood Chain Brigade soldier, smiled as she commented.

「You’re right, Rani. I think we’re nearing the Capital.」

Inglis, replying to her, also dressed the same.

「I had never tasted dragon meat before in my life, but what a marvelous taste it has」

Redas, whom they shared meat with, seemed to praise the meat just as much.

「Well, yeah, it’s tasty, but…」
「Like, you must have nerves of steel to be able to enjoy it when we’re just about to fight a Prisma, of all things…」
「Right, are we really okay?」

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The Brigade soldiers seemed understandably anxious. Perhaps they were feeling even more vulnerable now that Leon had already left the battleship and off to some other place.

But, Leon had a reason for doing that. None of his soldiers could hold him down.

「According to the report, the Prisma is still on its way to the town of Arlman… which means, we still have time to have our fill. After all, they did say that an army marches on its stomach!」
「Same goes with you, Glis?」
「No, it’s just a saying. This and that are different, you see. If you had to stop fighting just because your belly’s empty, that means you’re missing out on half of the fun in life, right?」
「Hahaha……Well, I guess that applies only to you, Glis…」
「As expected of you, Lady Inglis, how dauntless! If only it was possible, I’d happily pass the rank of the Commander of the Imperial Guard Order to you this instant!」
「Hold on, how could you even get the idea, especially when you look at Glis’ personality, character, and especially her conduct?」
「The beauty of them! The strength to trample any of those who want to trample us with force! The way she committed such high-handed tyranny in such a lovely figure is truly exhilarating! She truly is our goddess, surpassing even the Hyrule Menaces!」
「Hahaha, you’re exaggerating, really…」

Rafinha could only chuckle.

「And everyone in the Imperial Guard Order is like him!」

Inglis could never forget the time she performed on the stage of the Weismall Troupe in the Royal Capital, and the whole Imperial Guard Order cheered on her wildly… that was pretty embarrassing.

「But, that offer… perhaps I should’ve taken it.」

Suddenly, Inglis said something like that.


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